Vancouver Island Virtual Airlines
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Active roster
Call sign sort DESCsort ASC Name sort DESCsort ASC Rank sort DESCsort ASC Hours sort DESCsort ASC
VI2011Zaporozecs, JuryChief pilot1704.45
VI120Wright, TerryChief pilot2383.00
VI75048Williams, DarylChief pilot733.10
VI2610Tudor, HarryChief pilot366.40
VI8062Smith, ChrisChief pilot2298.54
VI5577Schwartz, SidneyChief pilot2913.44
VI1854Red, PaganChief pilot4069.68
VI940Peabody, RichardChief pilot1095.51
VI2133Payne, EricChief pilot1332.25
VI851Moehle, WaltSecond officer10.75
VI6597Miller, EvanSecond officer0.90
VI4747McIntyre, IrvinChief pilot474.06
VI0557Keightley, MartynCaptain82.55
VI4094Irvine, BillChief pilot953.27
VI776Hobin, TimChief pilot1290.28
VI3135Ham, PeterChief pilot3095.50
VI240Gold, CampbellChief pilot676.40
VI0717Gateley, DonChief pilot1009.10
VI66666Farrer, JeffFirst Officer34.63
VI1205Elberger, RichChief pilot272.27
VI10870Dix, SimonSecond officer3.40
VI1661Bush, RichardSecond officer10.55
VI1940Bissonette, ElroyChief pilot1254.08
VI20593Bardella, AndreaSecond officer5.70
VI2491Anderson, DaveSecond officer0.50

Note: this list includes only those pilots who have filed a Pirep within the last three months. If you've just joined, you won't be displayed on the active roster until after you've filed your first Pirep. If it's been more that three months since your last Pirep, your name will not be on the list. But don't worry, all you have to do to get back on active roster is file a new Pirep.

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