Vancouver Island Virtual Airlines
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Bill Irvine VI4094 flight log
ViVa pilot since: May 21st, 2005
Total hours: 1356.10

 Flight history
 2017-12-02CharterCYGE-CYBA0.60Carenado M20EFlew Mooney from Golden BC to Banff VFR following Hwy-1
 2017-11-29CharterCYRV-CYGE0.60Carenado M20ECarenado M20J Revelstoke BC to Golden BC thru Rogers Pass VFR
 2017-11-28CharterCYYF-CYRV1.00Carenado M20EPenticton BC to Revelstoke looking for missing Mooney M20D
 2017-11-26CharterBIEG-BIRK0.90Beriev Be-103Egilsstadir Airport (BIEG) to Reykjavik Domestic (BIRK) CaptSim B732
 2017-11-24CharterBIBV-BIEG0.50Grumman GooseBreiddalsvik, Iceland to Egilsstadir
 2017-11-22CharterBIHN-BIBV0.50Grumman GooseHornafjordur Iceland to Breiddalsvik BIBV
 2017-11-20CharterBIVM-BIHN0.75CS B732Vestmannaeyjar (island) to Hornafjordur, Iceland
 2017-11-20CharterBIRK-BIHN0.75CS B732Reykjavik, Iceland to Hornafjordur NDB Approach to Rwy36
 2017-11-19CharterBIRK-BIVM0.50CS B732Reykjavik to Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland in CS B732
 2017-11-18CharterBIKF-BIRK1.10CS B732Keflavik, Iceland (BIKF) to Reykjavic Domestic (BIRK) Orbx Iceland Freemium Scenery (repeatedly)
 2017-11-17CharterBIRK-BIEG0.90CS B732Reykjavik (BIRK) to Seydisfjordur Iceland, Egilsstadir Airport (BIEG) drying paint on Icelandair CS B732
 2017-11-15CharterBIRL-BIEG0.50CS B732Reykjahlio (BIRL) to Seydisfjordur Iceland, Egilsstadir Airport (BIEG) checking ORBX Global/Vector scenery
 2017-11-13CharterKFCA-KMSO0.60JF HS 748 ProplinerJF HS_748 Kalispell, MT to Missoula IFR ILS Rwy-11
 2017-11-13CharterKEAT-S100.60HC412Wenatchee, WA to Lake Chelan FSX Bell/Textron HC412 by Jordan Moore
 2017-11-12CharterKHLN-KMSO0.75Beech King Air 350Frank Schnibben's FSX KA B350 Helena MT to Missoula MT ILS Rwy-11
 2017-11-11CharterKEAT-KMSO1.10CS C130JCS C-130J Wenatchee, WA to Missoula Airport KMSO attending Western Montana Veterans Day ceremonies
 2017-11-10CharterCYLW-KPSC1.20JF HS 748 ProplinerKelowna, BC to Pasco, WA
 2017-11-04CharterKEAT-KYKM0.50Beech King Air 350Wenatchee, WA to Yakima, WA
 2017-11-03Charter7WA3-KUIL1.00Carenado M20ECarenado M20J West Wind Airport, WA to Quillayute, WA
 2017-11-02CharterKEAT-7WA30.60Beech King Air 350Wenatchee, WA (KEAT) to West Wind Airport (7WA3 FREEmium from Orbx)
 2017-11-02Charter7WA3-7WA30.50Bell 206BLocal West Wind making video
 2017-10-31CharterKEAT-W120.50Beech King Air 350Wenatchee WA (Pangborn) to Lost River Resort
 2017-10-30CharterCYQF-CYBW0.50JF HS 748 ProplinerFlew HS_748 CYQF Red Deer, ab to Springbank CYBW
 2017-10-26CharterCEN4-CYYC0.50Beech King Air 350Flew Frank Schnibben's B350i PNL High River to Calgary AB
 2017-10-24CharterCYQF-CYEG0.75Beech King Air 350Red Deer, AB to Edmonton
 2017-10-23CharterCEN4-CYQF0.60JF HS 748 Propliner(Orbx) High River, AB to Red Deer
 2017-10-20CharterKBLI-CYLW0.75JF HS 748 ProplinerBellingham, WA to Kelowna, BC
 2017-10-18CharterCYLW-CYLW0.75JF HS 748 ProplinerShooting the LOC at Kelowna Rwy16 111.3
 2017-10-15CharterCYLW-CYCG0.90JF HS 748 ProplinerKelowna to Castlegar IFR JF HS_748
 2017-10-13CharterCYLW-CYWL0.50JF HS_748Shooting the ILS 16 checking some video card issues
 2017-10-12CharterCYYC-CYYC0.13Beriev Be-103test only
 2017-10-12CharterKPSP-KAVX1.10Carenado M20EPalm Springs to Catalina Island in Orbx Global (the BEFORE pix)
 2017-10-12CharterKCLM-11S0.50Grumman GooseFrichild to Sekiu, WA
 2017-10-10CharterKPSP-KAVX0.80Carenado M20EPalm Springs to Catalina Island
 2017-10-07CharterVTBD-VTCC1.60CLS B742Bangkok, Thailand to Chiang Mai
 2017-10-07CharterCYLW-KGEG0.90JF HS 748 ProplinerJustFlight HS_748 Kelowna to Spokane
 2017-10-03CharterCYLW-CYLW0.75JF B752Kelowna Local
 2017-09-30CharterKSEZ-KSEZ1.10Carenado M20ECalibrating joystick at Sedona, AZ Orbx scenery
 2017-09-30CharterKPDX-KHIO0.80Boeing 757-200Portland, OR to Hillsboro checking out JF FREE B752
 2017-09-29CharterPAGY-CYXY0.90JF HS 748 ProplinerSkagway, AK to Whitehorse, YT
 2017-09-26CharterCYBL-CYYJ0.60CS B732Campbell River, BC to Victoria
 2017-09-21CharterSKRG-SKRG0.60Boeing 737-800Shooting the ILS Rwy36 Medellin, Colombia. The Narcos made me do it.
 2017-09-18CharterSKRG-SKRG0.60Boeing 737-800Shooting the BAckCourse at Medellin, Colombia
 2017-09-13CharterYSSY-YPAD1.10CLS B742on the way to Adelaide
 2017-09-13CharterYSSY-YPAD0.60CLS B742Completed Sydney to Adelaide, AU over boring terrain
 2017-09-11CharterSKCL-SKBO0.70Boeing 737-800Avianca RePaint has dried. Cali, Colombia to Bogota ILS Rwy13L 09.9 Walked away
 2017-09-11CharterYSSY-YBBN1.10CS B732Sydney, AU to Brisbane 400nm
 2017-09-10CharterSKCL-SKCL0.50Boeing 737-800Drying the paint on the FSX Default B738 Avianca Colombia (old scheme) repaint at Cali
 2017-09-09CharterSKBO-SKCL0.60CLS B742Bogata, Colombia to Cali Avianca Ft203
 2017-09-08CharterSKCL-SKCL0.75CS B732Shooting the ILS Rwy01 at Cali, Colombia. AP would not intercept LOC at 109.9
 2017-09-08CharterSKCL-SKGB0.75Boeing 727-200Cali, Bogota to Marco Fidel Suarez
 2017-09-04CharterCYYC-CYYC0.75CLS B742Shooting the ILS at Calgary Rwy34 111.5
 2017-09-03CharterCYYC-CYLW0.90CLS B742Calgary, AB to Kelowna, BC.
 2017-08-29CharterKDPW-KCRP1.10CLS B742Dallas, TX to Corpus Christi
 2017-08-27CharterKSAT-KCRP0.90CS C130JCaptSim C-130J relief flight San Antonio to Corpus Christi
 2017-08-25CharterKHOU-KCRP0.90CLS B743Houston to Corpus Christi chekinout Hurricane Harvey RWWX a bit lame but got wind-shear warning on final
 2017-08-24CharterKPDX-KPDX0.75CLS B743FFinally got CLS B743F in the slot to land
 2017-08-24CharterRJTT-RJTT0.60CLS B743Shooting the ILS at Haneda and finally solved the inactive PNI Glideslope issue. After a dozen flights )-:
 2017-08-23CharterRJTT-PANC1.10CLS B744 RRCommercial Level Simulations (CLS) B744 RR Engines flew Tokyo and Stevens Anchorage (Test Only)
 2017-08-23CharterRJBB-RJTT1.00CLS B743FOsaka to Tokyo
 2017-08-22CharterRJTT-RJTT0.60Boeing 747Shooting the ILS Rwy34L at Haneda 111.7
 2017-08-21CharterRJGG-RJTT0.90Boeing 747Nagoya to Tokyo. Another granddaughter is visiting in Tokyo (Aikawa)
 2017-08-20CharterCYYZ-KEWR1.00Boeing 747Toronto to Newark, NJ
 2017-08-19CharterCYYZ-KEWR1.60B744Toronto, ON to Newark, NJ ILS 22 10.75
 2017-08-17CharterNZQN-NZNV0.75JF HS 748 ProplinerJF HS_748 Queenstown, NZ to Invercargill Rwy04
 2017-08-17CharterCAX6-CYYJ1.20Grumman GooseFSX-SE scenery after d/l it from FTX/Orbx where it is offered as CAX6 FREEware as a trubute to Jon Patch, et al.
 2017-08-16CharterNZQN-NZDN1.00JF HS 748 Propliner85nm from Queenstown, NZ to Dunedin, Southland, ILS Rwy03 10.3
 2017-08-13CharterYPDN-YPDN0.50CS B732Shooting the ILS Rwy-29 at Darwin, AU
 2017-07-19CharterCYLW-CYWL1.00JF HS 748 ProplinerFirefighting efforts to Williams Lake from Kelowna. RW smoke in FSX. Giving Jeff a hand.
 2017-07-10CharterYBBN-YBBN0.50CS B732Shooting the IL Rwy-01 at Brisbane, AU
 2017-06-30CharterYBBN-YBCG0.50CS B732Brisbane, AU to Gold Coast
 2017-06-22CharterYSSY-YBBN1.20CS B732Sydney to Brisbane, AU Qantas Airways
 2017-06-18CharterYBBN-YBBN0.50CS B732Shooting the ILS Rwy-01
 2017-06-18CharterYSSY-YSSY0.60Boeing 737-800Shooting the ILS Rwy-16 at Sydney, AU
 2017-06-11CharterYBBN-YBBN0.75CS B732Shooting the ILS Rwy01 Brisbane, AU
 2017-06-08CharterPANC-PANC0.60JF HS 748 ProplinerShooting the ILS Rwy07 Anchorage IAF AINKK/ ILS 109.9
 2017-06-05CharterCYQV-CYXE0.75JF HS 748 ProplinerYorkton, SK to Saskatoon. FSX-Se crashed-to-black
 2017-06-05CharterPAHO-PANC0.75JF HS 748 ProplinerSteam Updated flew Homer, AK to Anchorage no crash-to-black
 2017-05-15CharterCEC4-CAH41.00JF HS 748 ProplinerVFR Hinton, AB (CEC4) to Valemont, BC (CAH4) past Mt. Robson
 2017-05-11CharterCYKA-CYZY1.20CS B732Kamloops, BC (CYKA) to Mackenzie (CYZY)
 2017-05-10CharterCYKA-CYWL0.50JF HS 748 ProplinerKamloops, BC (CYKA) to Williams Lake (CYWL)
 2017-05-09CharterCZAM-CYKA0.60JF HS 748 ProplinerJF HS.748 at Salmon Arm, BC (CZAM) to Kamloops (CYKA)
 2017-05-08CharterPAHO-PAWD1.00JF HS 748 ProplinerHomer, AK, PAHO to Seward PAWD
 2017-05-03CharterFLLI-FLLS1.60RP HS748Livingstone, (FLLI) Zambia, South Africa in Rick Piper's HS748 to Lusaka, (FLLS).IMO, Flight dynamics are better on Just Flight payware.
 2017-04-30CharterFLLS-FLLI0.75CS B773FLusaka, Zambia, South Africa to Livingstone #2 Grandson arrived last Friday
 2017-04-27CharterCYWL-CYQZ0.60JF HS 748 ProplinerWilliams Lake, BC to Quesnel
 2017-04-26CharterCAZ5-CYWL0.75JF HS 748 ProplinerCache Creek, BC 80nm to Williams Lake
 2017-04-25CharterPAHO-PANC0.80HS.748Rick Piper's HS.748 Homer, AK to Anchorage
 2017-04-24CharterCZAM-CAZ50.75JF HS 748 ProplinerSalmon Arm BC to Catch Crik
 2017-04-20CharterLEZL-GMTT0.90JF HS 748 ProplinerSeville (Sa-vee-ah) to Tanger, Another great flight in this great airplane from Just Flight
 2017-04-19CharterPANC-PANC0.50JF HS 748 ProplinerShooting the ILS Rwy7 at Anchorage
 2017-04-18CharterPAHO-PANC1.50JF HS.748 JetlinerHomer to Anchorage, AK on HS.748 checkride. We're good to go.
 2017-04-17CharterPAHO-PAHO0.50Hawker Siddeley HS-248Local Homer, AK
 2017-04-14Charterpagy-PASI0.75CS B732Skagway to Sitka, AK
 2017-04-12CharterPAJN-PASI0.80VC DHC8-400VirtualCol DHC8-400 from Juneau to Sitka
 2017-04-10Charterpagy-pajn0.70CS B732CaptSim C130J Skagway to Juneau, AK, PAGY to PAJN
 2017-04-09CharterPAJN-PAGY0.75CS C130CaptSim C130J Juneau to Skagway, AK
 2017-03-29CharterKPDG-KSRQ0.60PC-6cPilatus PC6c Punta Gordo, FL to Sarasota
 2017-03-21Chartercycg-CYCG0.60CS 732Flew GPS-A visual from RESDN at Castlegar
 2017-03-17Charter5ak-8ka0.50PC-6cPuntillo Lake (Rainy) to Rohn (Tatitna)
 2017-03-15Charter5NI-8KA0.75PC-6cNokolai to Tatitna (Rhon Roadhouse) in PC-6c
 2017-03-12CharterCSR-PAUO0.60Cessna 172Campbell, AK (CSR) to Willow (PAUO) Iditarod Scenery by Torbjorn Kuntze
 2017-03-11Charter6AK-8KA0.75Cessna 172With Iditarod Airforce, Rainy to Tatitna thru Rainy Pass and Delziel Gorge with GPS track to prove it.
 2017-03-10CharterVHHX-VHHX0.90Boeing 747Shooting the Kai Tak IGS using Starseed Productions addon ILS 077º 110.5 - Not quite yet!
 2017-03-10CharterVHHX-VHHX0.75Boeing 747Nailed it! (again) flew the IGS slot by hand and all went well. It really is a visual approach.
 2017-03-09Chartervhhx-vhhx0.90Boeing 747Shooting the IGS at VHHX addons by Starseed Productions
 2017-03-03Charterlezl-gmtt0.60Boeing 737-800Seville, Spain to Tanger, Morocco
 2017-03-02Chartervhhx-vhhh0.60Boeing 747Old Hong Kong to New Hong Kong
 2017-03-01Charterlemd-gmtt1.10Boeing 737-800FSX-SE Default B738 Madrid, Spain to Tanger, Morocco, ILS Rwy28 109.3
 2017-02-27Chartercbs8-cbs80.50VC DHC8-300Local Port Alberni
 2017-02-26Chartercbw2-cyxt0.50VC DHC8-30018nm from Kitimat, BC to Terrace LOC Rwy33 110.1
 2017-02-26Chartercyxt-cypr0.80VC DHC8-300Terrace, BC to Prince Rupert LOC(BC) Rwy-31 109.7
 2017-02-24Chartercbw2-cbw20.60VC DHC8-300Checking out Orbx NA_LC at Kitimat - looks pretty darn good
 2017-02-20CharterCYPR-CYZT1.10CS 732Prince Rupert to Port Hardy
 2017-02-17Charterntmn-NTTM0.50Beech Baron 58Hiva Oa, Atuona, Local sightseeing
 2017-02-17Charternttr-nttr0.70Carenado M20JCarenado Mooney M20E into Raiatea, French Polynesia, scenery
 2017-02-17Charterntaa-NTAA0.60CS 732Sightseeing over Moorea
 2017-02-15CharterUaPou-UaPou0.50Beech Baron 58Shooting a video
 2017-02-15Charterntmp-ntmn0.60Beech Baron 58Landing at Ua Pou Aneou Airport (NTMP) in from the northwest: Nuku Hiva (NTMD) 93nm
 2017-02-14CharterNTAA-NTTM0.50Beech Baron 58Tahiti to Moorea
 2017-02-14CharterNTMN-NTMN0.60Beech Baron 58Hiva Oa, Atuona, scenery local flight. Thanks to Willem.jan for his nice creation. Animated pax and birds flying.
 2017-02-13CharterNTAA-NTAA0.70Beech Baron 58Faaa, Tahiti NTAA Flightscene Tahiti and Soloman Is.
 2017-02-10CharterNTMN-NTMN0.60Beech Baron 58Local, Atuona Airport (NTMN) Hiva-Oa Island, Marquesas Archipelago, Tahiti
 2017-02-08CharterCYJQ-CYBD0.70Cessna 208B Grand CaravanVFR Bella Bella Campbell (CYJQ) to Bella Coola (CYBD) RwWx -- not too bad
 2017-02-06CharterFLLI-FLLS0.75Boeing 737-800SAA,FSX Default B738 Livingston, Zambia to Lusaka
 2017-02-05CharterNZAA-NZWN1.00CS 773CS B773 Auckland to Wellington, NZ
 2017-02-04CharterPHNL-PHNL0.90CS 773CS B773 Local Honolulu, HI
 2017-02-01CharterFLLS-FLLI1.10Boeing 737-800Lusaka, (FLLS) Zambia, South Africa to Livingstone, (FLLI) in FSX Default B738, SAA 'Mango' Repaint by 'Beezer'
 2017-01-31CharterFLLI-FLLI0.60CS B773FLocal flight over Victoria Falls in CaptSim B733F Freighter (Cargo) with FREE CaptSim B733F SAA Repaint by Author: Alex Faber
 2017-01-30CharterFAJS-FLLI1.60CS 732Johannesburg, SA to Livingstone, Zambia, SA
 2017-01-28CharterCYXT-CYPR0.50CS 732Terrace, BC to Prince Rupert IFR RwWx on the deck
 2017-01-27CharterCYLW-CYYJ1.00JF B757-200JF B752 Kelowna CYLW to Victoria
 2017-01-26CharterCYLW-CYLW0.60JF B757-200Just Flight FREE B752 testflight at Kelowna, BC, Canada -- very good.
 2017-01-25Charter1.10CaptSim C130CCaptSim C130 Prince George to Kelowna IFR Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o the puddin'-race!
 2017-01-23CharterCYYJ-CYXS1.20CS 773CS B773 Victoria to Prince George IFR FSX ATC Rwy15
 2017-01-22CharterKCDA-KLGA1.00CS 732CaptSim B732 Washington Reagan to NY La Guardia IFR FSX ATC RWWX
 2017-01-21CharterKLGA-KDCA1.30CaptainSim B732Flying IFR with FSX ATC
 2017-01-20CharterKJFK-KDCA1.00CaptainSim B732Flying dignitaries from New York, Kennedy to Washington, Reagan for the Inaugural Ball.
 2017-01-18CharterNZAA-NZWP0.70CS 773First-ever Triple-7 to land on this 5577ft. runway: RNZAF Base (NZWP), Whenpuapai Airport / RNZAF Base, Auckland, NZ (Tamaki-makau-rau)
 2017-01-17CharterNZNV-NZAA1.60CS 773Invercargill, NZ to Auckland DCT RNAV
 2017-01-15CharterNZAA-NZNV1.50CS 773CaptSim B773 Auckland, NZ to Invercargill 668nm
 2017-01-14CharterNZWN-NZCH0.90CaptSim C130ACaptSim C130A Wellington, NZ to Christchurch, ILS Rwy20 110.3
 2017-01-13CharterNZAA-NZAA0.60CS B773FCheckride A/P
 2017-01-13CharterNZAA-NZWN1.00CLS B732CLS B732 Auckland, NZ to Wellington (NZWN) ILS 16 270nm. Great fun! Simple plane, simply fun.
 2017-01-12CharterKSEA-KSEA1.10CS B763Another checkride
 2017-01-12CharterNZAA-NZAA0.50CS B773FTaking a look at the IAPs put into the EFB in the CA B773. Totally cool!
 2017-01-11CharterNZAA-NZWP1.00CS B763F1Checkride in B763F Cargo Auckland Intl. to RNZWP Military Base, Auckland
 2017-01-10CharterNZAA-NZAA0.90CS 773Checkride CA B773 not confusing the EFB with the FMC
 2017-01-10CharterNZAA-NZAA0.60CS B773FCheckride in CaptainSim B773F Cargo on Sale $9.99
 2017-01-09CharterNZAA-NZAA0.60CS 773Getting checked out in Capatain Sim B777-200 plus 777-300 Expansion Pack
 2017-01-08CharterNZAA-NZAA0.50JF B757-200Shooting the ILS Rwy05R at Auckland -- free plane is working as advertized
 2017-01-06CharterPHNL-PHNL0.60JF B757-200Shooting the ILS Rwy08 in the new plane. Some anomalies with AutoPilot but everyone walked away.
 2017-01-05Charter0.90JF B757St. Maartens taking the visual to Rwy 09 in JustFlight B757 Freebe. Thnx Pete.
 2017-01-05CharterPHNL-PHNL0.50CLS B743FShooting the ILS Rwy08L at HonOlulu testing the APR in CLS B743F
 2016-12-30CharterTJSJ-TNCM1.00CLS B742Puerto Rico to St. Maarten CLS B742
 2016-12-29CharterTJSJ-TIST0.50CLS B742San Juan Puero Rico Luis Muñoz Marín Intl. Airport (TJSJ) to St. Thomas, Charlotte Amelie, US Virgin Is., Cyril E. King Airport (TIST) ILS Rwy10
 2016-12-28CharterTJSJ-TJSJ0.70CLS B743FShooting the ILS Rwy8, Luis Munoz Marin, TJSJ, San Juan, Puerto Rico Commercial Level Simulations CLS B743F Cargo (no windows)
 2016-12-27CharterPHNL-PHTO1.00CLS B743FHonolulu to Hilo CLS-B743F Cargo ILS 26
 2016-12-26CharterPANC-PAHO1.00CLS B743FAnchorage to Homer IFR LOC/DME/BC Rwy22
 2016-12-18CharterUT53-KCNY0.75Carenado M20JSky Ranch, UT to Canyon Lands, Moab, UT
 2016-12-16CharterCYCD-CYZT0.70CaptainSim B732Nanaimo, BC to Port Hardy
 2016-12-15CharterCKQ6-CYPG1.00ATR 42-500VirtualCol ATR42-500 Erickson, MB CKQ6 to Winnipeg, MB, CYPG VirtualCol ATR 42-500 is not one of my favourites.
 2016-12-13CharterCYBD-CAJ40.75CaptSim C130JBeautiful British Columbia, Bella Coola, BC to Anahim Lake in First Air CaptSim C130 using Orbx Pacific Fjords scenery
 2016-12-12CharterCYXT-PANT0.60CaptainSim B732CS B732 Terrace, BC to Annette Island, AK
 2016-12-11CharterCYPR-CYXT0.60CLS B742Prince Rupert to Terrace, BC CLS B732 IFR LOC/DME Rwy 34
 2016-12-09CharterCYYJ-CYAZ0.70CaptSim C130JVictoria to Tofino IFR
 2016-12-06CharterCYWG-CYBR0.60CaptSim C130JCYWG (YWG) - Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, Winnipeg, Manitoba to Brandon. MB in snow storm 43kt winds
 2016-12-05CharterS10-S100.50Carenado M20JLocal Lake Chelan, WA (S10) up over Manson, WA
 2016-12-04CharterMMAA-MMBT0.75Boeing 737-800Acapulco, MX to Huatulco, MX VOR DME 07
 2016-12-02CharterMMAA-MMBT1.10Boeing 737-800Acapulco, Mexico to Huatulco. (pronounced: wah-tool-coe), Mexico. The kids are vacationing there.
 2016-12-01CharterKBLI-CYYF0.90CaptSim C130JCaptSim C130J Bellingham, WA to Penticton, BC IFR LOC Rwy-16
 2016-11-30CharterAYKO-AYPY0.90OZx G21Kokoda, Papua New Guinea to Jacksons International Airport, also known as Port Moresby Airport. 13k over the mountains.
 2016-11-29CharterKOKA-PNG0.60OZx B21Kokado to Emo and back
 2016-11-28Charterpanc-panc0.70CLS B743FVIVA CLS B742 shooting the ILS Rwy-7L Anchorage PANC
 2016-11-24CharterCYAK-CYLW0.60VirtualCol DHC8-Q400VirtualCol DHC8-Q400 Kamloops BC to Kelowna Bc IFR LDA (LOC) Rwy-16
 2016-11-23CharterKNYL-KYUM0.90CaptainSim B732FTesting the Yuma 21R ILS 108.3 in CS B732 - won't work!
 2016-11-23CharterKNYL-KYUM0.50Carenado M20JShooting the ILS Rwy-21 at Yuma, AZ, Mooney M20J, ILS works (but not in CS B732)
 2016-11-22CharterKPSP-KNYL0.80CaptainSim B732FCaptSim B732 Palm Springs to Yuma, AZ (KNYL not KYUM)
 2016-11-18CharterCYPR-CZMT0.75Jahns DC-3 v2Prince Rupert, BC to Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands
 2016-11-17CharterCYPR-CYZP0.60CaptainSim B732Prince Rupert to Sandspit, BC ILS Rwy12 109.5
 2016-11-17CharterCYPR-CYZP0.75JahnPrince Rupert, BC to Sandspit,QCI RWWX
 2016-11-16CharterCYXS-CYVR1.00CaptainSim B732Captain Sim Canadian North CaptSim B732 Prince George to Vancouver, BC
 2016-11-15CharterCYYJ-CYBL0.70CaptSim C130AVictoria to Campbell River (CYBL) in Orbx PNW scenery
 2016-11-14CharterCYQQ-CYYJ0.75CaptSim C130JComox to Victoria
 2016-11-14CharterKBZN-KCOD0.90CaptainSim B732FCaptSim B732F from Boseman, MT to Cody, WY 114nm (Home of Buffalo Bill Cody Museum) binderdundat
 2016-11-13CharterNZAA-NZCH1.10CLS B743FCLS B743F at Auckland NZ Orbx North Island Scenery to Christchurch
 2016-11-12CharterMMUN-MMUN0.50CaptainSim B732FShooting the ILS Rwy12R Cancun, MX 111.1
 2016-11-11CharterPHOG-PHTO0.80CaptSim C130ACS C130 from Kahului, Maui to Hilo, Big Island of Hawaii, ILS Rwy26 110.7 binderdundat
 2016-11-10CharterPHOG-PHNL0.60CLS B743FKahului, Maui to Honolulu, Oahu, LDA Rwy 26L
 2016-11-09CharterPHNL-PHOG0.50CLS B743FHonolulu to Kahului, Maui, HI
 2016-11-08CharterPHNL-PHNL0.70CLS B743FShooting the ILS Rwy 08L with my GE-CF6-50E2 engines
 2016-11-08CharterPHNL-PHNY0.60CLS B743FHonolulu to Lanai City CLS B743F with GE-CF6-50E2 engines
 2016-11-07CharterPHNL-PHNL0.60CLS B743Shooting the LDA Rwy26L at Honolulu
 2016-11-06CharterPHNL-PHNL0.60CLS B742Solved sound problem in Commercial Level Simulations Boeing 747-200: don't use Bluetooth headset!
 2016-11-05CharterPHNL-PHNL0.75CLS B742Local Boeing 747-200 CLS B742 sound problems
 2016-11-04CharterKLWT-KBZN0.70CaptSim C130JCaptSim C130J Lewistown, MT to Bozeman, MT (104nm) ILS Rwy12 109.3
 2016-11-04CharterPHNL-PHNL0.50Boeing 747Shooting the ILS Rwy-8 Honolulu, HI
 2016-11-03CharterKLWT-KBIL0.60CaptainSim B732FLewistown, MT to Billings (84nm) ILS Rwy10 110.3
 2016-11-01CharterKGTF-KLWT0.75CaptSim C130Great Falls, MT to Lewistown (77nm) It seems November 1st is when MSFS decided it snowed in Montana because everything was white. It did not snow RW.
 2016-10-31CharterKBTM-KGTF0.70CaptainSim B732Bert Mooney, Butte, MT NRM scenery to Great Falls, MT, CRM scenery
 2016-10-30CharterCAE3-CAG90.50Dehavilland BeaverCampbell Rv floatplane base to Surge Narrows water landing
 2016-10-28CharterKBTM-KHLN0.70CaptSim C130CButte to Helana, MT
 2016-10-27CharterKMSO-KBTM1.00CaptSim C130AMissoula, MT to Bert Mooney Airport KBTM, Butte, MT
 2016-10-26CharterKFCA-KFCA0.60CaptainSim B732FLocal KFCA Kalispell MT Glacier Park Airport
 2016-10-26CharterKFCA-KMSO1.00Carenado M20JCarenado Mooney M20J Kalispell to Missoula, MT, nightflight, Jeff ridin shotgun ;-)
 2016-10-20CharterCYQL-KFCA0.90CaptainSim B732FLethbridge, AB to Kalispell, MT, Glacier Park KFCA, in Orbx Northern Rocky Mountain scenery. ILS Rwy02
 2016-10-19CharterCYXC-CYQL0.80CaptSim C130ACaptainSim C130A Cranbrook, BC to Lethbridge, AB in Orbx Northern Rocky Mountain Scenery (NRM)
 2016-10-18CharterPAWD-PACV1.10CaptainSim B732FCaptSim B732F from Seward to Cordova, AK PACV in Orbx Southern Alaska scenery
 2016-10-17CharterCYCG-CYXC0.80CaptSim C130JCaptSim C130J outta Castlegar, BC CYCG Orbx NRM Scenery to Cranbrook, BC
 2016-10-16CharterPAED-PAVD0.90CaptainSim B732Elmendorf AFB to Valdez, AK
 2016-10-15CharterPAAQ-PAED0.60Ford TrimotorPalmer, AK (PAAQ) to Elmendorf Airbase (PAED)
 2016-10-14CharterCYRV-CZNL0.75CaptSim C130ACaptSim C130A Revelstoke BC to Nelson, BC (CZNL)in Orbx Northern Rocky Mountain Scenery (NRM)
 2016-10-13CharterPAWD-PAAQ0.75CaptainSim B732FFreighter from Seward to Palmer, AK RNAV A App to Rwy34
 2016-10-11CharterPAEN-PAWD0.60CaptSim C130CaptSim C130H Kenai to Seward, AK, Orbx FTX S.Alaska scenery RNAV VIZ
 2016-10-10CharterPAHO-PAEN0.75CaptainSim B732FCaptainsim B732F from Homer, AK to Kenai (55nm)
 2016-10-08CharterCYXY-CYXY0.90CaptSim C130AFlew a derelict, Buffalo Airways C130 into Rodan Air Maintenance Inc. at Erik Nielsen, Whitehorse International Airport (CYXY). We'll see what they can do with it.
 2016-10-06CharterCYXY-PAJN1.00CaptainSim B732Shooting the LDA from the north at Juneau -- not as easy as it looks
 2016-10-05CharterCYXY-PAJN1.10CaptainSim B732Whitehorse to Juneau LDA Rwy08
 2016-10-04CharterKRDD-KRNO1.30CaptainSim B732Redding,CA to Reno,NV
 2016-10-03CharterPAVD-PAVD0.70CaptainSim B732Shooting the LOC APP to Rwy-6 at Valdez Pioneer Field in Orbx Pacific Fjords scenery
 2016-10-02CharterCYPR-CYZT1.10CaptainSim B732Prince Rupert to Sandspit Rwy30 wind 284/10
 2016-09-30CharterKSAN-KSNA0.75CaptainSim B732Captainsim B732C Freighter San Diego Lindbergh to John Wayne Santa Ana
 2016-09-28CharterCYYJ-CYXY1.00CaptainSim B732Will & Kate from Victoria to Whitehorse
 2016-09-27CharterCAF2-CYJQ0.90Grumman GooseBella Bella Campbell to Bella Bella Denny Is.
 2016-09-25CharterCYLW-CYCG1.00CaptainSim B732Kelowna to Castlegar LDA Rwy15
 2016-09-24CharterNZWN-NZWN1.10CaptainSim B732Shooting the ILS with Sperry SP77
 2016-09-23CharterNZAA-NZAA0.60CaptainSim B732Flying for New Zealand National Airways Corporation (NAC)
 2016-09-21CharterCYXT-CYXT1.10CaptainSim B732Think we got it!
 2016-09-20CharterCYXT-CYXT2.00CaptainSim B732Shooting the ILS(repeatedly) at Terrace with my B732 Sperry SP77 AP/FD. Pretty weird.
 2016-09-19CharterCYXT-CYXT0.75CaptainSim B732Checked out in CaptSim B732 at Terrace BC
 2016-09-18CharterCYXT-CYXT0.80CaptSim C130JShooting the 33 ILS 110.1
 2016-09-15CharterCAC8-CYPW0.75Grumman GooseOutta ORBX's CAC8 Nanaimo Water Aerodrome Version 1.10 by Larry Robinson's FREE scenery to Powell River, BC
 2016-09-12CharterKSNA-KPSP0.75Boeing 737-800John Wayne (Santa Ana) to Palm Springs at 7k -- checking on Lake Elsinore and Murrieta (again)
 2016-09-10CharterLXGB-LXGB0.50Do 328-110Dorniering outta Gibraltar in PAD Do 328
 2016-09-09CharterAYKO-Emo0.50Do 228Kokoda, PNG in PAD Do228 to Emo Mission
 2016-09-04CharterKPSP-37CA1.30Carenado M20JPalm Springs to Hemet-Ryan (KHMT) then Billy Joe (37CA)checking out Murrieta, CA in Orbx Global/Vector. It's real.
 2016-09-03CharterCA89-F700.75Grumman GooseMurrieta, CA and Lake Elsinore Skylark Airport CA89
 2016-08-31CharterMMMX-MMMX0.50Agusta A109Flew Trump over to meet Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto at the Residencia Oficial de Los Pinos, San Miguel Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico. There's no palace in Orbx scenery
 2016-08-30CharterTNCM-TNCM0.50Boeing 737-800Depart 27 land 9 Princess Juliana
 2016-08-21CharterSBGL-SBGL0.60Agusta A109Local Rio
 2016-08-18CharterSBGL-SBGL0.75Boeing 737-800SBGL Rio de Janerio, GALEAO ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM INTL. ILS Rwy 10 109.3
 2016-08-17CharterCZPC-CYSW0.60Grumman GoosePincher Crick to Sparwood, BC
 2016-08-17CharterCYSW-CYXC1.10Grumman GooseSparwood to Cranbrook BC the hard way
 2016-08-11CharterPAHO-AK000.70Cessna 208B Grand CaravanHomer to Anchor River, AK roundtrip
 2016-08-10CharterMMMX-MMAA0.75Boeing 737-800Mexico City to Acapulco ILS 28 109.9
 2016-08-03CharterGMTT-GMMN1.10Boeing 737-800Tangier to Casablanca, Morocco 35L (the only GMMN ILS in FSX)
 2016-08-02CharterLXGB-GMTT0.70Boeing 737-800Gibraltar to Tangier, Morocco ILS Rwy-28 109.3
 2016-07-21CharterLXGB-GMMX1.10Boeing 737-800Gibraltar to Marrakesh, Morocco, site of this year's IPCC conference.
 2016-07-16CharterLXGB-LXGB0.60Boeing 737-800Orbx Global Gibraltar LXGB
 2016-07-14CharterEKVG-EKVG0.75Boeing 737-800Shooting the LOC Rwy-31 Varga in the Faroe Islands (Islands of Shipwrecks)
 2016-07-11CharterEHAM-EHAM0.80Boeing 737-800Shooting the ILS Rwy27 111.55 Schiphol
 2016-07-10CharterEHAM-EHAM0.90Boeing 737-800Startup and shoot the ILS
 2016-07-08CharterEHAM-EHAM0.75Boeing 737-800Shooting the ILS 18C procedure at Schipol from old Jeppesen SimpPlates for which I was a Beta Tester
 2016-07-06CharterEHAM-EHAM0.90Boeing 737-800Shooting the ILS 18C by the book
 2016-07-04CharterEHAM-EHAM0.90Boeing 737-800Shooting the ILS 18C at Schiphol
 2016-07-01CharterEHAM-EHAM1.10Boeing 737-800Schiphol check ride
 2016-06-10CharterKEYW-KEYW1.30VirtualCol ATR72-600Test flying outta key West Intl. Video-to-prove-it
 2016-06-04CharterPANT-PAKT0.75VC ATR72-500Annette Isl to Ketchikan
 2016-06-02CharterBLAINE-KFHR0.70Carenado M20JRW Blaine is closed but we flew to Friday Harbor anyway
 2016-06-01CharterKBLI-KFHR0.80Carenado M20JBellingham to Friday Harbor
 2016-06-01Charter4W6-KFHR0.75Carenado M20JBlaine, Wa to Friday Harbor in Orbx Scenery
 2016-05-31CharterS21-KFHR0.90Carenado M20JVashon Island to Friday Harbor
 2016-05-19CharterPHNL-PHLI0.90Boeing 737-800Honolulu to Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii
 2016-05-15CharterPHNL-PHLI1.10Boeing 737-800Oahu to Kauai
 2016-05-13CharterPHLI-PHNL0.90Boeing 737-800Kauai to Oahu
 2016-05-12CharterPHLI-PHBK1.30VirtualCol DHC8-Q300Actually a roundtrip with video-to-prove-it ;-)
 2016-05-10CharterPHLI-PHBK1.10VC DHC8-Q300Lihue to Barking Sands
 2016-05-09CharterPHLI-PHLI0.90VirtualCol DHC8-Q300Local Lihue, Kauai PHLI
 2016-05-04CharterFACT-FAYP0.70Jahns R4DCapetown SA scenic
 2016-04-25CharterCZAM-CYLW0.60Jahns DC-3Salmon Arm to Kelowna
 2016-04-05CharterCBS8-CYAZ0.90Jahns DC-3Port Alberni (Alberni Valley Regional) Airport to Tofino IFR (I Follow Roads) Hwy-4
 2016-04-01CharterCYCD-CAM30.90Jahns DC-3Nanaimo to Duncan at night (no lighting) back to CYCD
 2016-04-01CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.75Jahns R4DTofino local
 2016-03-25CharterAYKO-AYEO0.70Jahns R4DKokado to Emo
 2016-03-22CharterKPWT-KCLM0.90Jahns R4DBremerton Natl. to Fairchild
 2016-03-21CharterCYZF-CYZF0.90Jahns DC-3Manfred Jahn's, FREE, Douglas R4D/DC-3/C-47; Buffalo Repaint by Richard Wisman
 2016-03-20CharterCYPR-CYPR0.75Jahns DC-3NDB Approach to 31
 2016-03-15CharterEDHO-EDDH1.10Jahns DC-3Flugplatz Ahrenlohe, Tornesch, Germany, (EDHO) to Hamburgh (EDDH)
 2016-03-14CharterCYZT-CYZT0.75JahnRWWX at Tofino, on-the-deck and raining. Used MA285 intersection to get back. Only nav aid available. Lotsa fun
 2016-02-26CharterCYZT-CYZT0.90Douglas C-47Manfred Jahn's, SimOutHouse, FREE Douglas_C-47 Port Hardy BC CYZT ILS Rwy-11 109.5
 2016-02-15CharterKTEX-KTEX0.90Robinson R22Telluride Regional Airport (KTEX), at an elevation of 9,078 feet shooting video and stills
 2016-02-15CharterKSEZ-KTEX1.30VirtualCol DHC8-Q400Sedona to Telluride in the Flyover States. I can see why.
 2016-02-13CharterKYUM-KPSP0.80VirtualCol DHC8-Q400Yuma to Palm Springs 13L
 2016-02-10CharterKPSP-KYUM1.10Carenado M20JPalm Springs to Yuma
 2016-02-02CharterTJSJ-TJIG0.90Carenado M20JLuis Muñoz Marín International Airport , San Juan, Puerto Rico to Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport TJIG also commonly known as Isla Grande Airport. Local.
 2016-01-31CharterAYKO-AYEO0.60Pilatus Porter PC6Emo Mission revisited roundtrip
 2016-01-04CharterKPSP-KPSP0.60OrbxBob's tour of Orbx's Palm Springs Terminal
 2016-01-03CharterKPSP-KPSP1.00Robinson R22PSP Local
 2016-01-02CharterKUDD-KPSP0.80RobinsonPalm Desert local
 2016-01-01CharterKPSP-KUDD1.10Carenado M20JLocal sightseeing in Orbx's Palm Spring scenery
 2015-12-30CharterPAHO-PANC0.90VC DHC8-Q300Orbx Homer Airport to Anchorage 25L
 2015-12-30CharterKPSP-KUDD0.90Carenado M20JTouring Orbx Palm Springs Airport and Bermuda Dunes
 2015-12-16CharterKMSY-KMSY0.75Carenado M20JNew Orleans local
 2015-12-10CharterKFLG-KFLG0.90VC ATR72-600Shooting the ILS Rwy-21 Flagstaff
 2015-12-09CharterPHNL-XBEL0.50Carenado M20JHonolulu to Bellows AFB
 2015-12-09CharterKORS-KFHR0.70Carenado M20JEastsound to Friday Harbor
 2015-12-07CharterKHQM-W040.60Bell 206Bowerman to Ocean Shores, WA
 2015-12-05CharterKCVO-KMMV0.80Beech Baron 58Corvallis, OR to McMinnville
 2015-12-04CharterCZST-CYPR1.00Beech King Air 350Stewart to Prince Rupert, BC
 2015-12-03CharterKWYS-KWYS1.40Agusta Westland EH101Yellowstone sightseeing tour over geiser
 2015-12-02CharterKYKM-KLGD1.50Carenado M20JLate afternoon flight from Yakima, WA to La Grande, OR
 2015-12-01CharterPHNL-PHNL1.50Carenado M20JTouring Hawaii's Oahu Island
 2015-12-01CharterPHNL-PHNL1.50Carenado M20JFlew around the Island of Oahu in my Mooney. Frikin Awesome!
 2015-11-30CharterPHNL-PHNL1.30Pilatus Porter PC6Touring the Island checking out Holger's terrain on sale at FSPilotShop
 2015-11-29CharterNZAA-NZTG1.00VC DHC8-Q400VirtualCol DHC8-Q400 Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, NZ in Orbx NZ North Island
 2015-11-28CharterNZTG-NZAA1.10Pilatus Porter PC6Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, NZ in Orbx NZ North Island
 2015-11-26CharterCYXT-CYYD1.10CaptSim c-130ETerrace, BC to Smithers over the rocks
 2015-11-24CharterCYXT-CYXT1.00CaptSim c-130EShooting the LOC/DME B at Terrace, BC
 2015-11-22CharterCAK4-CYZT0.80VirtualCol DHC8-Q300Woss to Port Hardy
 2015-11-20CharterCYBL-CYPR1.10VirtualCol DHC8-Q100Campbell River to Powell River shuttle
 2015-11-16CharterLTAI-LTAI0.80VC DHC8-Q400VirtualCol DHC8-Q400 shooting the ILS 36R 110.3 at Antalya, Turkey
 2015-11-13CharterPAJN-PAYA1.00CaptSim C-130FJuneau to Yukutat
 2015-11-12CharterCYZT-CYZT0.80VC DHC8-Q300Shooting the ILS at Port Hardy
 2015-11-10CharterCAK4-CYZT0.80Dehavilland Dash-8Woss, BC to Port Hardy in VirtualCol DHC8-Q300
 2015-11-09CharterCYXS-CYZY1.00Dehavilland Dash-8Prince George to McKenzie, BC
 2015-11-08CharterCYYJ-KFHR0.60Beech Baron 58Victoria to Friday Harbor
 2015-11-05CharterKBLI-KLGD1.50Carenado M20JBellingham to La Grande, OR
 2015-11-04Charter7ORO-JSY1.10Pilatus Porter PC6Minam Lodge (7ORO) to La Grande, OR then Joseph, OR to friends' ranch
 2015-10-26CharterAYKO-AYEO1.00Pilatus PC6Flying PNG for Susi Air
 2015-10-23CharterAYKO-AYEO1.00Aero Commander 500Kokoda to Emo Mission (again)
 2015-10-23CharterAYKO-AYEO1.00Pilatus Porter PC6Kokoda, PNG to Emo Mission
 2015-10-22CharterAYKO-AYEO1.00Aero Commander 500Kokoda, PNG to Emo Mission
 2015-10-20CharterCYBD-CYJQ0.80Grumman GooseBella Coola to Denny Is.
 2015-10-20CharterCYKA-CYKA1.50Carenado M20JFlyover of Sun Peaks Resort from Kamloops with video to prove it
 2015-10-19CharterKORS-KFHR1.30Cessna 208B Grand CaravanOrcas Island to Friday Harbor to Roche Harbour -- my old stomping ground
 2015-10-18CharterKORS-KFHR1.50Carenado M20JFlying the San Juan Islands in Orbx/Steam scenery
 2015-10-16CharterKFHR-KORS0.75Carenado M20JFriday Harbor to Orcas Island
 2015-10-14CharterKSFO-KSEA1.50Dehavilland Dash-8San Francisco to Seattle
 2015-10-13CharterCBM5-PAWG1.30Grumman GooseTelegraph Crk, BC to Wrangle, AK
 2015-10-11CharterCYPR-CYPR1.50Dehavilland Dash-8Flight testing Premaircraft DHC8-Q400
 2015-10-11CharterCYBD-CYBD1.10VC DHC8-Q400VirtualCol DHC8-Q400 into Bella Coola, BC
 2015-10-09CharterCYQQ-CYQQ1.50Dehavilland Dash-8Shooting the ILS at Comox testing the VirtualCol DHC8-Q400
 2015-10-08CharterLOWI-LIPX1.30Dehavilland Dash-8Innsbruck to Verona (Villafranca)
 2015-10-07CharterPSWD-PANC1.50Carenado M20JVFR, RWWX, Seward to Anchorage over Turnagain Arm
 2015-10-06CharterKDAL-KHOU1.10Boeing 737-800Dallas to Houston
 2015-10-05CharterKCLM-S181.00Carenado M20JFairchild to Forks
 2015-10-04CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.80Carenado M20JTofino to Vargas Island beach landing
 2015-09-30CharterPANC-CYYJ1.30Boeing 737-800part way
 2015-09-29Charter2S1-KCLM1.10Carenado M20J Vashon Is. to Wax Orchard then over to Fairchild Intl.
 2015-09-24CharterZSPD-ZSPD1.00Boeing 737-800Shooting the ILS at Pudong, PRC
 2015-09-20CharterKABQ-KSEZ1.50Boeing 737-800Albuquerque, NM to Sedona, AZ
 2015-09-19CharterMROC-MRLB0.80Boeing 737-800San Jose's Juan Santamaría International Airport to Liberia's Daniel Oduber Quirós International
 2015-09-17CharterMROC-MROC0.80Boeing 737-800Shooting the ILS at San Jose Intl. Cost Rica
 2015-09-16CharterMRLB-MROC0.75Boeing 737-800Flew Liberia's Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport to San Jose's Juan Santamaría International Airport
 2015-09-16CharterMROC-MRLB0.80Boeing 737-800Flew San Jose's Juan Santamaría International Airport to Liberia's Daniel Oduber Quirós International
 2015-09-15CharterMROC-MROC0.90Carenado M20JChecking out San Jose' Costa Rica Orbx scenery
 2015-09-12CharterKACK-KMVY0.75Carenado M20JNantucket to Martha's Vineyard
 2015-09-11CharterPAGY-PAHN0.60Carenado M20JVFR Skagway to Haines, AK
 2015-09-10CharterPAGY-PAGY0.75Carenado M20JCarenado Mooney M20J checkride outta Skagway
 2015-09-09CharterCAJ3-CAD40.75Cessna 208B Grand CaravanVFR Creston to Trail, BC 8500' RW WX
 2015-09-09CharterPAJN-PAJN1.30Mooney BravoJuneau, Taku Inlet up and over Wright Glacier and back
 2015-09-07CharterCYCG-CAJ31.50Cessna 208B Grand CaravanCastlegar to Creston over Kootenay Lake VFR
 2015-09-02Charter2WA1-CYYJ0.75NA P51D2WA1 Diamond Point to Victoria 14k IFR Victoria RWW in the rain
 2015-09-02CharterKCLM-CYYJ0.75Grumman GooseG21 to Victoria VFR in the rain
 2015-08-25CharterCYYJ-KCLM0.90A2A B17On a sentimental journey
 2015-08-25CharterKDAB-KSRQ1.50A2A B17Dayton Beach, FL to Sarasota
 2015-08-24CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.70A2A B17Finally got to fly out of Victoria in Sentimental Journey
 2015-08-21CharterKVPS-KPAM1.30A2A B17Eglin AFB (KVPS), FL to Tyndall AFB (KPAM) in A2A B17 at Tyndall AFB (KPAM)
 2015-08-20CharterCYOD-CYOD0.90A2A B17Getting checked out at Cold Lake in the B17
 2015-08-14Charter4FL8-KSRQ0.50DHC3T OtterSchwartz Farm, FL to Sarasota/Bradenton
 2015-08-13CharterW28-2WA10.80DHC3T OtterGetting checked-out in Virtualcol's Otter
 2015-08-04CharterKCLM-WN230.70Grumman GooseG21 Port Angeles Ediz Hook Dungeness Spit Grand View, WA
 2015-08-01CharterCYQQ-CYQQ0.70ATR72-500Shooting the ILS Rwy-12 in VirtualCol ATR72
 2015-07-30CharterFIMP-FMEP1.00Dehavilland Dash-8Searching for Malaysia Airlines FLT#370
 2015-07-28CharterKCOS-KSAF1.30ATR-72_500Colorado Springs to Santa Fe, NM
 2015-07-23CharterCYQQ-CYAZ0.75CaptSim C-130FWent missed on 34 landed 29
 2015-07-22CharterCYQQ-CYQQ0.80CaptSim c-130Shooting the ILS Rwy-12 Comox
 2015-07-20CharterKCLM-KCLM0.90Agusta Westland EH101Sightseeing to Mt. Anderson Mastiff via Mt. Olympus in Olympic Natl. Park
 2015-07-17CharterCYZT-CYAZ1.00Dehavilland Dash-8VirtualCol DHC8-Q300 Port Hardy to Tofino
 2015-07-12CharterCYZT-CYZT1.00ATR72-500Shooting the ILS at Port Hardy
 2015-07-09CharterCYCD-CYCD0.75Dehavilland Dash-8Shooting the ILS at Nanaimo in the Q400
 2015-07-09CharterCYCD-CYCD0.80Dehavilland Dash-8Getting checkedout in VirtualCol's DHC8-Q300
 2015-07-07CharterCYPR-KANN0.80Dehavilland Dash-8Westjet
 2015-06-30CharterVVNB-VVPB1.50Dehavilland Dash-8Hanoi's, Noi Bai (VVNB) to Hue's Pho Bai (VVPB) . . . not much to choose from there LOL
 2015-06-26CharterCBS8-CBS80.60Agusta EH101Sightseeing in Alberni Valley
 2015-06-22CharterKTIW-KTIW0.60Agusta Westland EH101Looking for Chanbers Bay Golf Course in Orbx PNW -- it's not there
 2015-06-22CharterVVNB-ZPPP1.50Boeing 737-800Hanoi, Vietnam to Kunming, PRC
 2015-06-21CharterKSEZ-KFLG0.60Agusta Westland EH101Sedona AZ to Flagstaff shuttling those hotties . . .
 2015-06-16CharterCAK4-CAK40.50Dehavilland Dash-8Flying Virtualcol Dash8-Q100 on a circuit at Woss, BC's 2500' gravel runway. Not exactly realistic.
 2015-06-16CharterKSEZ-KSEZ1.30Augusta Westland EH101Local photo ops
 2015-06-14CharterCYCG-CYCG1.50Dehavilland Dash-8Shooting the LOC/NDB approach at Castlegar, BC in VirtualCol's DHC8-Q100
 2015-06-12CharterCYJO-CAF20.60Grumman GooseBella Coola to Bella Coola Campbell
 2015-06-11CharterVVNB-VVNB0.50Grumman GooseChecking out the OZx Goose at Hanoi
 2015-06-10CharterCYPR-CZMT0.60Dehavilland Dash-8Prince Rupert to Masset, BC
 2015-06-10CharterCYLW-CYLW0.50Dehavilland Dash-8Local - testing the auto spoilers on Q400
 2015-06-09CharterCYPR-CYZP0.90Dehavilland Dash-8Prince Rupert to Sandspit
 2015-06-08CharterKPSP-KGCN1.30Dehavilland Dash-8VirtualCol DHC8-Q100
 2015-06-07CharterKSEZ-KPHX1.00Beriev Be-103Sedona, AZ to Phoenix ILS 7L 111.5
 2015-06-05CharterPAJN-PASI0.90Grumman GooseJuneau to Sitka
 2015-06-04CharterKGCN-KGCN1.00Mooney BravoLocal Flying Holger's Grand Canyon KGCN
 2015-06-02CharterKSEZ-KGCN1.30Mooney BravoVFR Sedona, AZ to Grand Canyon
 2015-05-31CharterCYBD-CYBD0.90Mooney BravoFlyin Orbx Pacific Fiords outta Bella Coola, BC
 2015-05-31CharterCYNH-CBX70.75Mooney BravoFrew up and over the WAC Bennett Dam on our way to Tumbler Ridge
 2015-05-30CharterKSEZ-KSEZ0.75Mooney BravoSedona local
 2015-05-26CharterCYSW-CBE20.75Mooney BravoFlying new Orbx scenery Sparwood, BC to Elko
 2015-05-25CharterCYSW-CBE20.75Cessna 208B Grand CaravanVFR from Sparwood to Elko, BC Fernie in between
 2015-05-21CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.80Mooney BravoCircuits at Victoria
 2015-05-19CharterLEBL-LEBL1.00Boeing 737-800Shooting the ILS Rwy07L 110.3 at El Prat
 2015-05-18CharterLFTH-LFMN0.75Boeing 737-800Toulon to Nice, France in Ryan Air B738
 2015-05-13CharterVVNB-VVNT1.60Boeing 737-800Vietnam Hanoi to Nha Trang 550nm
 2015-05-11CharterCYWL-CAF80.90Dehavilland BeaverWilliams Lake to Nimpo Lake in BC
 2015-05-10CharterRCTP-RCTP1.00Boeing 747Shooting the IlS Rwy-6 110.7 at Taipei
 2015-05-04CharterVNKT-ZPPP2.20Boeing 737-800Kathmandu, Nepal to Kungming, China
 2015-05-02CharterPAGY-CFA40.70Mooney BravoSkagway to Caribou Crossing
 2015-05-01CharterLEBL-LEBL0.80Boeing 737-800Flew Barcelona taking photos before and after Orbx Global Base
 2015-04-23CharterLIRF-LIRF0.50Boeing 737-800Shooting the ILS at Fiumicino 34R 109.3
 2015-04-21CharterKSEA-KIAH3.50Boeing 737-800Seattle to George Bush Intl. in FSX-SE (no CTD) P.S. Our kids make this flight tomorrow on their way to Europe from Victoria
 2015-04-17CharterKHQM-CYYJ1.00Mooney BravoInstalled the FSX Steam Beta patch and flew for an hour. Cool.
 2015-04-09CharterCAM3-CBS80.60Mooney BravoDuncan to Port Alberni
 2015-04-07CharterKPDX-S980.75Grumman Goosesee screens
 2015-04-03CharterKPAE-S880.50Mooney BravoPaine Field to Skykomish, WA
 2015-04-01CharterCYVR-CYPS1.00Mooney BravoVYR to Pemberton with stop at Squamish Orbx PNW. Awesome scenery and airports. Gee, over a thousand hours with Viva. Doe this make me a mile-high club member?
 2015-04-01CharterCYVR-CYPS1.00Mooney BravoVYR to Pemberton with stop at Squamish Orbx PNW. Awesome scenery and airports. Gee, over a thousand hours with Viva. Doe this make me a mile-high club member?
 2015-04-01CharterCYVR-CYPS1.00Mooney BravoVYR to Pemberton with stop at Squamish Orbx PNW. Awesome scenery and airports. Gee, over a thousand hours with Viva. Doe this make me a mile-high club member?
 2015-03-30CharterCAM3-Renfrew0.50Grumman GooseFinished flight CAM3 to Port Renfrew
 2015-03-26CharterCAM3-CTD0.40Grumman GooseFlew for 20-minutes in FSX-SE before CTD. See screenshots.
 2015-03-24CharterCAK4-CAU60.75Grumman GooseToday we flew from Woss, BC to Gold River ferry dock on Muchalet Inlet on the westcoast of Vancouver Island. The scenery is by Orbx PNW (Pacific North West) This is as real as it gets!
 2015-03-22CharterKCZK-190R0.50Grumman GooseToday we flew from Cascade Locks in FSX-SE Orbx PNW to Nelson Ranch 190R, Oregon in OZx's G21
 2015-03-20CharterCYAZ-AHOUS0.75Maule M7-260Tofino to Ahous Bay beach landing on Vargas Island and return
 2015-03-20CharterCAT4-CBS80.60Grumman GooseFlew up Hwy-4 to see how Orbx PNW did Port Alberni. It's very good with the exception of the old airport's still there. Irvin pointed this out some timeago.
 2015-03-18CharterKSEA-S930.75Mooney BravoSeattle to Cle Elum thru Snoqualmie at 2000' nightflight Orbx PNW following I-90. Just followed the cars lights on the highway
 2015-03-17CharterKCLM-CAX60.75Grumman GooseFairchild to Ganges to Victoria
 2015-03-15CharterCYZT-CAK40.50Douglas DC-3Port Hardy to Woss
 2015-03-14CharterCYZT-CYZT0.75Grumman GooseChecking out Port Hardy in Orbx PNW. Very good including detailed airport
 2015-03-13CharterCYVR-CYHE1.20Mooney BravoChecking out the FSX-SE Orbx PNW scenery. It's pretty cool
 2015-03-12CharterPARY-PAKK1.00Dehavilland BeaverIditarod recon run along the Yukon River
 2015-03-10Charter6AK-8KA0.90Maule M7-260Supplying Iditarod mushers and mutts
 2015-03-06CharterKIGM-KSEZ1.50Beech King Air 350Met a fella today who said he was going to vacation in Sedona, AZ I didn't know where Sedona was but knew where Kingman was -flown over it RW drivin' a PA28-181- So we jumped into a King Air 350 and took a look FSX IFR
 2015-03-05CharterKSMO-KSMO0.80Beech Baron 58Local
 2015-03-04CharterKKLS-KAST0.75Mooney BravoMooney Garmin 1000
 2015-03-04CharterKHQM-KAST0.70Cessna 208B Grand CaravanFlew the 19 DME arc to the ILS for 26 - as published
 2015-03-03CharterKHQM-KAST1.00Mooney Bravo
 2015-03-01CharterKHQM-KAST1.20Mooney BravoInstrument landing at Astoria FSX-SE Orbx PNW default Mooney M20J
 2015-02-27CharterKHQM-2S90.75Mooney BravoBowerman to Willapa Harbor VFR Glass panel FSX Orbx
 2015-02-27CharterKHQM-KAST1.00Mooney BravoBowerman to Astoria VFR Glass panel FSX Orbx
 2015-02-26CharterRJAA-RJAA0.75Boeing 737-800Shooting the ILS 34L 111.9 at Narita
 2015-02-25CharterCYLW-CYLW3.00Boeing 737-800Shooting the ILS at Kelowna in default B738
 2015-02-24CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.50B744[b]Took a checkride[/b] roundtrip from KSEA to CYYJ and back. No one got hurt.
 2015-02-23CharterKCLM-KUIL2.00Grumman GooseFairchild to Quillayute, WA and then some flights in NY
 2015-02-23CharterKJFK-KSWF0.90Cessna 208B Grand CaravanQuenns to Newburgh, Murder Capital of New York. This tiny city has a crime epidemic reminiscent of the Bronx of the seventies
 2015-02-19CharterLFTH-LFMN0.50F1 ATR72-500Marseille to Nice VFR ILS 04R 110.7
 2015-02-11CharterLFML-LFTH0.75F1 ATR72-500Marseilles to Toulon VFR FS9
 2015-02-09CharterLFMT-LFML1.10F1 ATR72-500Montpellier to Marseille for 32R ILS 111.15
 2015-02-06CharterLEGE-LFMT1.30F1 ATR72-500FS9 ATR72 Girona to Montpellier ILS 31R 108.55
 2015-02-05CharterLEBL-LEGE1.10CaptSim C130JLEBL Barcelona/El Prat Airport VFR FS9 to LEGE Gerona 114.1
 2015-02-04CharterCAM3-CAM31.30Mooney BravoDuncan loop over Nitinat-Port Renfrew and back FS9
 2015-01-21CharterKHQM-KOLM0.80Grumman GooseFlew my FSX G21 powered by two 450 hp Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior nine-cylinder, air-cooled, radial engines VFR Bowerman to Olympia at 1500'. Eat your heart out, Eric. LOL
 2015-01-08CharterKCLM-S180.80Grumman GooseFSX Orbx VFR Fairchild to Forks 1500' over Crescent Lake and Sol Duc Valley. I can actually find my way down here now. LOL
 2015-01-08CharterKHQM-KHQM0.50Grumman GooseLocal night
 2015-01-05CharterKCLM-S181.10Grumman GooseFSX Orbx Fairchild to Forks VFR 1500' via Elwha Valley. Then shot the ILS at CLM.
 2015-01-04CharterKOLM-KHQM0.75Grumman GooseFSX Orbx nightflight VFR
 2014-12-31CharterKHQM-KOLM1.00Grumman GooseLanding better with wheels in-the-green Nightflight FSX Orbx ILS Rwy17 111.9
 2014-12-30CharterKHQM-KOLM0.75Grumman GooseLotsa sparks upon landing with wheels up
 2014-12-29CharterEGLC-EGLC1.20Cessna 208B Grand CaravanLondon City local FSX
 2014-12-29CharterCYWL-CAJ41.10Cessna 208B Grand Caravan[details]
 2014-12-27CharterKHQM-2S90.80Cessna 208B Grand CaravanHoquiam to Willapa, WA VFR Orbx FSX
 2014-12-14CharterCAM3-CBS81.00Mooney BravoFS9 Duncan to Alberni
 2014-12-08CharterCYEG-CYEG0.70Mooney BravoShooting the missed Rwy30 109.1
 2014-12-03CharterKBFI-KKLS1.00Grumman GooseFSX VFR Boeing to Kelso surprised to see Trojan Nuclear Tower still there. It was imploded in 2006 -- same year as FSX came out. LOL
 2014-11-29CharterKBFI-KLS1.10Mooney BravoVFR Boeing Field to Kelso
 2014-11-25CharterKHQM-KOLM1.60Grumman GooseVFR FSX Orbx Hoquiam to Olympia photo ops
 2014-11-24CharterKHQM-KOLM0.50Grumman GooseVFR FSX Orbx Hoquiam to Olympia
 2014-11-21CharterKCLM-S181.30Grumman GooseVFR FSX Orbx flew flightplan route south over Crescent Lake then east up Sol Duc River valley to headwaters then up and over Seven Lakes Basin then followed the Bogaschiel River valley toward the coast and landed at Forks, WA.
 2014-11-20CharterKCLM-S181.30Grumman GooseVFR Fairchild to Forks FSX Orbx PNW and made Flight Plan
 2014-11-19CharterKCLM-S181.60Grumman GooseI wanted fly VFR at 1500' from Port Angeles to Forks (S18) without going over the mountains. After a few recon runs I flew the route at 1500' and landed at S18 by entering southward through the gap into Lake Crescent from the ELWHA NDB (515). After crossi
 2014-11-18CharterKCLM-S181.10Grumman GooseVFR FSX Orbx Fairchild roundtrip to Forks and back
 2014-11-12Charter0S9-KCLM1.20Grumman GooseVFR FSX Jefferson County International Airport to Fairchild Intl.
 2014-11-11CharterTIST-TUPT0.50Grumman GooseVFR FSX Charlotte Amelie to T.B. Lettsome AP, Roadtown, Tortola, BVI, Beef Isl.
 2014-11-08CharterTIST-YISX1.20Boeing 737-800King to Rohlson (St. Thomas to St. Croix) FSX
 2014-11-05CharterTIST-KOMN1.20Grumman GooseCharlotte Amalie to Ormond Beach, FL (incomplete)
 2014-11-04CharterTIST-TIST0.50Grumman GooseLocal TIST King Airport Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands flyover Hassel Island Historical District. Our friends operate a charter-boat business there. Default FSX scenery not bad.
 2014-11-04CharterKHQM-Water0.90Grumman GooseKHQM to T&G at Ocean Shore to water landing at lake Quinault, WA in Orbx PNW Demo
 2014-11-02CharterKCLM-KCLM1.00Bell206BFlew helo from Fairchild to Seven Lakes Basin in FSX Orbx 16nm 220deg. from KCLM. Orbx only has five lakes. LOL. I've hiked through here twice (once on an overnight) Beautiful place. Mooney fly over once from Ocean Shores, WA.
 2014-11-01CharterKCLM-WN210.60Bell206BLocal helo flight up and around Mt. Angeles (which I've climbed RW) and back to the CCG base on Ediz Hook
 2014-10-31CharterKCLM-KCLM0.50Grumman GooseFairchild Intl. across the strait to Sooke Harbour and back. Didn't see any FSX Orbx PNW scenery there although it's in their map's coverage area
 2014-10-27CharterCAM3-CAM30.80Mooney BravoLocal VI flight Duncan/Mesachie Lake/San Juan River to Port Renfrew then south to Jordon River then Deception Lake (dam) Bear Creek Reservoir back to Duncan
 2014-09-27CharterCBS8-CBS80.50Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianLocal: CBS8 to Port Alberni's Maritime Discovery Centre on floats
 2014-07-08CharterCYYJ-CAX60.60Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianChecking out my FS9 Ganges floatplane base before Jon's upgrade
 2014-03-25CharterCBW2-CBW20.80Cessna 172Kitimat local
 2014-03-24CharterCBW2-CBW20.80Cessna 172Kitimat to Mt. Elizabeth sightseeing
 2014-03-19CharterCBS8-CBS80.90HC412Alberni Valley Regional local
 2013-08-17CharterCBS8-CBS80.90Mooney M20ECircuits
 2013-02-10CharterCBW2-CBW20.90Captsim C-130JTerrace to Gil Island and Grenville Channel and back to Kitimat, BCs 3000' runway in FS9
 2013-02-09CharterCBW2-CAF21.00Mooney M20JFrom Kitimat, BC (CBW2) to Bella Bella (Campbell Island), BC (CAF2) via Douglas Channel; Principe Channel and Caamano Sound (passing Gil Island). The latter section is the proposed oil-tanker route for the Enbridge Pipeline. Flightplan available upon requ
 2013-01-16CharterCYUL-CYUL0.80CaptSim C-130JDid a circuit at Dorval and shot the missed at Comox. It's easy to do using a simulator. lol
 2012-10-11CharterCYHN-CYHN0.90Mooney M20ESightseeing over Williston Lake in my Mooney S21. After all, I did make the lake, once the dam was completed. lol
 2012-10-05CharterCYQQ-CYQQ0.75CapSim C-130JShooting the Comox Rwy-11 ILS approach 111.7
 2012-08-22CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.75Mitsubishi Mu-2 MarquiseImpressing the locals with the sound from our Garrett TPE331 engines. lol
 2011-12-22CharterCYLW-CYYF0.60F1 ATR72-500IFR Kelowna, BC to Penticton
 2011-12-19CharterMMUN-MMIM0.50FSX G21Cancun, MX to Ilas Mujeres wheels2wheels in FSX
 2011-12-16CharterCYPR-CYPR0.50MAAM DC-3Shooting the missed at Prince Rupert, BC 109.7
 2011-12-13CharterCYBL-CYQQ0.60F1 PA46 MeridianCampbell River, BC to Comox
 2011-12-11CharterCYBL-CYBL0.50F1 PA46 MeridianShooting the approach at Campbell River, BC ILS 109.1
 2011-12-08CharterCYBL-CYQQ0.50F1 Meridian PA46-500Campbell River, BC to Comox, shooting the approach using the GNS530 -- now there\'s a day\'s work. lol
 2011-12-03CharterCYQQ-CYBL0.50CaptSim C-130JComox, BC to Campbell River LOC Rwy12
 2011-12-03CharterCYPR-CYZP0.70F1 ATR72-500Prince Rupert, BC to Sandspit, Haida Gwai
 2011-11-26CharterCYQQ-CYBL0.50CaptSim C-130JComox, BC to Don's Campbell River ILS Rwy12 109.1
 2011-11-25CharterCYQQ-CYBL0.60CaptSim C-130JComox, BC to Campbell River ILS Rwy12 109.1
 2011-11-24CharterCYYZ-CNB90.70Mooney M20JVFR Toronto Pearson to Simcoe Regional, Barrie, ON
 2011-11-23CharterCYBL-CYBL0.50Bell 206DFly Don's Campbell Rive scenery
 2011-11-17CharterCYBL-CYQQ0.60Fanda DHC-8 Q200Campbell River to Comox VFR trying to remember the Fanda panel
 2011-11-16CharterLELN-LEST0.90C-130JFlew VFR from Leon, Spain to Santiago de Composchella (LEST) following the El Camino de Santiago in a C-130J
 2011-11-15CharterCYSW-CYXC0.80Mooney M20JVFR 8500' FS9 Sparwood, BC to Cranbrook
 2011-07-15Charter0.60Carenado M20JFlew the Mooney from Hudson's Hopeless to McKenzie VFR over Williston Lake, BC
 2011-04-30CharterCYWL-CZML0.40Beech King Air 350VFR Williams Lake, BC to Hundred Mile 33nm
 2011-02-24CharterCYLW-CYLW0.75Dehavilland Dash-8Shooting the missed in Dreamwings DHC8-Q200
 2011-02-18CharterCYXY-CYXY0.60DHC8-Q400Local Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. Dusting off the Viva Dreamwings repaint
 2010-12-13CharterMTPP-TNCA1.10Boeing 757-200Port-au-Prince to Aruba Beatrix in AA B752
 2010-10-25CharterMMPR-MMPR0.90Bae 146Puerto Vallarta local
 2010-10-21CharterCYCD-CYLW0.90Bae 146Nanaimo, BC to Kelowna
 2010-10-17CharterCYYJ-MMPR1.50Bae 146We flew the PAD BAE146-100 to Puerto Vallarta to pick up a buddy who finished up his vacation at their Bucarius (booz er ius) timeshare.
 2010-09-23CharterCYPR-CZMT0.60ATR72-500FlightOne ATR Prince Rupert to Masset, Haida Gwaii, BC
 2010-09-19CharterCYGF-CYLW0.60DHC8-Q400Grand Forks, BC to Kelowna Dash-8 Fanda panel
 2010-09-16CharterCYQQ-CYYJ0.60CaptSim C-130JComox, BC to Victoria
 2010-09-07CharterCYYJ-KFHR0.40Carenado Mooney S21Victoria Flying Club to Friday Harbor in Mooney Super-21
 2010-08-04CharterCYLW-CYLW0.65Erickson SkycraneKelowna local flight atop Knox Mountain then sightseeing along Mission Creek Greenway to Gallagher's Canyon
 2010-06-17CharterCYCG-CYLW0.70CaptSim C-130JCastlegar, BC to Kelowna with a flypast the Kettle Valley Railway railtrail as depicted using Ultimate Terrain for FS9
 2010-05-31CharterKVNY-KVNY0.50Bell 206Adding some AI traffic to Van Nuys Airport and flying Loneys scenery
 2010-05-30CharterCYYJ-CAM30.40G21Victoria Intl. to Duncan, BC in FSX Grumman Goose
 2010-05-28CharterCYXX-CYLW0.90Fanda DHC8-Q200Dash8-200 Abbotsford to Kelowna BC LOC Rwy-15 109.5
 2010-05-24CharterCYYJ-CYCD0.40PA46-500Piper Meridian Victoria to Nanaimo, BC, VFR
 2010-05-24CharterCYRV-CYGE0.60PA46-500FlightOne Meridian VFR thru Rogers Pass 4500ft. Revelstoke to Golden, BC
 2010-05-23CharterKVNY-KSAN0.75PA-46-500IFR RW/WX Van Nuys to San Diego Lindbergh. How can it be IFR when Sidneys on holiday! Yes -- 800 OC. PS. Our kids are vacationing in San Diego too.
 2010-05-22CharterCYXJ-CYCQ0.50PA46-500Ft.St.John to Chetwynd, BC VFR FlightOne Piper Meridian
 2010-05-20CharterCYXS-CYXS0.50PA-46-500Shooting the missed at Prince George Rwy15 109.5 in Flight Ones Piper Meridian
 2010-05-19CharterCYXJ-CYNH0.40F1-PA46-500FlightOne Meridian from Ft.St.John to Hudsons Hope VFR
 2010-05-19CharterCYNH-CYXS0.80PA46-500Hudsons Hope to Prince George FlightOne Meridian
 2010-05-16CharterCYCG-CZNL0.40Aero Commander 500VFR Castlegar to Nelson BC
 2010-04-27CharterCYYE-CYQH0.90Fanda Q400Ft.Nelson, BC to Watson Lake, YT
 2010-04-25CharterCYXJ-CYYE0.75Fanda DHC8Q400Ft.St. John to Ft. Nelson, BC
 2010-04-24CharterCYNH-CYXS0.65Fanda Q400Hudson's Hope to Prince George, BC
 2010-04-23CharterCYXJ-CYNH0.50Fanda DHC8-Q400Ft.St. John, BC to Hundson's Hope
 2010-04-21CharterCZGF-CYLW0.60Fanda DHC8-200Grand Forks, BC to Kelowna
 2010-04-20CharterCYNH-CYXJ0.70FSX Bell206Checking out the proposed Peace River Site-C Dam location. Flew suits from Hundsons Hope to Ft.St. John
 2010-04-17CharterCYQQ-CYBL0.90CaptSim c-130JFS9 roundtrip flights between Comox and Campbell River
 2010-04-07CharterSBAF-SBGL0.50FSX B-350Sightseeing around Rio
 2010-04-06CharterCYQQ-CYCD0.60CaptSim C-130JComox to Nanaimo VFR FS9
 2010-04-05CharterKSMF-T380.90FSX G-21Sacramento (where my daughter lives) to Lake Tahoe waterlanding. Flight Result: Boring
 2010-04-04CharterKBFI-KBFI0.50FSX Bell206FSX Local over Lake Union and the floating bridges
 2010-03-29CharterKBFI-KYKM1.00Grumman GooseBoeing to McCallister VFR looking for Snoqualmie Pass in FSX
 2010-03-26CharterKBFI-2S12.00Grumman GooseFSX G21 Boeing to water landing Lake Union over to Vachon Island wheel landing
 2010-03-25CharterCYNH-CYDQ0.90Carenado M20JHudson's Hopeless to Dawson Creek, BC, VFR RW/WX
 2010-03-25CharterFriday-S170.80Beaver FloatplaneWe flew the FSX Beaver Floatplane Friday Harbor to Eastsound and return. Likin' the new FSX water.
 2010-03-16CharterPAUN-PAOM1.20Hamilton All-metalTracking the mushers to the end at Nome -- Mackey and dogteam win 4th straight Iditarod
 2010-03-14CharterPAMC-PAUN1.00Dehavilland Twin OtterWe flew the PAD DHC6 along the Iditarod northern route (even years) from McGrath, Ruby, Galena, Nulato. Kaltag then over the mountains to the coast at Unalakleet.
 2010-01-17CharterKMIA-MTPP1.20Posky B752Miami to Port Au Prince Amarican Airlines supply flight
 2010-01-10CharterKPHX-KIAH1.00B752Phoenix, AZ to Houston, TX. 875nm
 2009-12-17CharterCYZF-CZFN0.90CaptSim C-130JTrying the Ice Pilots run to Yulita (Ft. Nelson)
 2009-12-06CharterCYZF-CEV90.70DC6BYellowknife to Snare River VFR
 2009-12-05CharterCYZF-CYHY0.80CaptSim C-130JIFR RW/WX -12C. +SN Yellowknife to Hay River
 2009-12-03Charter8KA-6AK0.60S-330-SherpaArctic Circle Air from Tatitna (Rohn Roadhouse) to Rainy Pass Lodge at Puntilla Lake (6AK) Tracked the South Kuskokwim River south to Hells Gate and thru into Ptarmigan Valley
 2009-12-01CharterCYHY-CYHY0.60S330 SherpaFlighttest went well
 2009-12-01CharterCYZF-CYHY0.75CaptSim C-130 JYellowkhife to Hay River
 2009-11-29CharterCYZF-CYHY0.70CaptSim C130JYellowknife IFR to Hay River RW/WX ILS 31
 2009-11-27CharterCYZF-CYHY0.75CaptSim C-130JYellowknife to Hay River NWT
 2009-11-24CharterCYZF-CYHY0.75MAAM C-47Yellowknife to Hay River making FSRecorder recordings for Icehole's videos
 2009-11-24CharterCYZF-CYZF0.60CalClass DHC6BYellowknife curcuit making FSRecorder recordings for Ice Pilots's NWT FRAPS videos
 2009-11-18CharterZ41-PANC0.50Erickson SkycraneChecking my Lake Hood scenery textures for Pete
 2009-11-16CharterCTQQ-CYYJ0.50CaptainSim C130JLegendary CaptainSim C-130J CANMIL 402SQ Comox to Victoria BC
 2009-11-14CharterNZNR-NZTG0.90DHC8-Q400 FandaAnthony Kim wanted to drop in at Pete's place before heading stateside after winning the Cape Kidnapper PGA Kiwi golf tournament. Napier, NZ to Tauranga using Chisel Charter Airline's Fanda panel DHC8-Q400
 2009-11-12CharterCYKA-CYLW0.75AS.57Ambassador AS.57 Airspeed Kamloops BC to Kelowna BC CYLW
 2009-11-10CharterKLAX-MMPR0.90Posky B752Posky B752 outta KLAX to Puerto Vallarta, Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Intl., MMPR
 2009-11-02CharterCYPW-CAH30.50TBM850Once we got the altimeter-select figured out it was Powell River to Courtenay Airpark. We were in Courtenay, BC last Thursday via the E+N Dayliner 6148
 2009-10-28CharterCZGF-CYCG0.55DHC8=Q200Shooting the LOC/DME approach at Castlegar after departing Grand Forks, BC
 2009-10-26CharterCZGF-CYCG0.50DHC8-Q200Fly the procedure at Castlegar
 2009-10-23CharterCZGF-CYCG0.50DHC8-Q200Grand Forks, BC to Castlegar whiteknuckle into 15
 2009-10-21CharterKIAH-KGLS0.75DHC8-Q400Houston to Galveston, TX, VFR ILS-13 111.7 Q400/Fanda panel
 2009-10-19CharterCYXC-CYXC0.90Fanda DHC8-Q400Checked out on type Haven't flown Fanda PNL in a year
 2009-10-16CharterKAPA-KFNL0.60CaptSim C-130JCentennial CO to Ft. Collins Loveland looking for a kid in a runaway balloon
 2009-10-13CharterCYQQ-CAK40.75CaptSim C130JComox BC to Woss VFR
 2009-10-10CharterCYXC-CBE20.40MAAM R4DCranbrook BC to Elko
 2009-10-08CharterCYQQ-CYQQ0.50CaptSim C130JShooting the missed at Comox in the bigbird. Flight Result: Perfect
 2009-10-08CharterCYGE-CYXC0.60F1 ATR72-500Golden BC to Invermere VFR both 3k' runways
 2009-09-03CharterCAM3-CAM30.50Bell 206BDuncan local taking aerial photos of Tidewater Subdivision railtrail. It crosses Langtry/Seshia and Glenora roads.
 2009-08-24CharterKCGX-KORD0.60Bell206BLocal helo flights Sears Tower + John Hancock helipad landings. Flight Result: Excellent
 2009-08-17CharterCYNH-CYXJ0.50Carenado M20JHudson's Hopeless to Fort ST. John VFR RW/WX
 2009-07-22CharterKBCE-KCDC0.75Carenado M20EBryce Canyon to Cedar City, Utah
 2009-06-18CharterCAM3-CAM30.40Erickson SkycraneDuncan local
 2009-04-20CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.60Boeing 757-200Picking up Iron Maiden roadies
 2009-04-01CharterCYAZ-GOLDRIVER0.55C-119 FairchildTofino, BC to Gold River
 2009-03-28CharterCYYT-CYQX1.55AS.57St. John's Newfoundland+Labrador to Gander Rwy04-- over the loch.
 2009-03-26CharterCYAZ-CYBL0.55DC6b VCTofino to Campbell River, Vancouver Island
 2009-03-26CharterHECA-HESC0.75DC6b MainlinerCairo to Mt. Sinai sightseeing
 2009-03-25CharterCYAZ-CYAZ1.25DC6B VCTofino local
 2009-03-24CharterKBTM-KBTM0.75Pilatus PC-12Local
 2009-03-24CharterCYXC-CYSW0.75PA46-500 F1 MeridianCranbook, BC to Sparwood via Elko and Fernie on the Crowsnest Highway
 2009-03-21CharterCYAZ-CBS80.60DC6B MainlinerTofino to Port Alberni BC
 2009-03-18CharterPAMO-PAUN1.00DHC3T SkisNome to Unalakleet LDA-14
 2009-03-12CharterKAK-SHX0.80DHC3T PADFlew from Kaltag 98nm due South to Shageluk, AK on the Innoko River. We missed this checkpoint on the way from Iditarod to Anvik.
 2009-03-11Charter5NI-PANV1.25DHC3T SkisToday we flew from Nicolai Checkpoint (5NI) on the Iditarod trail to Anvik (PANV) on the Yukon River. We flew right by McGrath but after crossing the Kuskokwim R., landed at Tacotna (TCT). Then tracked the trail to Ophir and landed again at Moore Crk. (99
 2009-03-11CharterPANV-KAL0.65Shorts-360Flew Shorts-360 from Anvik, AK on the Yukon River upriver to Kaltag with a stopover at Graying, supplying Iditarod mushers.
 2009-03-10CharterPASW-8KA0.60C-150 SkisToday we flew supplies to the Iditarod mushers in our Cessna 150 on skis. Leaving Skwentna -- where we flew into yesterday from Willow, AK -- we flew west at 1500ft., over Shell Lake, Finger Lake and Shirley Lake where we entered Happy River valley which
 2009-03-10Charter8KA-PAFL0.40Dehavilland Super OtterRohn Roadhouse to Farewell, AK. Its not an Iditarod checkpoint but it has a 4000ft runway! Tin Lake is only 1200ft.
 2009-03-10CharterPAFL-5NI0.50PAD DHC3T SkisFarewell, AK to Nicolai checkpoint
 2009-03-09CharterPAUO-PASW0.75Bird-DogFlying the Iditarod, Willow,AK over the Susitna River to Skwentna on the Yentna River
 2009-03-09CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Boeing 757-200Posky B752 in Kent Wien\\\'s airline skin
 2009-03-03CharterPAOM-K540.70Shorts 360Nome, AK to Teller, AK . . . still bounces!
 2009-03-02CharterPAOM-PAOM0.50Shorts 360Circuit at Nome, AK . . . it bounced
 2009-02-28CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.30Posky B752Seattle to Victoria ILS Rwy27
 2009-02-28CharterIDITAROD-FLT0.20Bell 206Iditarod, AK to Flat, AK
 2009-02-24CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.60Boeing 757-200Posky B752 from Seattle to Victoria
 2009-02-19Charter6AK-8KA0.75Cessna 172Puntilla Lake (Rainy Checkpoint) thru Rainy Pass to Rohn Roadhouse (Tatitna) and return via South Kuskokwim River route back to Rainy Checkpoint
 2009-02-18CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.80MD500E HeloLocal sightseeing outta Tofino: Felice Is. Stubbs Is. Wickaninish Is. Catface Mt., Lone Cone and Mosquito Harbour on Mearse Is. then back to CYAZ
 2009-02-17CharterCBS8-CAA90.75MD500E_GFlying lookieloos from Port Alberni Reg. to Coulson Flying Firemen base at a $100 each
 2009-02-16CharterCYAZ-CAB80.90MD500E_GVFR helo ride from Tofino to Port Alberni in the new MD500E helo
 2009-02-15CharterCYAZ-AHOUSAHT0.75Bell206Flew over to Ahousaht again to add an EZ-S church
 2009-02-12CharterCYAZ-AHOUSAHT0.60MAAM XC-47CTofino wheels to Ahousaht, Flores Island waterlanding
 2009-02-10Charter6AK-AK80.40S64E SkycranePuntilla Lake thru Rainy Pass to Rohn Roadhouse in the Erickson Skycrane
 2009-02-09CharterPAKK-ELIM0.60C-119 BirdDogFlying in checkpoint supplies to Bering Sea coastal Iditarod stations
 2009-02-04CharterIRVING-COAL0.85HC-412Irving Lake Vancouver Island to Coal Harbour, Holberg Inlet
 2009-01-28CharterVHHH-VHHX0.90MD-11Shooting the Checker Board at Kai Tak
 2009-01-25CharterCYCW-C0.80TBM 850VFR Chilliwack BC to Lillooet
 2009-01-20CharterKPHL-KDCA0.55Airbus A320-232Philadelphia, PA to Washington DC for the inauguration. Flight Result: Cool
 2009-01-16CharterKLGA-HUDSON0.40iFDG A320A short flight from Rwy-31 at La Guardia for a water landing in Hudson River. Flight Result: Scary
 2009-01-14CharterGOLDRVR-CYBL0.50PAD MU=2 MarquiseGold River strip, Vancouver Island to Campbell River, BC. Flight Results: Twitchy
 2009-01-13CharterCYAZ-CYZT0.75MU-2 MarquiseTofino, Vancouver Island to Port Hardy, BC
 2009-01-12CharterGoldRvr-CAK40.50MU-2 SolitaireGold River strip, Vancouver Island to Woss
 2009-01-09CharterCYBL-GoldRvr0.50Mitsubishi MU-2 SolitairePDA Mitsubishi MU-2 Solitaire, Campbell River to Gold River, Vancouver Island, BC
 2009-01-08CharterHolberg-Kyuquot1.00PAD Turbo BeaverHolberg to Kyuquot, BC (Ky_YOU_cut)
 2009-01-06CharterCrawfish-Union0.75MAAM XC-47CCrawfish Lake, Nootka Island to Union Island in Kyoquot Sound, Vancovuer Island DC3 on floats
 2009-01-04CharterCYCD-CYVR0.75CaptSim C-130JNanaimo to Vancouver, BC + local
 2009-01-03CharterEGLL-FIMP1.50Boeing 747De Gaulle to Mauritius-Sir Seewoosagur Ram International checking out the new FS9 scenery
 2008-12-30CharterCYPR-CZMT0.70Fanda DHC8-Q400Prince Rupert, BC to Masset, BC, Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwai)
 2008-12-29CharterCYAZ-GOLD0.85MAAM XC-47CTofino over Clayquot to Estevan into Nootka Sound, Muchalat Inlet to Gold River airport wheels landing
 2008-12-28CharterZEBALLOS-CYAZ0.60HC-412Zeballos airport to Ahousat, Flores Is. pickup kayakers to Tofino, BC
 2008-12-27CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.75Bell 206Sightseeing outta Tofino to Estevan Point, Ahousat, Flores Is. + return
 2008-12-21CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.75 Lockheed L-1649A Starliner VivaLockheed L-1649A Starliner Viva into Vancouver ILS Rwy26L RW/WX snowing
 2008-12-18CharterKSMF-KSMF0.40StarlinerCircuits at my daughter's hometown airport.
 2008-12-17CharterCYQQ-CYYJ0.90CaptSim C-130JIFR RW/WX nightflight 0300Zulu Comox, BC to Victoria went missed on 02 shot the ILS 27, snow, viz.3m Flight results: Hairy
 2008-12-01CharterCYQQ-CTCD0.75CaptSim C-130JShoot the missed at Comox then Nanaimo, BC
 2008-11-30CharterCYYJ-CYCD1.00Carenado M20JWhiteknuckled'er into Nanaimo zero-zero IFR landed after the missed. Flight Results: Not Good
 2008-11-25CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.60CaptSim C-130JNightflight IFR Victoria to Vancouver, BC
 2008-11-22CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.50Beech Baron 58
 2008-11-21CharterCYZT-CYYJ1.10DHC6-400Nightflight IFR RW/WX Port Hardy to Victoria, BC
 2008-11-20CharterMalcolm-CYZT0.75DHC6-400Malcolm Island strip to Strachan Bay, Mereworth Sound to medivac logger to Port Hardy hospital
 2008-11-18CharterCYCD-HALFMOON0.50Grumman GooseNanaimo, BC over Thomanby Island to Halfmoon Bay
 2008-11-12CharterCYYJ-CAM30.60FSX DC-3Checking FSX flightplanner to fly Galloping Goose Trail VFR City of Victoria to Sooke Lake
 2008-11-12CharterCYYJ-CAM30.50Carenado M20JFly FS9 VFR flightplan to follow Galloping Goose Trail and land at Duncan, BC Flight Results: Cool
 2008-11-08CharterCYQQ-CYYJ0.75CaptSim C-130JComox, BC to Victoria
 2008-11-06CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.80M20J CarenadoVictoria local over Sooke Lake
 2008-11-06CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.90Cessna 172Local down Sooke River to Sooke Basin, Anderson Cove and return over Council Lake
 2008-11-05CharterKASE-KLXV0.60F1 ATR72-500Aspen CO to Leadville VFR Rwy34
 2008-11-04CharterKLXV-KASE1.00F1 ATR72Leadville, CO to Aspen vizual Rwy 33 Perfect landing! Dive, dive, dive
 2008-11-03CharterKCYS-KLXV0.75CaptSim C-130JCheyenne, CO to Leadville
 2008-11-02CharterEDDI-EDDI0.45MAAM R4DTempelhof circuit RW/WX
 2008-11-01CharterEDDI-EDDI0.75MAAM DC-3Last flight outta Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany. Yes, we turned out the lights . . .
 2008-10-26CharterCBS8-CAM30.75CC-115VFR Nitinat route Alberni to Duncan, BC in PAD Buffalo 442SQD
 2008-10-16CharterCZML-CZNL0.65Piaggio Avanti108 Mile to Nelson, BC
 2008-10-15CharterCYPK-CYPK0.60PA-22Pitt Meadows local
 2008-10-14CharterLTBA-LTBA0.40PA-22Ataturk local
 2008-10-06CharterCYXZ-CYXZ0.40Dehavilland Twin OtterWawa, ON to Hawk Junction sightseeing flight
 2008-10-02CharterCYAM-CYXZ0.75Dehavilland Twin OtterSaulte Ste Marie VFR to Wawa, ON
 2008-09-30CharterCYYZ-CYAM1.25Grumman GooseTarana to Saulte Ste Marie, ON VFR rain
 2008-09-29CharterCYQQ-CYQQ0.90CaptSim C-130JShooting the missed ILS-11 at Comox
 2008-09-28CharterCYEG-CYMM0.80Fairchild C-123VFR Edmonton, AB to Fort McMurray, AB
 2008-09-25CharterCYVR-CYYJ0.90Fairchild C-123KVFR Vancouver, BC to Victoria Intl.
 2008-09-23CharterKDAY-KDAY0.40Lake Renegade 250Circuits at Dayton, OH
 2008-09-23CharterAlice-Alice0.40Lake Turbo Renegade 270Getting checked out at Alice Lake in the Turbo 270
 2008-09-17CharterKDTW-KDAY0.90PA-44Detroit Metro Wayne to Dayton, OH VFR
 2008-09-15CharterKDTW-KDAY0.85PA44 SeminoleVFR Detroit Metro to Dayton, OH
 2008-09-10CharterKGCN-KGCN0.75Beech 1900Flying Viva Adventures Tour in FSX/FS9 Scenery KGCN Grand Canyon Airport by Jimmy R Martin
 2008-09-10CharterKDAY-KDTW0.85Beech 1900Dayton OH to Detroit Metro VFR ILS 03R 111.5
 2008-09-09CharterKDAY-KCVG0.60CaptSim C-130JDayton, OH to Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Covington
 2008-08-27CharterKLXV-KDEN0.75Beech 1900Leadville, CO to Denver Intl. checkin out the DNC
 2008-08-26CharterKGCN-KGCN0.80Beech 1900Viva Adventure Tours Grand Canyon, AZ
 2008-08-26CharterCYLW-CYLW0.60Beech 1900Sightseeing tour of Myra Canyon outta Kelowna, BC
 2008-08-25CharterKAPA-KDEN0.70Beech 1900Centennial to Denver to checkout the D. Convention
 2008-08-24CharterCYBL-CYAZ0.65Armsrong Whitworth ArgosyCampbell River, BC to Tofino Rwy-15
 2008-08-23CharterCYAZ-CYBL0.60Armsrong Whitworth ArgosyTofino to Campbell River, BC
 2008-08-19CharterCYXC-CYGE0.60CaptSim C-130Cranbrook to Golden, BC
 2008-07-31CharterCAH3-CAH31.00Carenado M20JX-Country Courtenay Airpark to Nanaimo and return
 2008-07-26CharterKDCA-KHEF0.50CaptSim C-130JWashington DC to Manassas VA VFR 16L
 2008-07-25CharterKDCA-KHEF0.95CaptSim C-130JWashington DC Reagan to Manassas Rgn., VA
 2008-07-23CharterCAH3-CBS80.80M20J CarenadoX-Country Courtenay to Alberni with Courtenay Flight Center (why American spelling?) and return. Flight Result: Cool
 2008-07-09CharterCAM3-CAM30.80Bell 206Duncan Airport, track Koksilah R. to Shawnigan L. to Sooke Lake down Sooke R. to Sooke and return tracking the Trans Canada Trail.
 2008-06-26CharterCAM3-CAM30.45Bell 206Follow the Trans Canada Trail from Duncan to Lake Cowichan, BC and return
 2008-06-23CharterCYXC-CYGE0.75DHC8-Q400 Fanda PnlCranbrook, BC to Golden, BC
 2008-06-16CharterEZCW-EZGR0.40Bell 206Flying between a couple of my EZ-S airports: Crawfish Lake, Nootka Isl. to Gold River, Vancouver Isl.
 2008-06-10CharterCBU2-CYDL0.40TBM 850Iskut Village (Edontenajen), BC to Dease Lake
 2008-06-09CharterCYDL-CYNH1.40AFG S-KingAir-300Dease Lake, BC to Hudson's Hopeless FL210 RW/WX ontop
 2008-06-08CharterCBU2-CYDL0.50Carenado M20JIskut, BC to Dease Lake
 2008-06-06CharterCYYJ-KSFO1.70CRJ-200Victoria to San Francisco FL270
 2008-06-03CharterCYYD-CBU21.90Caranado MooneySmithers, BC VFR Route via Bob Quin CBW4 to Iskut, BC RW/WX
 2008-06-01CharterCBU2-CYDL0.50MAAM R4DIskut, BC to Dease Lake
 2008-05-15CharterKORD-KSPI0.75CaptSim C-130JChicago to Springfield, IL
 2008-05-13CharterCYCD-CYYJ0.35CaptSim C-130JIFR Nanaimo to Victoria RW/WX
 2008-05-09CharterGVAC-GVBA0.50F1 ATR72-500Flying Cape Verde Scenery by Toni Agramont - Mesh by MIquel Regalado - Amilicar Cabral to Rabil
 2008-05-06CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.35F1 ATR72-500Victoria to Vancouver ILS Rwy08
 2008-05-05CharterCYCD-CYYJ0.40CaptSim C-130JNanaimo to Victoria VFR RW/WX
 2008-05-03CharterCYQQ-CYBL0.65CaptSim C-130JComox to Campbell River
 2008-05-01CharterCYQQ-CYCD0.75CaptSim C-130JComox AFB to Nanaimo
 2008-04-30CharterCYCD-CYQQ0.75CaptSim C-130JShooting the Missed
 2008-04-23CharterKRCA-KRCA0.90CaptSim C-130JShooting the missed at Ellsworth AFB
 2008-04-21CharterCYQQ-CYQQ0.75CaptSim C130JShooting the missed at Comox
 2008-04-20CharterCYYD-CYXS0.90CaptSim C130JSmithers, BC to Prince George RW/WX Rwy15
 2008-04-18CharterCYNH-CYYD0.75Carenado M20JHundsons Hope BC to Smithers RW/WX VFR 10.5k
 2008-04-10CharterCYQQ-CYYC1.00CaptSim C-130JComox to Calgary FL310 RW/WX winds 289/97kts -- it stopped snowing in Cowtown
 2008-04-01CharterCYDA-CYXY1.30Vickers Viscount 700DDawson YT to Whitehorse YT in VC700d
 2008-03-30CharterCYXY-PAGY1.00F1 ATR72-500Whitehorse,BC to Skagway, AK RX/WX into Rwy20 -- video-to-prove-it
 2008-03-27CharterNZTG-NZWK0.40F1 ATR72-500Tauranga to Whakatane_NZWK VFR new scenery
 2008-03-20CharterNZTG-NZAA0.50F1 ATR72-500Tauranga, NZ to Auckland
 2008-03-19CharterCYPR-CYZT1.20MAAM R4DIFR Prince Rupert to Port Hardy RW/WX lotsa lightning
 2008-03-18CharterCYQQ-CYQQ0.50CaptSim C-130JShooting the missed at Comox, BC RW/WX viz.20SM
 2008-03-17CharterCYCD-CYPW0.25CaptSim C-130JNanaimo, BC to Powell River
 2008-03-17CharterS60-KBFI0.25MAAM XC 47CWater to wheels Kenmore Air to Boeing Field
 2008-03-16CharterCYQQ-CYQQ0.40CaptSim C-130JCircuit at Comox RW/WX raining
 2008-03-07CharterPAMC-PARY1.10DHC2_TB_MK3 SkiMcGrath to Ruby with stops at Takotna and Ophir Iditarod checkpoints and overfly Cripple RW/WX Temp 4C. Wishing for colder temps.
 2008-03-06Charter6AK-PAMC0.80PAD DHC2_TB_MK3Fly from Puntilla Lake thru Rainy Pass to pickup some dogs at Rohn Roadhouse (Tatitna 8KA) and fly them to McGrath. RW/WX VFR
 2008-03-03CharterPASW-6AK0.60Bird-DogSkwentna, AK to Rainy Pass Airport at Puntilla Lake supplying the Iditarod mushers and their dogs. RW/WX Severe Clear
 2008-03-03CharterKDDC-KLXV1.10cAptSim C-130JDodge City, KS to Leadville, CO RW/WX Viz.30SM FL240
 2008-02-28CharterCYNH-CYYE0.75Carenado M20JVFR 10.5K Hudson's Hopeless to Ft. Nelson, BC RW/WX windsaloft 272/32kts Snowing -17C.
 2008-02-28CharterKGXY-KLXV0.60CaptSim C-130JGreeley-Weld, CO to Leadville, CO RW/WX VFR
 2008-02-28CharterKLXV-KAPA0.75Dreamwings DHC8-Q400Fanda Panel: Leadville, CO to Centennial RW/WX
 2008-02-27CharterCYQQ-CYYJ0.50CaptSim C-130J
 2008-02-25Charter0.50Cessna 210PPitt Meadows to Vancouver ILS 26R 110.55
 2008-02-21CharterMMTY-MMUN0.50C-130JTulum, Mexico to Cancun
 2008-02-16CharterCYYJ-CAK40.70CC-177Whiteknuckling the CC-177 in and outta Woss, BC, Vancouver Island. Flight Result: Cool
 2008-02-01CharterMMUN-MMUN0.90MD-11See screenshots
 2008-01-31CharterKSEA-0590.30M20JShort-field work into Jefferson Co.
 2008-01-31CharterMMUN-MMTY0.40CaptSim C-130JCancun, Yukatan to Tulum Navy Base 50nm south checking out the new addon airports
 2008-01-30CharterCYNH-CYNH0.40M20JHudson's Hope, BC checking out my airfile edits. Attempts at getting this Carenado as RealAsItGets
 2008-01-30CharterCYYJ-KBFI0.60M20JTesting my new Mooney specs. Works real good and lasts a long time -- As Real As It Gets. Cruise=158-KIAS/25inches squared
 2008-01-30CharterCYCD-CYXX0.45M20JNight IFR RW/WX Nanaimo to Abbotsford, BC checking the panel lighting in the Mooney. FlightResult: Cool
 2008-01-29CharterCYCD-CYXX0.75CaptSim C-130JIFR RW/WX Nanaimo, Vancouver Island to Abbotsford, BC to look at the snow. Flight Result: Snowing
 2008-01-29CharterCYAZ-CYQQ0.60Fairchild C-119Tofino, Vancouver Island to Comox ILS Rwy11 with Alias=MAAM panel
 2008-01-28CharterCYCD-CYYD1.00C-130JIFR RW/WX Nanaimo, Vancouver Island to Smithers, BC Viz.App Rwy15 Winds aloft 300/76 Flight Result: Recording
 2008-01-28CharterKBIL-2WY81.10M20JBillings MT to Cody, WY checking out Buffalo Bill Museum and doing some short-field work.
 2008-01-27CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.75P-3C AuroraShooting the missed at Victorias 27 with video2prove it
 2008-01-27CharterCYAZ-CYQQ0.75C-130JTofino over-the-rocks to Port Hardy ILS Rwy-11 shot a couple then landed. Flight Result: Cool, and oh yes, it was snowing!
 2008-01-26CharterKRCA-KDEN1.00C-130JEllsworth AFB Colorado to Denver Intl. RW/WX IFR ILS Rwy26 108.9 Not as good as in the video!
 2008-01-25CharterCYQQ-CYVR0.95C-130JIFR Comox, BC to Vancouver Rwy26R 110.55
 2008-01-24CharterCYQQ-CYVR0.90C-130JShooting the missed approach at Comox then over to Vancouver ILS Rwy-26R
 2008-01-24CharterKRCA-KDEN1.50C-130JEllsworth AFB to Denver, CO RW/WX ILS 26 Wind 260/36 Nice power-on landing
 2008-01-23CharterKCYS-KRCA1.00C-130E CANMILCheyenne, WY to Rapid City, Ellsworth AFB, SD RW/WX 22k ILS-31
 2008-01-23CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.60C-130JShot my first ILS APP in the new Legendary Captain Sim C-130J -- How cool is that? Flight Result: Have-Picture2Prove-It.
 2008-01-22CharterCYOD-CFP71.10C-130JCold Lake, AB to Wainwright, AB 22k
 2008-01-22CharterCYOD-CYEG0.75C-130jCold Lake, AB to Deadmonton, AB
 2008-01-21CharterKMSO-KBTM0.60M20JMissoula to Butte, MT RW/WX -34C.
 2008-01-21CharterCTPR-PAJN1.20F1 ATR72-500Prince Rupert, BC to Juneau, AK RW/WX 21k LDA-08
 2008-01-21CharterCYNH-CYDO0.65M20JHudson's Hope, BC to Dawson Crik RW/WZ VFR
 2008-01-20CharterCYQQ-CYQQ0.30CC-150 PolarisCircuits at Comox in FSPainters A310 with Repaint by Al Percy
 2008-01-19CharterUHHH-PANC0.90FSX B744Khabarovsk, Russia--Victorias SisterCity--UHHH Novy to Anchorage, AK, in FSX
 2008-01-19CharterKSFF-CYYJ1.50F1 PA46-500Piper Meridian at 16k Loney's Felts Spokane to Victoria, BC
 2008-01-18CharterCYOD-CYQQ1.50C-130JFerrying CC-130J Cold Lake, AB to Comox 407, BC RW/WX crosswinds 95Kt ENR
 2008-01-18CharterCYNH-CYZY1.10M20JFrom Hudsons Hope, BC up the Peace R. over the dam,up Williston Lake and down to McKenzie, BC, VFR sightseeing. 110nm
 2008-01-17CharterGalore-CBM50.60Carenado M20JFlying suits back to Telegraph Creek,BC from Galore Creek Mines EZ-S strip. RW/WX marginal VFR
 2008-01-17CharterCYNH-CYXJ0.50M20JVFR Hudson's Hope, BC to Ft St John, BC Rwy29
 2008-01-16CharterKMGE-CYYZ1.10C-130JFerrying a new C-130J home to Canada from the Lockheed assembly plant in Marietta, Georgia. Dobbins AFB to Toronto, ON
 2008-01-15CharterCYXT-MALO0.70Mooney M20JTerrace, BC 4500' to Maloney's Tavern, Hastings Arm, BC
 2008-01-14CharterCYXT-MALO0.50Super KingAir-300VFR RW/WX Terrace, BC over Kitsumkalum Lake,Alyansh,Nass R.Alice Arm,Hastings Arm to Maloneys Tavern for more beer.
 2008-01-14CharterCYXT-MALO0.50Mooney M20ETracking new VFR route at 4500' from Terrace, BC to Maloneys Tavern
 2008-01-12CharterMALO-CZST0.40L-19Maloney's Tavern thru the pass to Stewart, BC, VFR RW/WX
 2008-01-12CharterMALO-MALO0.50L-19Northward from Maloneys Tavern over Ashwood Lake and Georgie R. to Pearse Inlet to Marmot Bay, East up Marmot R and down Sutton Glacier
 2008-01-11CharterCYPR-MALO0.90Cessna L-19Prince Rupert, BC up Misty Fjord to Maloneys Tavern in Cessna Bird-Dog
 2008-01-10CharterCYPW-EZGR0.60TBM_850Powell River, BC to EZ-S Gold River, Vancouver Island RW/WX VFR white-knuckled below minimums in rain at Gold River.
 2008-01-09CharterCYZT-CAK40.50FS_KBT AuroraPort Hardy, Vancouver Island to Woss
 2008-01-07CharterCYZT-CYZT0.75AuroraPort Hardy, Vancouver Island on patrol 800' West Cape Scott RW/WX VFR
 2008-01-06CharterCYQQ-CYZT0.75AuroraComox, Vancouver Island to Port Hardy, BC, RW/WX ILS-11 Snow-showers. Flight Result: Cool.
 2008-01-05CharterCYVR-CYQQ1.00P-3C ArcturusFerrying the Arcturus home from Vancouver Intl. to Comox, BC, 19 Wing
 2008-01-04CharterCYOD-CYZF1.10P-3C AuroraCold Lake, AB to Yellowknife NWT RW/WX ILS 33
 2008-01-03CharterCYOD-CYOD0.40Aurora P-3CCircuits at Cold Lake, AB
 2008-01-01CharterEZCW-Paterson0.45MAAM XC47CCrawfish Lake floats to Paterson Lake, BC, floats RW/WX
 2007-12-31CharterCYZT-CAH30.65AFG Super Kingair 300Port Hardy, Vancouver Island to Courtenay Airpark RW/WX marginal VFR McKenzie Bight-Sayward VFR route. Happy New Year
 2007-12-30CharterEZCW-CYZT0.50AFG Super King 300Crawfish Lake, Nootka Isl to Port Hardy, Vancouver Island in AFGs B300 RW/WX lotsa thunder and lightning but no rain
 2007-12-28CharterCrawfish-Garrett0.70MAAM XC-47CCrawfish Lake floatplane dock, Nootka Island to Garrett Lake floatplane dock, Vancouver Island, BC
 2007-12-27CharterGold-River0.60Savoia Marchetti S.73to Crawfish Lake landing strip in the Savoia Marchetti S.73. Flight Result: Cool
 2007-12-26CharterCrawfish-Lake0.60Bellanca PacemakerCircuits and sightseeing at Nootka Island, BC
 2007-12-24CharterZabellos-Zabellos0.75G21AOut of Zabellos searching for the old strip by Crawfish Lake. Looks like the point at N49-41.93 W126-47.21
 2007-12-21CharterCYZT-CYAL0.25MAAM R4DPort Hardy to Alert Bay, BC, VFR RW/WX
 2007-12-19CharterGoldriver-CYZT0.80Savoia Marchetti S.73VFR RW/WX Goldriver to Port Hardy
 2007-12-13CharterCAM3-CBS80.50DC-3vFR 4500ft Duncan to Alberni over Cowichan Lake, Nitinat, Franklin River and Alberni Canal
 2007-12-08CharterCYCW-CYCW0.60MAAM XC-47CFlew some suits from Chilliwack to Chehalis Lake, BC to inspect the slide
 2007-12-02CharterCYAZ-CYZT0.75Fairchild C-119Tofino to Port Hardy, RW/WX VFR
 2007-11-19CharterCYYD-CYXT1.20Fanda DHC8-Q400Smithers to Terrace, BC, VFR 8500 down the Skeena R.
 2007-11-13CharterCAU3-CBM60.60StinsonOliver to Midway, BC, tracking the old Kettle Valley Railway using Ultimate Terrain.
 2007-11-12CharterCYYF-CAU30.40S61NPenticton to Osoyoos, BC, in SeaKing
 2007-11-10CharterCYZF-CYHY0.50HS.780Yellowknife to Hay River, NT
 2007-10-25CharterCA89-KLAX0.50Martin MarsFirefighting outta Lake Elsinore, CA
 2007-10-25CharterElsinore-Arrowhead0.30Martin MarsMartin Mars short flight to Lake Arrowhead, California
 2007-10-24CharterSproat-Pat1.10Martin MarsFlew the Hawaii Mars outta Sproat Lake and deadsticked into Cowichan Lake; after repairs, took-off and deadsticked into Pat Bay. Installed a Solent 4.air file and departed for California. Last time we looked, all 4-engines were running.
 2007-10-24CharterP.Bay-KPDX0.90Martin MarsPatricia Bay to W36, Lake Washington to Portland waterlanding
 2007-10-22CharterCYPR-CYZT1.50F1 ATR72-500Prince Rupert to Port Hardy, Vancouver Island IFR RW/WX ILS Rwy-11 109.5
 2007-10-08CharterCYZF-CYHY0.75HS.748Sidneys Yellowknife, NT to Hay River, NT RW/WX VFR ILS-31
 2007-10-07CharterCYHY-CYZF0.70HS.748Hay River, NT to Yellowknife
 2007-10-03CharterCYZT-CYAZ1.10HS.748VFR RW/WX Port Hardy to Tofino over Coal Harbour
 2007-10-01CharterKPDX-KCDC1.40HS.748Flying Sidney's new Portland scenery. Flew to Cedar City, UT. Thnx, Sid.
 2007-09-27CharterCYQQ-CAT40.70Beechcraft 18Day-6 Tour-de-Rock Comox to Qualicum/Parksville, BC
 2007-09-26CharterCYZT-CYBL0.85MAAM R4DDay-3 Tour de Rock to Campbell River, BC
 2007-09-24CharterCAB8-Buttle0.45Grumman GooseHeading for Port Alice, Vancouver Island
 2007-09-24CharterHolberg-Port0.60Grumman GooseButtle Lake to Holberg to Port Alice to Port Hardy Vancouver Island
 2007-09-22CharterGreat-CAB80.40Grumman GooseWater to wheels
 2007-09-21CharterSAEZ-SCEL1.30Boeing 737-800Buenos Aires to Santiago, Chile - FSX
 2007-09-20CharterGoldRiver-CAM31.10Beechcraft 18Westcoast Trail thru Port Renfrew to Cowichan Lake to Duncan Airport
 2007-09-19CharterCAM3-PRENFREW0.50Erickson skycraneTracking the road from Lake Cowichan through to Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
 2007-09-16CharterVTBD-VTSP1.10MD-82Bangkok,Thailand to Phuket
 2007-09-11CharterCYLW-CZGF0.80DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverFollow the Kettle Valley Railway from Kelowna via Carmi Subdivision to Grand Forks
 2007-09-05CharterCYCG-CBB91.00Mooney BravoCastlegar, BC following the Columbia & Western Railway section on the Kettle Valley Railway trail to Osoyoos. The railway tracks are all there using Ultimate Terrain. Cool.
 2007-09-04CharterCBB9-CYRV1.50Beech 300Flying the Columbia River
 2007-09-03CharterCYRV-CBB91.10Cessna 208B Grand CaravanRevelstoke, BC down the Arrow Lakes to Castlegar thru to Grand Forks and land at Osoyoos, BC on FSX, VFR flightplan route at 6500ft.
 2007-09-03CharterCYRV-CBB91.20Mooney BravoFS9, VFR Revelstoke to Osoyoos- I Follow Roads
 2007-09-02CharterCYGE-CYRV0.60MAAM R4DGolden, BC thru Rogers Pass to Revelstoke using FS9 VFR flightplan created in FSX
 2007-09-01CharterCYBA-CYGE0.60Bellanca PacemakerBanff, Ab thru Kicking Horse to Golden, BC at 6000'
 2007-09-01CharterCYGE-CYRV0.70Douglas DC-3Golden, BC thru Roger's Pass to Revelstoke at 6500ft
 2007-08-31CharterCYBA-CYGE1.00Beech Baron 58Banff, AB thru Kicking Horse Pass at 6500ft to Golden, BC to look at the new bridge
 2007-08-27CharterCAA8-CYBW2.20Douglas DC-3FSX Flightplanning the VFR route from Invermere, BC to Calgary, AB. Flew it twice to get it correct!
 2007-08-27CharterCAA8-CYBW1.20MAAM R4DFS9 MAAM DC-3 VFR at 7500ft Invermere,BC to Springbank,AB flying converted FSX flightplan
 2007-08-25CharterCYRV-CYGE0.50Cessna 208B Grand CaravanTesting Rogers Pass FS9.PLN
 2007-08-24CharterCYRV-KFCA1.10King Air 300Revelstoke, BC to Kalispell, MT. via Rogers Pass and Rocky Mountain Trench VFR routes
 2007-08-23CharterVHHH-VHHH0.60R4Pb B742Shooting the IGS13 at Kai Tak
 2007-08-23CharterVHHH-VHHH0.50RFP B742Shooting the IGS-13 Checkerboard at Kai Tak
 2007-08-22CharterCAA8-CYXC0.50TBM-850Invermere, BC to Cranbrook
 2007-08-21CharterMMCZ-MMUN0.60B744Testing E.Cox's reverser, wet-runway, spray effects. Cool.
 2007-08-21CharterCAK4-ROBSON0.40DHC2-T_Mk3Flying Premair latest Turbo Beaver floatplane from Woss to Robson Bight over the mountains at 7500ft
 2007-08-21CharterCAK4-CYAL0.80Grumman GooseFSX-VFR, Woss to Robson Bight at 2000ft. Woss to Claude Elliot Lk. down the Tsitika R. Robson Bight to Alert Bay
 2007-08-21CharterCAK4-CYAL0.60DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverFS9-VFR, Woss to Alert Bay at 2000ft. Woss to Claude Elliot Lk. down the Tsitika R. Robson Bight to Alert Bay. Converted the FSX.PLN to FS9.PLN.Cool
 2007-08-20CharterMMZM-MMUN0.50Overland MD-11Cozumel, Mexico to Cancun catching a bit of hurricane Dean's RW/WX wrath. Wind, rain, thunder and lightning. Cool.
 2007-08-19CharterCAH3-CBS80.70Bellanca PacemakerCoutenay, BC to Port Alberni over Comox Lake and return via Union Bay.
 2007-08-19CharterMKJP-MKJS0.40Boeing 737-200Kingston, Jamaica to Mo'Bay checking out the hurricane that wasn't
 2007-08-18CharterCAH3-CYQQ0.40Bell 206Checking out the trail around Courtenay Airpark and hangars at Comox, BC
 2007-08-18CharterCAH3-CYCD0.50Super KIng Air 300Courtenay Airpark to Nanaimo, BC
 2007-08-13CharterPAWG-PAWG0.80Beech 300Wrangell up the Stikine and back
 2007-08-12CharterCYCD-EZJI0.30Learjet 45Whiteknuckle the Lear-45 into James Island grass strip from Nanaimo, BC. Oprah just smiled.
 2007-08-12CharterPHDH-PHNL0.40Super King Air B300Dillingham, Hawaii, around the windward-side to Honolulu 22L
 2007-08-12CharterVHHX-VHHX0.60Overland MD-11Shooting the Checkerboard at Kai Tak
 2007-08-06CharterCYZT-CYAL0.50AC560Pickup Oprah at Alert Bay in Shupe's AC560
 2007-07-29CharterCYYJ-CYQQ0.50C-17Victoria to Comox, BC
 2007-07-27CharterCBXT-CYWL1.20Dehavilland Dash-8Tumbler Ridge, BC to Williams Lake DHC8-Q200 with fanda panel
 2007-07-26CharterCAR3-CYKA0.50PA46-500Lillooet, BC to Kamloops
 2007-07-25CharterCAY2-CAR50.50Piper PA46-500Gang Ranch, BC to Lilloette
 2007-07-24CharterCYPW-EZGR1.10TBM 850Powell River to Comox to Gold River
 2007-07-24CharterCYPW-CYYJ0.80TBM-850Powell River to Victoria
 2007-06-30CharterCYJO-CBW40.40Erickson SkycraneJohnny Crk Mine to Bob Quinn
 2007-06-30CharterEZGM-CYJO0.50Bristol 170 FreighterGalore Mine to Johnny Creek Mine down the Stikine
 2007-06-28CharterEZGM-CYDL1.10Erickson S64EZ-S Galore Creek Mine up the Stikine to Dease lake, BC
 2007-06-28CharterCYDL-EZGM0.80Dehavilland Dash-7Dease Lake, BC down the Stikine to Galore Creek Mine's 1000' strip
 2007-06-26CharterCYDL-CBM50.40DeHavilland Dash7Dease Lake, BC to Telegraph Creek
 2007-06-25CharterCYXY-CYJM1.90HS.748Whitehorse YT to Fort St. James BC following Noel Wien's 1935 route south to Seattle.
 2007-06-24CharterCFA4-CYXS1.60DeHavilland Dash7Carcross to Prince George
 2007-06-22CharterCYDB-CYXY1.00Dehavilland Dash-7Burwash YT to Whitehorse YT
 2007-06-18Charter6K8-CYDB0.80Bellanca PacemakerTok Junction, AK to Burwash Landing, Yukon Territory, Canada
 2007-06-15CharterCYKA-CAY20.50Bellanca PacemakerKamloops BC to the Gang Ranch
 2007-06-11CharterPABI-6K80.70Bellanca PacemakerAllen AAF to Tok Junction, AK
 2007-06-10CharterPAFA-PAFA0.40Bellanca PacemakerFlying Noel Wien's Pacemaker at Fairbanks
 2007-06-10CharterPAFA-PABI0.70Bellanca PacemakerFairbanks to Allen AAF
 2007-06-08CharterCAY2-CBJ40.40Bellanca PacemakerGang Ranch to Echo Valley adjusting flight characteristics of M.S. Bellanca-Aircruiser
 2007-06-06CharterCAL5-CAY20.50Mooney M20EAlexis Creek to Gang Ranch, BC RW/WX
 2007-06-05CharterCYWL-CAY20.50Beech Baron 58Williams Lake to the Gang Ranch RW/WX
 2007-06-04CharterCBL9-CYWL1.10Bird-DogElkin Creek Lodge to Williams Lake, BC, VFR RW/WX rain
 2007-05-26CharterCYWL-BL90.60Beech Baron 58Williams Lake, BC to Elkin Creek Ranch
 2007-05-23CharterOAKH-OAKB0.70Airbus A320-232Kandahar, Afghanistan to Kabul
 2007-05-22CharterW33-CYYJ0.40Dehavilland BeaverFSX Beaver floats Friday Harbor to Pat Bay
 2007-05-21CharterEGPH-LEBL2.00CRJ700 FSXEdinburgh to Barcelona IFR ILS Rwy07L 10.3
 2007-05-20CharterLEBL-EGPH2.00Airbus A320-232Clickair route Barcelona to Edinburgh direct $27USD
 2007-05-19CharterCYPR-PAKT0.80MAAM XC-47CPrince Rupert to Ketchikan, AK, DC3-floats
 2007-05-18CharterCYXY-PAJN1.25Dreamwings DHC8Q400IFR Whitehorse to Juneau ILS Rwy-26 RW/WX
 2007-05-15CharterCBX7-CYCQ0.50Cessna 172FSX:Tumbler Ridge to Chetwynd, BC
 2007-05-08Charter0.40S.45Holberg to Port Alice, Vancouver Island
 2007-05-07CharterCBT9-HBRG0.50Solent 4Sproat Lake, Vancouver Island to Holberg Inlet
 2007-05-04CharterCBT9-CBT91.40Short S45Flight-testing new FSX/FS9 Solent 45 model by J. Kristensen
 2007-05-02Charter1.10Martin MarsSproat Lake taping video then on to Cowichan Lake
 2007-05-01CharterCBT9-CAN30.40Hawaii Mars
 2007-05-01CharterCBT9-CAH30.50Hawaii Mars C-FLYL
 2007-04-27CharterCYCG-CAD40.40Let 410Castlegar, BC to Trail, BC for
 2007-04-21CharterCAK4-KELSY1.25MAAM XC-47CFly recovery equipment from Woss to Topaze Hbr BC
 2007-04-17CharterCAH3-CBS80.50DHC2-T MKIIICheckout the Puntledge R. kayakers and fly on to Alberni tracking the Ash and Stamp Rivers VFR RW/WX
 2007-04-13CharterLONG-CAM20.75Bell 206Long Lake over Cowichan L. to its end and return to Duncan. Check out the kid's cottage on Marble Bay.
 2007-04-12CharterCAM3-CAM30.75Bell 206Fly the Koksilah R. to headwater at Long Lake
 2007-04-11CharterCAM3-WEST0.40EC-135Duncan up the Kokosilah R. valley over Diversion Reservoir & Bear Crk Res. to Jordon River, on the westcoast
 2007-04-10CharterLFMT-LFMU0.40Douglas DC-3Montpellier to Bezier, France
 2007-04-09CharterCAM3-CAM30.40Let 410Aerial searching Koksilah River gorge for Irvine Silver Mine
 2007-04-09CharterLFBO-LFMT0.90F1 ATR72-500Toulouse to Montpellier, France
 2007-04-07CharterMYK-KGZ0.40Cessna L-19Make one-minute Birddog video May Crk. 2 Glacier Crk, Alaska
 2007-04-07CharterCYKA-CAY20.50HS.748Kamloops to Gang Ranch, BC
 2007-04-05CharterCYXS-CYKA1.30F-1s ATR72-500Prince George to Kamloops IFR RW/WX
 2007-04-04CharterCYJM-CYXS0.70Fanda DHC8Q400Fort St. James (Perison) Airport to Prince George RW/WX VFR
 2007-04-03CharterCYYD-CYXS1.10Fanda DHC8Q400Smithers to Prince George, BC IFR RW/WX
 2007-04-03CharterCYVR-KDEN1.60A321FSX Vancouver to Denver FL310
 2007-04-02CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.60Bell206Flying Don's FS9(2007) scenery and adjusting the AFCAD
 2007-04-02CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.40Pilatus PC-12FS9 Local in Brian Gladdens FS2k2 PC-12 Combi
 2007-03-29CharterCYYJ-CYQQ0.50C-17Transload C-17 Mil Victoria to Comox
 2007-03-27CharterPAJN-PAWG1.00TBM 850Juneau to Wrangell
 2007-03-24CharterPAJN-PAJN0.50Bell 206Juneau Airport-Gastineau Channel-downtown and return sightseeing GBv2 FS9
 2007-03-23CharterPAGY-CFA40.40Cessna 208B Grand CaravanTesting FSX.PLN converted to FS9.PLN tracking White Pass & Yukon Railway from Skagway to Carcross using Holgers FS9-GBv2
 2007-03-22CharterPAGY-CFA40.40Let 410FS9 Skagway-Chilkoot-Carcross
 2007-03-22CharterPAGY-CFA40.40Beech Baron 58FSX Skagway-WhitePass-Carcross
 2007-03-20CharterELV-RAWL0.50Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianGBv2 Elfin to Rusty Airfield Flight Result: Saw the deer in the crick
 2007-03-20CharterPAGY-CFA40.60Bell 206Skagway White Pass & Yukon Railway route to Carcross making FSRecordings
 2007-03-19CharterPAGY-CFA40.50Cessna 182RGSkaguay to Caribou Crossing over Chilkoot Pass (sorry, no Customs in GBv2)
 2007-03-18CharterPAGY-PAGY0.60Bell 206GBv2,Skagway via Chilkoot Pass to Caribou Crossing CFA4 and return via White Pass.Yes, we saw the WPYR Train
 2007-03-18CharterPAGY-PAGY0.50Beech King Air 350FSX Skagway to Carcross via Chilkoot Pass and return White Pass
 2007-03-17CharterELV-RAWL0.90Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianGB-2 scenery Elfin Cove water to Rusty Airfield Wood Lake Research Center,wheels- had to do a couple of go-arounds before getting it. Its too real!
 2007-03-17CharterPAGY-CEB70.70Bell206GBv2 flight:follow White Pass and Yukon Railway Skagway to Carcross, YT (Caribou Crossing) Flight Result: Absolutely Brilliant!
 2007-03-15CharterKBOI-KBOI0.50FSX Bell206Looking for Boise's Broncos' Blue Football Stadium which is not in FSX
 2007-03-15Charter7AK2-7AK20.50Cessna 172Glacier Bay scenery.2 Snettisham over-and-up Tracy Fjord to view Sawyer Glaciers. Cool.
 2007-03-13CharterA43-7AK20.70DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverTaku Harbor, AK -floats tracking Tracy Fjord to its end at Sawyer Glaciers and retrun to Snettisham -wheels
 2007-03-12Charter0.50Grumman GooseTaku Harbor up Tracy Fjord in FSX
 2007-03-11CharterKAL-PANK0.60Lockheed Vega 5CKaltag to Unalakleet in the Vega
 2007-03-09CharterPANV-KGX0.30DHC-2-T MrKIII skisAnvik, Alaska on the Yukon River to Grayling, AK following the leader on the Iditarod Trail
 2007-03-08Charter5NI-Z171.10MAAM R4DNikolai Checkpoint to McGrath waterlanding to Ophir wheels catching up with the mushers at Iditarod, AK, RW/WX low-viz
 2007-03-07CharterPAWD-PANC0.50Grumman GooseSeward along the old Idotirod to Anchorage in FSX
 2007-03-06Charter8KA-5NI0.70Bird DogRohn Roadhouse to Nikolai RW/WX wind 005/34kts 90kts GS
 2007-03-05CharterPAUA-PASW0.60Maule M7-260Willow. AK to Jewell (AK72nearYentna) onto Skwentna in FSX
 2007-03-05CharterPASW-6AK0.50C-150 SkisSkwentna to Finger Lake checkpoint and on to Rainy Pass checkpoint at Puntilla Lake, Catching up with the lead musher, Martin Buser and 16 dogs. RW/WX viz40SM -16C. wind 300/26kts
 2007-03-03Charter8KA-6AK0.50C-185 SkisRohn to Puntilla Lake via Hells Gate at 3000ft RW/WX viz40SM CAVU
 2007-03-02Charter8KA-6AK0.40Maule M7-260Rohn Roadhouse via Hell's Gate to Rainy Pass, Alaska in FSX
 2007-03-02Charter8KA-6AK0.50Cessna 172Tatitna via South Kuskokwim River, Hell's Gate, Ptarmigan Valley to Puntill Lake strip in FS9
 2007-03-02CharterPAWG-CAB50.40Cessna 208B Grand CaravanFSX
 2007-03-02CharterPAWG-CAB50.50Cessna 208B Grand CaravanFS9
 2007-03-01Charter6AK-8KA0.60Maule M7-260Puntilla Lake thru Dalzell Gorge to Rohn
 2007-03-01Charter6AK-8KA0.40Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
 2007-03-01CharterCYYD-CYXT0.60TBM-850Smithers to Terrace via Woodcock VFR route tracking the Skeena River
 2007-02-27CharterPADQ-5Z91.50MAAM XC-47CKodiak to Lake Brooks via Grigg Volcano, Mt.Katmai down The Valley of Ten Tousand Smokes for waterlanding
 2007-02-26Charter5Z9-5Z90.50Dehavilland BeaverGriggs Volcano scenic up
 2007-02-26Charter5Z9-PADQ1.10Dehavilland BeaverLake Brook, AK, up
 2007-02-25CharterCYBD-CYJQ0.50Piaggio 180FSX
 2007-02-25CharterCYJQ-CYBD0.40Piaggio P-180Bella Bella to Bella Coola, British Columbia
 2007-02-22CharterKPHX-KTUS0.60Piaggio Avanti P180v.2Phoenix to Tucson, Arizona
 2007-02-22CharterCYML-CYNH1.20P-180108 Mile, BC to Hudson's Hope
 2007-02-20CharterCYEE-CYEM0.90MAAM R4D
 2007-02-20Charter8KA-6AK0.75Hamilton AllmetalRohn Roadhouse to Puntilla Lake
 2007-02-19CharterCNB9-CYEE0.40MAAM R4D{Details}
 2007-02-17CharterPANV-KGX0.40Dehavilland BeaverAnvik to Grayling on the Yukon R. tracking the Iditarod route
 2007-02-15CharterKIND-KCVG0.60Let 410IFR Indianapolis on the MILAN4 to Cincinnati ILS Rwy36 RW/WX
 2007-02-15CharterCYBL-CBA70.80Bell206Campbell River to Scar Creek and seismic outposts
 2007-02-14Charter0AK2-PABR0.50Cessna 208B Grand CaravanCape Simpson to Barrow, AK in FSX
 2007-02-13CharterCYPR-CYYJ1.50F1 ATR72-500
 2007-02-12CharterPABR-0AK20.50JU-52Barrow, Alaska to Cape Simpson
 2007-02-12CharterPABR-PATQ0.50JU-52Barrow, Alaska to Atqasuk Burnell
 2007-02-12CharterPABR-PAFA1.10F-28Barrow to Fairbanks 1L ILS
 2007-02-11CharterCYPR-CYYJ0.90TMB700Powell River to Victoria, BC, IFR RW/WX ILS Rwy27
 2007-02-09CharterCYLW-CYYD2.30TBM700Kelowna, BC to Smithers IFR RW/WX 1/8nm viz at Kelowna Flight Result: Fantastic!
 2007-02-08CharterCYNH-CBX70.75F1 ATR72-500Hudsons Hope to Tumbler Ridge, BC
 2007-02-08CharterOIII-ORBS1.20C-130Mehrabad, Tehran, Iran to Baghdad Intl Iraq
 2007-02-08CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.50Dehavilland Dash-7
 2007-02-07CharterCYYJ-38W0.60Piaggio AvantiDon's Victoria to Lynden Washington
 2007-02-07CharterCYXJ-CYNH0.60PA46-500 F1Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada, to Hundson's Hope, British Columbia
 2007-02-06CharterOAKB-OAKN0.75C-17Kabul, Afghanistan to Kandahar with FA/18 Escort
 2007-02-05CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.75C-17 GlobemasterPutting on a smoke-show
 2007-02-04CharterCYYJ-KCLM0.50Mooney BravoIFR
 2007-02-03CharterCYGE-CYRV0.75Douglas DC-3FSX
 2007-02-03CharterCYGE-CYRV0.70Cessna 208B Grand CaravanFSX
 2007-02-03CharterLFPB-LFPB1.00Airbus A320-232FSX Paris Airshow Demonstration Flight, Flight Result: Success!
 2007-02-01CharterPATK-PATK1.40Maule M7-260Complete Denali Mission Rescue climber and return to Talkeetna Flight Result: Success!
 2007-01-31CharterPATK-PATK1.70Maule M7-260Denali rescue
 2007-01-30CharterPAMA-PAMA0.70Westland WessexFlying the latest helo around McLeland Field, AK
 2007-01-30CharterFSX-FSX0.90Aircreation SL450Looking for baby elephant
 2007-01-30CharterFVWN-FVWN1.40Aircreation SL450Found the baby elephant
 2007-01-29CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.40Bell206Flying Don's latest YYJ scenery
 2007-01-29Charter0.60FSX CRJ700Shooting the APP on Rwy09 St. Maarten-Princess Juliana Intl. - TNCM Netherlands Antilles
 2007-01-29CharterTNCM-TJSJ0.70FSX CRJ700Flying FSX Caribbean
 2007-01-28CharterCYAZ-CYYJ0.90DC6B Mainliner
 2007-01-25CharterNZPG-NZWD0.50C-27JFSX Antarctica: NZCM NZIR
 2007-01-23CharterKRWL-KFNL0.75C-27JRawlins, Wyoming to Loveland, Colorado VFR RW/WX 15k.
 2007-01-22CharterCYVR-CTTJ0.40C-27JCCG Vancouver to Don's Victoria
 2007-01-22CharterCYVR-CYQQ0.90C-27JIFR Vancouver to Comox RW/WX
 2007-01-20CharterPAGA-KYU0.40DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverTracking the Yukon R. Galina to Koyukuk, AK on skis
 2007-01-19CharterPARY-PAGA0.60DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDown the Yukon Rvr. Ruby to Galena
 2007-01-18Charter5NI-PAMC0.40DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverNicolai to McGrath on skis in blowing snow RW/WX Cool
 2007-01-18CharterPAMC-PAMY0.80DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverMcGrath to Ruby with a stop in Ophir (Z17) RW/WX light snow
 2007-01-17Charter8KA-PAFW0.30FSX Maule/SkiFSX Maule M7-260C/Ski Rohn Roadhouse (Tatitna, on the S. Kuskokwim Rvr.) to Farewell
 2007-01-17CharterPAFW-5NI0.40Dehavilland Super OtterFarewell to Nicolai, AK
 2007-01-16CharterCYZT-EZZB0.50Aero Commander 500Port Hardy to Zeballos RW/WX 5500' VFR
 2007-01-16Charter0.40Maule M7-260FSX Maule M7-260C/Ski Puntilla Lake thru Rainy Pass to Rohn Roadhouse (Tatitna, on the S. Kuskokwim Rvr.)
 2007-01-14CharterCYNH-CYCQ0.40Douglas DC-3FSX
 2007-01-11CharterCYPR-CYPR0.40Aero Commander 500Getting wood panel
 2007-01-02Charter6AK-8KA0.40FSX Bell206Track Dalzell Gorge onto the Tatina River to Rohn (Tatitna 8KA).
 2007-01-01Charter6AK-A8K0.80FSX Bell206Follow the Iditarod thru Rainy Pass from Puntilla Lake to Rohn Roadhouse then re-flew it using FS Recorder. Flight Result: Cool
 2006-12-23CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.75Bell 205A-1Local FSX: Saanich Inlet; Tod Inlet; Squally Reach; Powerline; Eagle's Nest; Goldstream
 2006-12-22CharterKMFR-KMFR0.50Bell205Mission: Oregon Ablaze
 2006-12-21CharterCYYJ-20070.90Bell206Fly Victoria Harbour scenery
 2006-12-21CharterKMFR-KMFR0.70Bell205_FSXFSX MISSION: Fire season is upon us again and already there have been reports of several fires burning to the east. A Forward Command Post has been established on the north shore of the Agate resevoir to better co-ordinate our fire-fighting resources. To
 2006-12-21CharterKMFR-KMFR0.90Bell205Oregon Ablaze again; still can't get it!
 2006-12-20CharterCYOP-CYJP1.10Douglas DC-3Rainbow Lake, AB to Ft. Providence, NWT
 2006-12-19CharterCYNH-CYCB1.10MAAM DC-3To Santa's workshop Hudson's Hope,BC to Rainbow Lake,AB
 2006-12-18CharterCYXS-CYNH0.70Douglas DC-3Santa Mission, Prince George to Hudson's Hopeless, BC
 2006-12-17CharterCYDB-PAYA0.80Beech King Air 350. . . and another turkey dinner . . . this time with a side of bear meat
 2006-12-17CharterWSSS-WSSS0.40Boeing 747shoot the Monsoon Mission approach, again. Cool
 2006-12-16CharterCYDB-PAYA0.60Beech King Air 350Turkey dinner at Yakutat
 2006-12-09CharterK54-EZWJ3.40Hamilton All-MetalTeller, AK to North Cape, Siberia
 2006-12-03CharterKSEA-KBFI1.00Bell206B-3Flying Owen Hewitt's helo around Seattle: over Annabell's house and Lake Union to the Chitterten-Ballard Locks. Nice helo!
 2006-12-01CharterCYYD-CYYD1.25HH60JFlying the new helo around Smithers, BC
 2006-11-30CharterCBA7-CBA71.55HC-412Flying Jordan Moore's Scar Creek Seismology Helo Operations: very cool Video-to-prove-it
 2006-11-28CharterSEQU-SETM2.25Dehavilland Dash-8Quito, Ecuador to La Toma
 2006-11-27CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.80DeHavilland Dash7IFR RW/WX 1/4SM viz SeaTac to Victoria; ATC sent us out over Port Angeles for ILS Rwy09 at CYYJ
 2006-11-24Charter0.75DHC2_MRK3Alice Lake, Vancouver Island to Irving Lake, V.I.
 2006-11-23CharterSEQU-SETM1.00Fanda DHC8-200Quito, Ecuador FL240 to La Toma, just like in the video
 2006-11-22CharterEZAG-OAJL0.70Posky B738Flight-testing the new POSKY B738 from my N.E. Afghanistan EZ-S airport (ELV 13k) to Jalalabad, Afghanistan with Targan Unutmaz's panel
 2006-11-22CharterRJAA-VHHH3.30Posky B744Narita to Hong Kong IFR Night ILS 25L
 2006-11-21CharterHECA-LGAV1.10Boeing 737-800Cairo to Athens
 2006-11-19CharterEZGR-EZGR0.75HC.412Ferrying supplies into Irving Lake from Tsaxana Airstrip
 2006-11-18Charter0.60De Havilland TMTsaxana Airport to Matchlee Bay (the lake) t&g in the Tiger Moth on floats
 2006-11-17CharterEZGR-EZGR0.50FSX-Bell206Flying the FSX dirt-filled Muchalat Inlet -- what a joke!
 2006-11-15CharterEZGR-EZGR1.50J-3Gold River Airstrip to Muchalat Inlet up the Burman River and east of the confluence of Bancroft River and return with dialed-in Fog&Rain FS9/WX - No joy.
 2006-11-15CharterGCLA-GCLA1.00Maule M7-260Flying Toni Agramont's FSX AddonScenery for the Canary Isl. Santa Cruz de la Palma and fly around the smallest island: Palma Island - Cool.
 2006-11-14CharterMXA4-MMCZ0.40Let 410Tulum, Mexico to Cozumel
 2006-11-14CharterPHNL-PHNL0.50Bell206FSX Local Honolulu, Hickam, Aloha Center, Waikiki and Diamond Head crater
 2006-11-13CharterCBX7-CYXS0.70Fanda DHC8Tumbler Ridge, BC to Prince George IFR RW/WX A2817 heavy snow BC-Rwy33 Flight Result: Cool
 2006-11-13CharterCYXS-CYYD1.00Fanda DHC8Prince George,BC to Smithers IFR RW/WX Rwy33
 2006-11-12CharterCYPZ-CAM50.40Aero Commander 500Burns Lake, BC to Houston, BC
 2006-11-12CharterLOWS-EDDM0.80Aero Commander 500Salzberg to Wallmuhle-Staubing EDMS to Munich, Strause
 2006-11-10CharterTNCA-MYGF0.65Bell206Local sightseeing Aruba and Freeport
 2006-11-10CharterMYGF-MYNN0.50Fanda DHC8Freeport City, Bahamas to Nassua ILS 14
 2006-11-09CharterCYYD-CBQ80.40Aero Commander 500Smithers to Woodcock, BC VFR RW/WX 6500'
 2006-11-09CharterCYXS-CAU40.40MAAM C-47Prince George, BC, IFR RW/WX to Vanderhoof
 2006-11-09CharterEZGR-EZGR0.50Aero Commander 500Local flight out to Muchalat Inlet from my EZ-S, Gold River, taping another video
 2006-11-08CharterEZBL-SZBL0.70Dehavilland BeaverFlying PDA DHC2-Mk3 outta my EZ-Scenery Zeballos -- now out on video
 2006-11-08CharterW33-CYYJ0.75Dehavilland BeaverFriday Hbr to Victoria
 2006-11-07CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.50Boeing 747SeaTac to Victoria in an FSX heavy
 2006-11-07CharterCYVR-CYVR0.70Bell206Sightseeing around Vancouver Habour in FSX basically, watching the ships go by
 2006-11-06CharterCYVR-CYYJ0.75Mooney BravoVancouver to Victoria in the morning rain RW/WX- IFR into Victoria Rwy09
 2006-11-06CharterCYVR-CYYJ0.50Mooney BravoVFR to Rwy31 drying the paint on my FSX DXT3 files
 2006-11-06CharterW04-CYYJ0.60Mooney BravoVFR FSX Ocean Shores, WA to Victoria
 2006-11-06CharterCYNH-CYCQ0.50Grumman GooseHudson's Hope, BC to Chetwynd VFR wheels
 2006-11-05Charter0.30Dehavilland BeaverFriday Harbor to Roche Harbor with the video to prove it
 2006-11-04CharterCYDB-PAYA0.80Beech King Air 350Burwash, YT to Yukatat, AK
 2006-11-03CharterEGPA-EGED0.40Mooney BravoKirkwall, Orkney Islands, Scotland to Eday (island to the north) in a chrome-plated Mooney
 2006-11-03CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.60Mooney BravoSeattle to Victoria
 2006-11-03CharterCYBD-PAYA0.80Beech King Air 350
 2006-11-01CharterCBS8-LYTV0.50Dehavilland BeaverAlberni Local and Local: Tivat, Montenegro, Serbia and Montenegro
 2006-11-01CharterKLMT-KLMT1.25Beech Baron 58Local K-Falls and Crater Lake, Oregon
 2006-10-31CharterPANC-PAHO0.60HS.748Anchorage to Homer, Rwy03 IFR RW/WX
 2006-10-30CharterSPZO-SPZO0.50FSX Bell206DTest flying Oseas Dourado and Jose Lobos South American A5 FSX,mesh between Teniente Alejandro Velasco Astete Intl. at Cuzco,Peru (Elevation:10,860ft.) and Machu Picchu
 2006-10-30CharterCYYD-CYXT0.60Cessna 208B Grand CaravanVFR,10.5k Smithers to Terrace tracking the Skeena Valley over Hazelton; Flew part in FSX and part in FS9
 2006-10-27CharterCYDB-PAYA0.70Beech King Air 350FSX Mission: Yukatat Flight Result: Yuk!
 2006-10-26CharterKPSP-KBNG0.75Mooney BravoPalm Springs thru the Gap over Cabazon to Banning
 2006-10-26CharterKBNG-KPSP0.60Mooney BravoLocal Banning and Palm Springs, over Hwy-74 etc.,
 2006-10-25CharterKMHV-KEDW1.30Boeing 747FSX Mission: 747 Test Pilot- Flew it the third time and finally passed!
 2006-10-24CharterKMHV-KMHV0.50Boeing 747FSX MISSION: 747 Test Flight, Results: fly around in circles
 2006-10-23CharterPAKO-PADU1.00MAAM XC47CFS9 comparison flight to FSX: Aleutian Cargo in FS9 MAAMM DC3 (floats) Nikolski-Chernofski-Unalaska Flight Results: Illuminating
 2006-10-23CharterCYMO-CYTS1.40Douglas DC-3FSX Stranded Passengers Mission by Drew Hosick Moosonee to Timmins, VFR in blowing snow
 2006-10-22CharterPAKO-PADU1.00Grumman GooseFSX Mission: Aleutian Cargo, Nikolski Air Station(PAKO) drop off mail at Chernofski Harbor dock(KCN) continue on to Unalaska Airport(PADU) in Dutch Harbor,wheel landing. Flight Result: Success
 2006-10-22CharterKLXV-KTEX0.90Mooney BravoFS9 Mooney in FSX. Flight results: Cool
 2006-10-21CharterPADU-PADU0.50Beech King Air 350FSX: Flying the Non-precision Approach at Unalaska
 2006-10-20Charter1.10Bell206FSX MISSION: Oil rig (again)
 2006-10-20CharterKVXL-KTEX0.90Learjet 45Leadville, CO to Tulluride
 2006-10-20CharterKCOS-KTEX0.40Learjet 45FSX MISSION: Tulluride Visual APProach. Flight Result: Success!
 2006-10-19CharterPADU-PADU1.40Beech King Air 350FSX: Practising the NDB-A APProach at Unalaska in fair weather. Flight Results: Lotsa fun!
 2006-10-19CharterPADU-PADU0.70Beech King Air 350FS9: Shooting the NDB-A at Dutch Harbor (again)
 2006-10-19Charter1.00Bell206FSX: Oilrig Misson. Flight result: Success! The inspector said I was best helo pilot she'd ever flown with. Cool.
 2006-10-18CharterKSEA-KRNO0.60Mooney BravoFS9: Seattle & Reno local taping some FRAPS stock footage in my Mooney repaint.
 2006-10-18CharterLW-38W1.00Dehavilland BeaverFSX Mission: Kenmore Air DHC2 Lake Washington to pickup Pax Lk.Union fly to Friday Harbor and offload Pax (keeping them as dry as possible) Flight Result: Success!
 2006-10-18CharterPADU-PADU0.30Beech King Air 350FSX Mission: Dutch Harbor, Alaska, USA Flight Result: Success . . . first attempt
 2006-10-17CharterKLXV-KDEN1.25Cessna 172FSX: Leadville, Colorado to Denver over-the-top by Mt. Evans (14,264ft.) @ 16.5k -Garmin1000- The C172 was suckholein to get over! Flight result: Cool
 2006-10-15CharterPAMR-PAWD0.80B58 Garmin1000FSX:Anchorage, Merrill, VFR, Turnagain Arm down Hwy#1 to Gilpatricks and Lanai Lake at 3500\' to Seward. One of my favourite VFR routes in any plane
 2006-10-14CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.75Mooney BravoFSX: IFR in today\'s RW/WX Viz.1/8 at Victoria and Vancouver. Both realworld airports were shut down due to low visibility.
 2006-10-11Charter0.50Bell206FSX: Teterboro, NJ, local over Manhatten, Isis-of-the-Eastriver, and the Hudson Rv New York
 2006-10-10CharterCPD8-CPG51.10Bell206FSX: Fly three Hawksbury, Ontario airports, including CNV4. RW/WX Oh yes, and Sudbury CYSB Flight results: Cool
 2006-10-08CharterCYVR-CYVR0.90Bell206FSX: Local CYVR Flight result: cool
 2006-10-07CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.60Douglas DC-3First flight in FSX. Flight Result: Cool
 2006-10-07CharterPASI-PASI0.40Cessna 172FSX Mission: Sitka Flight Result: Perfect
 2006-10-07CharterTNCM-TNCM0.40Learjet 45FSX Mission: St. Maarten, Juliana approach; Flight Result: Successful
 2006-10-07CharterWSSS-WSSS0.40Boeing 747FSX Mission: Monsoon Approach to Changi, Singapore, Flight Result: Success!
 2006-10-03CharterEZML-CYBL0.75Aero Commander 500Malcolm Island to Campbell River, BC, VFR, RW/WX
 2006-10-03CharterNZTG-NZAA0.75MAAM R4DTauranga, New Zealand,to Auckland, VFR, RW/WX driving rain with lightning. Flight Result: Electrifying
 2006-10-02CharterCYZT-EZML0.40AC520Port Hardy, Vancouver Island to Malcolm Island strip in Rick Piper's Aero Design Aero Commander
 2006-10-01CharterEGSS-EGKK0.40DHC3TTCLondon Standsted to Gatwick and London City, nightflight sightseeing: Millennium Dome etc,
 2006-09-29CharterKAPG-KBWI0.80Fanda DHC8Aberdeen Pvg Gnd(Aberdeen, Maryland, USA to Baltimore Washington Intl. nightflight, went missed 33R
 2006-09-28Charter0.80DHC2-T_Mk3Holberg water to Wolf Lake water; site-surveying for new hospital.
 2006-09-27Charter0.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverAlice Lake, Vancouver Island to Port Alice mill
 2006-09-26CharterCYZT-CYBL0.75MAAM XC-47C(details)
 2006-09-26Charter0.50DHC2-T_Mk3Port Alice floatplanebase(Jeune) to Victoria Lake and Alice Lake, BC
 2006-09-21CharterHBRG-EZZB0.50RavenHolberg Inlet to Zeballos, BC
 2006-09-21CharterEZZB-EZGR0.50EC-135Zeballos, BC to Gold River strip
 2006-09-20CharterCYXY-CZFA0.90DHC2-T_Mk3Whitehorse to Faro, YT, marginal VFR RW/WX
 2006-09-20CharterCZFA-CYMA0.80DHC2-T_Mk3Faro, YT to Mayo
 2006-09-20Charter0.40RavenBull Harbour, BC to Cape Scott
 2006-09-19CharterMLL2-DME10.60DHC2-T Mk3Lake Lynn to Eagle Lake: Don Moser/Alaska By Don scenery
 2006-09-17CharterCYXS-CAU40.50MAAM R4DPrince George, BC to Vanderhoof checking out all the holes-in-the-ground
 2006-09-17CharterFAIR-CZFA0.70MAAM XC47CFairweather Lake, YT to Faro
 2006-09-17CharterCYZT-CYAL0.30MAAM R4DPort Hardy, BC to Alert Bay
 2006-09-15CharterFAIR-CFS70.40MAAM XC-47CFairweather Lake to Sheldon Lake, Yukon
 2006-09-13CharterEGSS-EGPH1.30HS.748London to Edinburgh
 2006-09-11CharterW36-0S90.40DHC3-TLake Union, WA (water) to Jefferson County (wheels)
 2006-09-10CharterHBRG-EZBH0.40DHC3-THolberg Inlet, Vancouver Island to Bull Harbour, Hope Island
 2006-09-09CharterHBRG-EZML0.60DHC2-THolberg Inlet to Malcolm Island, BC
 2006-09-07CharterCYAL-WH0.70DHC2-T Mk3Alert Bay to Winter Harbour at 1000' (wheels2water)
 2006-09-07114Victoria Harbour - Vancouver Harbour
0.50DHC3-THarbour Air flight
 2006-09-06CharterHBRG-CYAL0.40DHC2-T Mk3Holberg water to Alert Bay wheels
 2006-09-05CharterCYYJ-CAP50.40DHC2 MK3-T (PT-6)Local Victoria Airport and Patricia Bay floatplane base
 2006-09-03CharterHBRG-P-ALICE0.50TurboBeaver_Mk3 C-FWJIHolberg Inlet floatplane base to Port Alice
 2006-09-03CharterHBRG-CYZT0.50DHC2-MK3-THolberg Inlet to Port Hardy at 800'
 2006-09-02CharterEZML-CAK40.50MAAM C-47Malcolm Island strip to Woss, Vancouver Island
 2006-09-01CharterEZZB-CYZT0.70HC412Zeballos to Port Hardy via Port Alice
 2006-08-31CharterEZZB-EZGR0.60HC412Flights between EZ-S Zeballos and EZ-S Gold River with pictures-to-prove-it
 2006-08-31CharterEZML-EZGR0.80B206DMalcolm Island, BC to Gold River following my AI planes
 2006-08-29CharterCAK4-Espinosa0.50Dehavilland BeaverWoss(wheel) to Espinosa Inlet(water)
 2006-08-29CharterEZAG-OPPS0.70A320-232N.E. Afghanistan to Peshawar, Pakistan in iFDG A320
 2006-08-28Charter0.60MAAM C-47AChitral, Pakistan to NE Afghanistan N37*23.75 E74*38.06 site surveying
 2006-08-27CharterOIIG-OIHR0.50C-130 422SQTehran,Iran,Ghale Morghi to Arak,Iran over salt lake called MeiQan Desert to land Rwy26
 2006-08-27CharterOIIG-OINN0.50C-130Tehran to Moshar, Caspian Sea
 2006-08-27CharterOIII-ORBS2.10EV A320 Gulf AirTehran to Baghdad
 2006-08-25CharterOAKB-OPCH0.60C-130Kabul, Afghanistan to Chitral
 2006-08-24CharterOPPS-OAJL0.60A320-232Peshawar, Pakistan to Jalalabad, Afganistan via the Khyber Pass
 2006-08-24CharterOPPS-OAJL0.50HC412Khyber Pass in HoverControl HC-412 helo; Yohann Baptiste's LOD9 Mesh
 2006-08-23CharterOITT-OIII0.70A320-232Tabriz, Iran to Tehran, repaint
 2006-08-21CharterVTCC-VTCT0.40A320-232Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, Thailand, Evolve AI with iFDG Airbus320-200IAE.airfile. Flight Result: Cool
 2006-08-20CharterVTCC-VYYY0.70iFDG A320-232 BKPChiang Mai, Thailand to Yangon, Myanmar, Mingaladon Airport IFR RW/WX
 2006-08-19CharterVTCC-VTBD1.20iFDG A320Chiang Mai to Bangkok iFDG/Mitchell panel, fuse-textures converted to DXT3
 2006-08-19CharterVTCC-VTCH0.50iFDG A320IAE BKPChiang Mai, Thailand to Mae Hong Son
 2006-08-18CharterVTBD-VTCC1.10Posky B744Bangkok, Thailand to Chiang Mai
 2006-08-17CharterKLXV-2CO90.40L-410E manx2.comLake County to Silver Heels
 2006-08-15CharterCYQQ-CZBH0.70L-410EComox to Bull Harbour (EZ) strip
 2006-08-15CharterCBX7-CYXJ0.75Fanda DHC8Tumbler Ridge to Fort St. John RW/WX lightning show
 2006-08-14CharterOIII-ORBI2.20L-410E Silver AirIFR RW/WX Mehrabad Intl. Tehran, Iran to Baghdad Intl. Baghdad, Iraq, Flight Result: A Blast
 2006-08-13CharterOIII-OAKN1.10Posky B744Mehrabad, Tehran, Iran to Kandahar, Afghanistan
 2006-08-12CharterEGLL-LFPG0.90Boeing 747Night IFR Heathrow to Charles De Gaulle, landed on 9R over La Tour Eiffel and The Grande Arche de la Fraternité Flight Result: Cool
 2006-08-11CharterKLXV-KCOS0.60L-410-ELeadville, CO to Colorado Springs VFR 17.5k (flew by Pikes Peak 14,101 ft.)
 2006-08-11CharterKPSP-KGCN1.10L-410-EPalm Srings, CA to Grand Canyon, AZ VFR 11.5k via Peach Springs (scenic route)
 2006-08-10CharterKLXV-KAPA0.70L-410 TurboletLeadville, CO to Denver, Colorado, United States (grabbed a cab to Castle Rock)
 2006-08-08CharterCYAZ-CYQQ0.60L-410 manx2.comTofino to Comox, BC VFR RW/WX 7.5k
 2006-08-07CharterEGNH-EGAC0.90L-410Flying for with stops at EGNM and EGAA
 2006-08-06CharterMDPP-MTPP0.50L-410Puerto Plata to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
 2006-08-04CharterCAF4-CAG40.40Sacato TBM700Tsuniah to Twin Lakes (how come there is two lakes?)
 2006-08-04CharterCYXS-CAW30.60Socata TBM700APrince George, BC to Scum Lake VFR 9.5k RW/WX Flight Result: Scummy
 2006-08-03CharterGCLA-GCHI0.50TBM700 SocotaCanaries, La Palma to Hierro at 15k. Flight Result: Beautiful!
 2006-08-03CharterCYPW-CAG40.60Socota TBM700Powell River, BC to Twin Lakes, VFR at 10.5k
 2006-08-02CharterGCLA-GCXO0.80TBM700APROJECT CANARIAS scenery La Palma to Tenerife
 2006-08-01CharterLKPR-EDDF0.80B734 AFLPrague, Ruzyne to Frankfurt, Main, IFR RW/WX Flight Result: Perfect
 2006-07-23CharterKMVY-KHYA0.50DC6 MainlinerMartha's Vineyard to Hyannis, MA
 2006-07-21CharterKCDW-KMVY0.90F1 ATR72-500Caldwell, NJ to Martha's Vineyard, MA [details]
 2006-07-20CharterKDAL-KDFW0.80EC-135(KD01-KD02)Flight result: Perfect
 2006-07-20CharterKRDG-KCDW0.80MAAM C-47AReading, PA to Caldwell, NJ Flight Result: Perfect
 2006-07-20CharterKCDW-KEWR0.40EC-135Caldwell to Newark Liberty Intl.
 2006-07-17CharterCYHZ-CYYG0.70F1 ATR72-500Halifax, NS to Charlottetown, PEI
 2006-07-12CharterMMAA-MMPR1.10B734General Juan N Alvarez Intl to Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Intl
 2006-07-12CharterCAF2-PANT1.20Fanda DHC-8-300Bella Bella Campbell to Annette, AK
 2006-07-12CharterMMPS-MMAA0.50Airbus A320-232Puerto Escondido Intl to General Juan N\'Alvarez Intl., Mexico (170nm)
 2006-07-10CharterKRDG-KDCA0.90MAAM C-47Flight testing latest MAAM D-Day c47_at_9.ZIP upgrade
 2006-07-10Charter6AK-PAFL0.90Cessna 208B Grand CaravanThru Rainy Pass and down the Dalziel to Rohn
 2006-07-08CharterCBX7-CYCQ0.50Fanda DHC8-Q300Tumbler Ridge to Chetwynd, BC
 2006-07-08CharterCBX7-CYXJ0.50Fanda DHC8-Q300Tumbler Ridge to Fort St. John, BC
 2006-07-04CharterCBX7-CYCQ0.70HS.748Tumbler Ridge, BC to Chetwynd, checking out Moberly Lake for Martin Mars' water pickup
 2006-07-03CharterCYAZ-CBX71.90DC6B MainlinerTofino to Tumbler Ridge, BC
 2006-07-03CharterCYXJ-CYNH0.50F1 PA46-500Fort St. John to Hudson's Hope, BC
 2006-07-01CharterCYPR-CAF20.90F1-ATR72-500Prince Rupert via Inside Passsge to Bella Bella Campbell
 2006-06-30CharterCYXJ-CYNH0.50TMB700Ft. St. John to Hudson's Hope, BC
 2006-06-29205Vancouver Intl - Victoria
0.50MAAM R4DNightflight
 2006-06-27205Vancouver Intl - Victoria
 2006-06-26CharterPANC-PAMC0.90HS.748Anchorage, aK to McGrath
 2006-06-26CharterCAM3-CYYJ0.50HS.748Duncan, BC to Victoria
 2006-06-21CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.50Mooney Bravo
 2006-06-21CharterCYYJ-CYCD0.50MAAM R4D
 2006-06-11CharterW04-KBFI0.70D18SOcean Shores, WA to Boeing, Seattle, nightflight
 2006-06-09CharterCZST-CYPR0.70TBM700AStewart, BC to Prince Rupert
 2006-06-08CharterEZGR-EZTS0.50HS.748Gold River, Vancouver Island to Tahsis (RW/WX Offline)
 2006-06-07CharterCYZT-EZGR0.90MAAM R4DPort Hardy to Gold River, Vancouver Island
 2006-06-06CharterCYBL-CYZT0.70Fanda DHC8-Q311Campbell River to Port Hardy Rwy11
 2006-06-05CharterCZST-CZST0.40Bell206BLocal Stewart,BC/Hyder,AK. Patching up with Apron Polygon using Ultimate Terrain. Its so beautiful up here we dont want to leave.
 2006-06-04CharterPAGY-CFA41.10Bell206Local Skagway-Dyea over the Chilcoot Pass to Carcross, BC
 2006-06-04CharterPAGY-CYQH1.10HS.748Skagway, AK to Watson Lake, BC (both engines)Flight result: Perfect
 2006-06-04CharterCBQ8-CZST0.70HS.748Woodcock, BC to Stewart; VFR over Alice Arm, Observatory Inlet and up Pearse Inlet Rwy36
 2006-06-03CharterCYSQ-PAGY0.60MAAM DC-3Atlin, BC to Skagway, AK over the top at 10.5k and down into White Pass (dive, dive, dive) Rwy19 RW/WX
 2006-06-02CharterEZCR-EZCR0.60Douglas DC-3Checking my Cassiar airport location with Goodle-Earth: N59*16.37 W129*48.21 3598'
 2006-06-02CharterEZCR-CYZW0.75TBM700A SocataCassiar, BC to Teslin, YT, VFR 10.5k RW/WX
 2006-06-02CharterCYPR-PAJN1.60DC6B MainlinerPrince Rupert to Juneau, AK with TrafficToolbox Assigned AI flightplan.PLN to DHC8-100 Flight Result: Lotsa fun.
 2006-06-02CharterCYZW-CYSQ0.60TBM700ATeslin, BC to Atlin
 2006-06-01CharterEZCR-CYDL0.70Bell 206Cassiar, BC (EZ-Scenery version) to Dease Lake
 2006-05-31CharterCYDL-CBU20.50TBM700A SocataDease Lake roundtrip to Iskut Village, BC
 2006-05-31CharterCBF8-CBU20.90Sikorsky VS-44_FlyingboatMuncho Lake (water) to Iskut Village (wheels)
 2006-05-30CharterCYDL-CBM50.40F1 ATR72-500Dease Lake, BC to Telegraph Crk
 2006-05-30CharterCFY5-CYDL0.70F1 ATR72-500Pine Lake, YT south to Dease Lake, BC
 2006-05-29CharterCYDL-PAWG0.90HS.748Dease Lake, BC to Wrangell, Alaska, with a stop in Telegraph, BC, CBM5
 2006-05-29CharterPAWG-CBM50.75HS.748Wrangell, AK up the Stikine to Telegraph Crk, BC
 2006-05-28CharterCBF8-CBF80.80Sikorsky VS-44 FlyingboatMuncho Lake Prov Park, BC up to Crowe Lake, YT and return in Sikorsky VS-44 Flyingboat with AI floatplane traffic
 2006-05-27CharterCYXJ-CYYE1.20DHC8-400Fort St.John to Fort Nelson, BC, RW/WX IFR 24k. ILS 03
 2006-05-27CharterCYQH-CYYE1.00DHC8-300Watson Lake, YT to Fort Nelson, BC
 2006-05-26CharterCBX7-CYXJ0.75DHC8-400Tumbler Ridge, BC to Fort St. John
 2006-05-25CharterCYJM-CBX70.90DC6B MainlinerFort St. James to Tumbler Ridge, BC, RW/WX lightning Flight Results: Electrifying
 2006-05-24CharterCYXT-CYPR0.70F1 ATR72-500Terrace to Prince Rupert, IFR RW/WX 10k ILS13
 2006-05-24CharterCBQ8-CYJM1.00HS.748Woodcock, BC to Fort St. James
 2006-05-23CharterCYZT-CYBL0.40HS.748Port Hardy to Campbell River, Vancouver Island,BC
 2006-05-23CharterCYZT-CZBH0.60HS.748Port Hardy to Bull Harbour over-fly and return
 2006-05-23CharterCBQ8-CYXS0.90HS.748Woodcock, BC to Prince George 9500'
 2006-05-22CharterCYXS-CYYD1.10HS.748Prince George to Smithers, BC
 2006-05-21CharterABCD-ABCG1.70MiscLogging the last 4 flights, forgot to log them and note where they were flown.
 2006-05-18CharterCYXT-CYYD0.80MAAM CD-3 CPASightseeing flight in vintage Canadian Pacific DC-3 Terrace, BC up the valley 4500' over Woodcock(CBQ8) to Smithers, BC
 2006-05-17CharterCYVR-CYYJ0.50MAAM R4DGood to see Canadian Pacific Airlines DC-3 flying the Victoria-Vancouver route again
 2006-05-16CharterEDDF-EDDF0.30S-61NViewing Frankfurts tallest buildings in European Union: Commerzbank Tower, Fair Tower, etc.
 2006-05-16CharterEDDS-EDDF0.70HS.748Stuttgart, Germany to Frankfurt RW/WX
 2006-05-16CharterCYZT-CYZT0.50HS.748Testing edited HS.748 panel with C208 radiostack, NAV/GPS switch and Avionics Switch added
 2006-05-16CharterCYZT-CYNH1.50HS.748Port Hardy to Hudson's Hope, British Columbia RW/WX
 2006-05-15CharterEDDL-EDDT0.60Learjet 45Carrying on from Dusseldorf to Berlin, Tegal Rwy08R behind Lufthansa Flt.260(BA46)
 2006-05-15CharterEDDM-EDDS0.60DC-6B MainlinerMunich, Germany to Stuttgart RW/WX lighting Flight Result: Electifying
 2006-05-14CharterEDDL-EDDT0.70B734Tracking some UT AI new assignments on Germania(ST) and Eurowings(LH) routes: Dusseldorf to Berlin, Tegel
 2006-05-13CharterEDDT-EDDC0.60B734Berlin, Germany to Dresden
 2006-05-12CharterEDDM-EDDH1.10B736Munich, Germany to Hamburg,RW/WX 24020G40KT, pouring rain,landed Finkenwerder EDHI Rwy5 by mistake, Pax had to be bussed to EDDH. Crew flew in EC-135
 2006-05-12CharterLake-Lake0.75VS-44 FlyingboatSprague,WA,Williams Lake to Sandpoint,Lake Pend Oreille,ID
 2006-05-12CharterEDDB-EDDT0.70HC-412Berlin, GR sightseeing Schonefeld, Templehof, Tegal touch-and-goes
 2006-05-10CharterYMML-YSSY1.50Boeing 737-200
 2006-05-09CharterEZZB-EZZB0.30ErcoupeLocal Zabellos (EZ-Scenery) in FS2k2 Alon Ercoupe. Flew o.k. sans prop!
 2006-05-09CharterKSZT-KSZT0.40ErcoupeSandpoint, Idaho local drying paint on Alon Ercoupe
 2006-05-08CharterCYZT-KGEG1.40VS44Port Hardy Harbour to Spokane IFR 13k RW/WX Sikorsky Flyingboat
 2006-05-07CharterHBRG-INS50.40VS44Holberg Floatplane Base to Port Hardy Harbour BC Ferry Dock Flight Results: Excambrian
 2006-05-05CharterCYNH-CYZY0.90MAAM R4DHudson's Hope, BC, over Williston Lake-Parsnip Reach to Mackenzie, BC
 2006-05-03CharterCYNH-CYXJ0.60MAAM R4DHudson's Hope, BC to Fort St. John RW/WX Rwy20
 2006-05-02CharterCBX7-CYJM1.00F1 PA46-500Tumbler Ridge, BC to Fort St. James
 2006-05-01CharterCYNH-CYCQ1.10MAAM R4DHudson's Hope, BC to Chetwynd and return over Bennett Dam
 2006-05-01CharterCYQC-CYDQ1.40Bell206Chetwynd BC to Dawson Crk to Hudson's Hope and out to the Bennett Dam
 2006-05-01CharterCYCQ-CBX70.40Mooney BravoChetwynd, BC to Tumbler Ridge VFR RW/WX
 2006-04-30CharterCYPC-CYUB1.10SH3-60Paulatuk, NT to Tuktoyaktuk, NT, RW/WX-offline
 2006-04-30CharterCYYE-CYNH0.90MAAM R4DFt. Nelson, BC to Hudson's Hope
 2006-04-29CharterCYOC-PAEA1.50Beechcraft 18Old Crow to Eagle, AK on the Yukon Rvr RW/WX VFR 9.5K
 2006-04-28CharterCYOC-CYKD1.20Dehavilland Super OtterIFR Old Crow over Porcupine Rvr and Richardson Range at 9k to Aklavik RW/WX Clear
 2006-04-27CharterPAGY-PAGY0.60Dehavilland BeaverSkagway to Vanderbilt Reef Light in Lynn Channel and return at 200' RW/WX pouring rain.
 2006-04-27CharterPAGY-PAGY0.80Dehavilland BeaverTracking my AI Cruiseships in Lynn Canal
 2006-04-26CharterNZIR-NZIR0.80C-130Annoying myself by flying in FS9 Antarctica McMurdo Station. Flight result: Blah!
 2006-04-26CharterCYEG-CYQR1.40B736Deadmonton to Regina WestJet 31k
 2006-04-25CharterVTCC-VTCH0.70F1 PA46-500 MeridianChaing Mai to Hongson, Thailand VFR RW/WX 10.5k
 2006-04-21CharterHRBG-CYZT0.75Grumman GooseHolberg Inlet floatplanebase to Port Hardy Harbour (ferrydock) to Bull Harbour
 2006-04-21CharterHBRG-MTM1.62Grumman GooseHolberg Inlet floatplanebase to Metlakatla, AK, floatplane base following some AI DHC6 Sea Otters
 2006-04-20CharterCYPR-HART0.40Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianFly the Premier and David Hahn into Hartley Bay from Prince Rupert floatplane base at 500' up Grenville Channel RW/WX 10sm viz
 2006-04-20CharterCYXY-CYPR1.30737 ExperienceWhitehorse to Prince Rupert IFR RW/WX
 2006-04-19CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.50B737 ExperienceTEstflight B737-7-- Experience by Moach SeaTac to Victoria
 2006-04-18CharterCAP3-CBS80.90HS.748Roundtrip Sechelt to Port Alberni over Beaufort Range
 2006-04-18CharterCAP3-CBS80.40Cessna 208B Grand CaravanEscorting AI traffic from Sechelt to Port Alberni Regional
 2006-04-17CharterCYZT-CYAZ0.90HS.748Port Hardy to Tofino at 9.5k Flameout STRBD engine- no restart RTFM!
 2006-04-17CharterCYZT-CYPR1.60HS.748Port Hardy to Prince Rupert over the Inside Passage
 2006-04-17CharterCBS8-CBS80.60EC-135Fly up to Mt. Irwin crash site form Alberni Airport
 2006-04-16CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.60HS.748Testflight Ricks Hawker with Rolls Dart engines in Emerald Airways skin
 2006-04-15CharterKRDU-KIGX0.50EC-135Durham, NC to Horace Williams Airport, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
 2006-04-15CharterCZBH-CAR31.10Cessna 208B Grand CaravanFollowing my HTAI C208B-cp from Bull Harbour to Lillooet
 2006-04-15CharterCZBH-CAR31.90Cessna 208B Grand CaravanBull Harbour to Lillooet, RW/WX IFR 11.5k
 2006-04-15CharterCAR3-CAR31.10HC-412Lillooet to Bralorne Mine over Anderson Lake
 2006-04-13CharterEZPM-PAMC1.00MAAM R4DRW/WX VFR Poorman, Alaska to McGrath checking the Sperry autopilot (still)
 2006-04-13CharterPAMC-EZPM1.00MAAM DC-3McGrath to Poorman, Alaska using the SPERRY
 2006-04-13CharterKFFZ-KPHX0.80EC-135Mesa, Falcon to Phoenix, SkyHarbor, night, desert heat 86Deg F. at 0400Zulu
 2006-04-12CharterCYXT-CYPR0.75F1\IFR, RW/WX, Terrace, British Columbia, Canada to Prince Rupert
 2006-04-12CharterEZPM-PARY0.50MAAM R4DPoorman Airport, Alaska to Ruby checking out the Sperry autopilot
 2006-04-11CharterLLKA-LLOV1.70F1 ATR72-500Haifa to Jerusalem to Ovda via Petra N30*18.42 E35*27.43 sightseeing. F1-ATR72-500 SP3.0
 2006-04-11CharterLLOV-ZI7F0.70EC-135Ovda to Highway Strip and return following mountain pass
 2006-04-08CharterCYPR-CAF21.40MAAM R4DPrince Rupert to Bella,Campbell, VFR/RW/WX rain, 1000' tracking InsidePassageSouth.PLN missed all Ultimate Terrain's granite cumulus. Saw 3-masted brigantine. Cool.
 2006-04-07CharterCYPR-CYPR1.10Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianSightseeing at Prince Rupert: AI Digby Island Ferry and AI cruiseships
 2006-04-07CharterCYPR-INS50.90Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianPrince Rupert south via Inside Passage to Kxngeal Inlet return to Digby Isl. Ferry Dock (INS5) Checking out the AI traffic: ships, planes and automobiles
 2006-04-06CharterCYPR-CYJQ1.00DC6-BPrince Rupert to Bella Bella Denny IFR over the Inside Passage at 5900'
 2006-04-04CharterINS4-CYPR0.80Aviat Husky A1-B AmphibianFlying with my AI floatplanes outta Prince Rupert Floatplane Base (INS4)
 2006-04-03CharterCYPR-PANT0.60Mooney BravoPrince Rupert to Annette Island
 2006-04-02CharterCYPR-CAF20.90DC6BPrince Rupert to Bella Bella
 2006-04-01Charter0.90Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianTracking my Inside Passage AI cruise ships from Fitz Hugh Sound to Port Hardy Harbour
 2006-04-01Charter1.30S-61NTracking AI Ships thru Seaforth Channel and Lama Channel at Bella Bella, BC, SS_Amsterdam and Le_France
 2006-03-30CharterCYPR-CYZT1.90Mooney BravoPrince Rupert to Port Hardy follow the Inside Passage. RW/WX 171/10kts
 2006-03-30CharterHART-HART0.70S-61NTracking AI-ship Holland America Amsterdam from Princess Royal Channel to Grenville Channel
 2006-03-28CharterGitg-et-CBW20.60HC412Hartley Bay (Gitga-et)over Gamble Lake then up Douglas Channel to Kitimat Mission, over to the Alcan Plant helopad then to Kitimat Airport.
 2006-03-28CharterHartley-Wright0.50HC412Hartley helopad to Wright Sound near Gill Island and back checking ships in lanes
 2006-03-27CharterCYPR-CYZT1.40MAAM R4DPrince Pupert to Port Hardy via the Inside Passage at 1500' doing the dipsydoodle RW/WX, VFR
 2006-03-27CharterCYPR-CYZT1.30DC6D MainlinerPrince Rupert to Port Hardy adjusting *.PLN to track Inside Passage channel better RW/WX VFR 3500ft Twilight: Absolutely Beautiful!
 2006-03-26CharterCAF2-Hartley1.00MAAM XC-47C FloatsBella Bella, Campbell to Hartley Bay via Inside Passage 2500' VFR, Finlayson Channel; Princess Royal Channel; Douglas Channel
 2006-03-26CharterCYZT-CYPR1.10Super Otter FloatsPort Hardy via the Inside Passage to Prince Rupert at 2500'
 2006-03-25CharterHartley-CBW20.70HC-412Hartley Bay to Gill Island (N53*19.10 W129*14.02) to Kitimat, BC
 2006-03-24CharterCBW2-Hartley0.70Grumman GooseKemano, BC down Douglas Channel to Hartley Bay to pick up survivors from Queen of the North.
 2006-03-22CharterS10-S100.50SailplaneSoaring from Chelan to Winfield
 2006-03-22CharterCYXX-CYYJ1.40Mooney BravoNightflight Abbotsford to Victoria
 2006-03-21CharterCAM3-CYXX0.80HC-412Duncan to Clearbrook Park, Abbotsford, BC
 2006-03-16CharterEZPM-AK400.75MAAM R4DPoorman, Alaska to the old Nixon Fork Mine strip Flight result: cool -14C. RW/WX CAVU
 2006-03-16CharterCYGK-CYGK0.50RR DC-3Getting checked out on the Radio Range DC-3 outta Kingston, ON
 2006-03-15CharterPAFA-PAOM1.90B734Flying dignitaries IFR RW/WX Fairbanks to Nome for Iditarod Finish; Jeff King wins with 12 dogs; Doug Swingley 2nd with 10 dogs; Flight result: sunny & cold PAFA 151653Z 01004KT 10SM FEW180 M28/M33
 2006-03-14CharterEZPM-Z480.70MAAM DC-3Poorman Airport, Cripple, Alaska to Colorado Crk but couldn\'t land because Ultimate Terrain placed it in a hole! Landed at Bear Crick
 2006-03-13CharterKAL-PANK0.70MAAM DC-3Kaltag to Unalakleet, picking up two of Doug Swingley\'s dogs; both lead mushers are down to 13 dogs; Day 9 mushers are outta Shaktoolik; DeeDee Jonrowe(woman) is third with 12 dogs. Winner will be in Nome tomorrow!
 2006-03-13CharterPAUN-PAOM1.20MAAM DC-3Fly two of Doug Swingley's dogs to Nome. Jeff King leads Iditarod at Koyuk with 13 dogs. RW/WX 07013KT 7SM OVC042 M09/M12
 2006-03-13CharterPAOM-PANC1.40A320-111Nome to Anchorage FL230
 2006-03-12CharterNUL-KAL0.60MAAM DC-3Nulato to Kaltag, Jeff King still leads but down to 13 dogs. RW/WX -19C.
 2006-03-12CharterKAL-PARY0.70MAAM DC-3Fly two of Jeff King's Dogs from Kaltag to Ruby to catch the commercial back to Anchorage. RW/WX -12C. wind 08020G30kts Flight result: Lotsa fun
 2006-03-12CharterPAGA-1KC1.10Bell206BGalena to Kalakaket Creek, watching my AI helos land on the new 70ft-long runway Flight result: Cool
 2006-03-11CharterPAGA-PANU0.40Cessna 208B Grand CaravanKeeping ahead of Jeff King's team as they leave Galina for Nulato along the Yukon R. PAGA 111655Z AUTO 34007KT 10SM CLR M32/M36 Flight result: colder-than-blazes!
 2006-03-10CharterPARY-PAGA1.60MAAM DC-3Day-six Iditarod, Paul Gebhardt's team arrives Ruby, AK; shuttling men & supplies between Galina, on the Yukon Rvr. Flight results: Cold -25C.
 2006-03-10CharterPAGA-PARY1.70S-61 SikorskyFlying beside S-61 AI model by Holger Sandemann & Jon Patch. Flies good.
 2006-03-09CharterEZPM-Z170.80DHC6 TwotterScudrun from Poorman Airport,(Cripple, AK) to Ophir RW/WX; Ophir checkpoint B206B
 2006-03-09CharterCRPL-EZPM2.20Bell206BEscorting my AI helos between Cripple Checkpoint and Poorman Airport (Poorman can be seen from GoogleEarth) N63*6.14 W155*54.19
 2006-03-09CharterEZPM-PARY0.70MAAM DC-3(Old) Poorman Airport to Ruby early morning RW/WX cold and severe clear Flight result: Beautiful!
 2006-03-08CharterPAMC-TCT0.60Cessna 208B Grand CaravanMcGrath, Alaska to Tatolina(TLJ) to Tocotna to fly lead-musher, Doug Swingley's dog out; Swingley will continue with 15dogs. Alaskan RW/WX sunny and cold -16C.
 2006-03-08CharterTCT-PARY1.20PA46-500Tocotna to Ruby with a stop in Bear Crk Z48 Mushers left Ophir already headed for the Yukon River
 2006-03-08CharterPARY-PAGA0.60Bell206BRuby to Galena down the Yukon R. looking for Ruby Checkpoint(didn't find it).
 2006-03-06CharterPASW-6AK0.40Cessna 337Skwentna to Rainy Pass with veterinarian to check Lance Mackey's, 16 dogs who are first-day leaders of The Last Great Race.
 2006-03-06Charter6AK-FingerChekPoint0.40Ec-135Couldn't land at Finger Chekpoint due to RW/WX fog; flew up from Rainy in the Eurocopter helo N61*59.09 W152*39.97
 2006-03-06CharterPASW-PAMR1.20Ec-135Skwentna to Merrill Fld, and hover over 4th and D Streets, Anchorage, Alaska - Official Starting point for Iditarod Trail Race. Whiteknuckle thru RW/WX snowfall. Cool.
 2006-03-05CharterPAUO-PAWS0.50Cessna 208B Grand CaravanIditarod restart was moved to Wasilla; move race equipment from Willow; next checkpoint is Knik (A89)
 2006-03-05CharterPAWS-PASW0.90Cessna 182RGWasilla, Alaska to Skwentna with stops at Satterburg 13AK & Deschka Lndg 3AK1
 2006-03-04CharterPAAQ-PAUO1.40Ec-135Palmer, Alaska to Lawrence|55AK| to Willow; ready for tomorrow's Iditarod Restart
 2006-03-03CharterPAAQ-1AK70.80Cessna 172Skudrunning RW/WX between Palmer,AK, Bold L.|A13|, Hardee |1AK7|(Eagle River Checkpoint) Checking everything for Sunday's Iditarod Sled Dog Race start.
 2006-03-03Charter47AK-Z410.40Ec-135Eagle Checkpoint to Lake Hood Strip Airport, Alaska, loaded with mushers' supplies
 2006-03-02Charter8KA-6AK0.40DHC6 SKITatitna|8KA|(Rohn) whiteknuckle thru Rainy Pass to Puntilla Lake(Rainy Pass)6AK; RW/WX marginal VFR Flight results: scary
 2006-03-02Charter6AK-PANC0.90DHC6 SKIPuntilla Lake, VFR to Beluga|BLG| to Anchorage 6R
 2006-03-01CharterPAMC-5NI1.70DHC6 SkisNicolai to McGrath and return; then back to Rohn Creek (8AK) Shuttling volunteers for Sunday's start of Iditarod 2006 --
 2006-02-28Charter8KA-5N10.90Cessna 208B Grand CaravanIditarod Trail flying mushers Rohn to Nicolai with a stopoff at Farewell, PAFW Alaska
 2006-02-27CharterEDDF-CYVR2.40B742-236BBringing Sam Sullivan & Cindy Klassen and all the Gold Medals home to Vancouver from Farnkfurt Main
 2006-02-26CharterLIMF-EDDF1.00B734Torino games are over; heading home: Torino to Frankfurt Main
 2006-02-25CharterSESTR-SESTR1.10MI-24V Mil-HeloGold Medal Canadian Curlers from rink at Pinerolo, Italy N44*52.7 E7*19.7 to Sestriere hotel helopads and return. IFR-I Follow Roads
 2006-02-25CharterPAHN-CYHT1.10MAAM DC-3Haines Alaska to Haines Junction, Yukon, VFR up the valley at 8500' RW/WX marginal some snow
 2006-02-25CharterCYHT-CYHT1.00Bell206BPlane spotting at Frank Betts' Haines Junction, YT; Substitute default DC-3 for CalClassic model
 2006-02-25CharterPANC-ROHN1.20DHC6 Ski OtterAnchorage to Rohn Roadhouse checking out the Iditarod Trail; flew Rainy Pass at 4500'
 2006-02-24CharterSCRM-SCRM0.90Bell206BTeniente R Marsh Martin, Isla Rey Jorge, Antarctica -- cooling my heels.
 2006-02-24CharterSAWH-SCRM1.40C-130JCooling my heels from Ushuaia, Argentine to Marsh, Chili, Antarctica
 2006-02-23CharterLIMA-LIBX0.60MAAM R4DTorino, Aeritalia to Bardonecchia 3000' airstrip; used every inch . . .
 2006-02-23CharterLFNC-LIBX0.60PA46-500St. Crepin, France to Bardonecchia, Italy AF2_airstrip/EZ-Scenery objects
 2006-02-22CharterCYGK-CYGK0.40EC-135Checking out my California Classic DC3 AI traffic repaints at Kingston, ON, Canada
 2006-02-22CharterKSFO-KSCK0.50DC-3Tracking my CC AI from San Francisco to Stockton, CA Flight result: Perfect
 2006-02-22CharterLIMF-LIBX2.40EC-135Torino, Sestriere and Bardonecchia -- site of Slalom Olympic 2006 competitions. Built an EZ-S airport there.
 2006-02-21CharterSESTR-SESTR0.60EC-135Dropping skiers atop Monte Sises from Sestriere hotel chopperpads N44*58 E6*51
 2006-02-21CharterSESTR-LIMA1.40EC-135Sestriere, Italy to Torino, Aeritalia sighseeing found another chopper-pad
 2006-02-20CharterLIMF-LIMF0.70EC-135 EurocopterSightseeing in Torino and planespotting at Caselle with Ultimate Traffic's PalmSpotter. Noticed we need some Air One repaints.
 2006-02-20CharterSESTR-SESTR0.80Bell206BHotel hopping (rooftop helipads, that is) in addon Sestriere, Italy scenery. Added other chopperpads with EZ-S
 2006-02-20CharterLFPO-LIMF0.90B747-236BParis, Orly France to Torino, Caselle, Italy
 2006-02-20Charter0.70EC-135 EurocopterSestriere Hotel rooftop to Torino checking out autopilot
 2006-02-20CharterSESTR-SESTR0.50EC-135 EurocopterHotel hopping in Sestriere, Italy
 2006-02-19CharterLIMA-LIMF0.50Ec135P2 EAarocopterSightseeing in Turin: piazza Vittorio Veneto; ponte Vittorio Emanuele and the Basilica plus Olympic 2006 venues addon scenery
 2006-02-19CharterLIMF-SESTR1.10Ec135P2 EaerocopterSightseeing Torino and heli-skiing Sestriere RW/WX snowing
 2006-02-18CharterLIRA-LIMA0.90B737-600Roma, Ciampino to Torino, Aeritalia IFR 30k RW/WX 261/64kts Rwy28L overran the 2800' runway
 2006-02-18CharterLOWI-LIMF0.90B737-8ASInnsbruck, Austria to Torino, Caselle IFR FL260 RW/WX winds 50kts+ at Caselle ILS-36
 2006-02-17CharterLIMF-LFNA1.40HC-412Torino, Caselle, Italy to Sestriere skislopes then onto Talard, France. Placed an EZ-S lodge atop Monte Sises N44*56 E6*53
 2006-02-17CharterLFPO-LFMT1.20B747-236BParis, Orly to Montpellier, France
 2006-02-17CharterLIMA-SESTR1.30HC-412Checking out the new Torino, Aeritalia,(LIMA) Sestriere and Monte Sises scenery for Italy
 2006-02-16CharterLIMG-LIMF0.80DC-6B Mainliner2006 Winter Olympics: Albenga, Italy, to Torino, Caselle, Italy IFR at 8k; RW/WX, LIMF viz.1/2mile Flight result: Perfect
 2006-02-16CharterLIMF-LFNC0.90HC-412Flying Canadian 2006 Winter Olympic competitors from Torino, Caselle, Italy to Sestriere, Skislopes N44.57 E06.52
 2006-02-15CharterLSGS-LIMF0.90MAAM R4DSion, Switzerland to Torino, Caselle VFR over the Alps at 15.5k; RW/WX was too crappy to enjoy the view
 2006-02-15CharterLSGS-LIMF1.00MAAM R4D2006 Winter Olympics: Sion, Switzerland to Torino, Caselle, Italy IFR over the Alps at 17k; RW/WX, LIMFviz. 3/4mile Flight result: Perfect
 2006-02-15CharterLIDT-LIMF1.10Dehavilland Dash-72006 Winter Olympics: Matterello, Italy, to Torino, Caselle, Italy IFR at 10k; RW/WX, LIMFviz. 3/4mile Flight result: Perfect
 2006-02-14CharterLFMT-LIMF1.25ATR72-500Mediterranee, Montpellier, France to Caselle, Torino Italy
 2006-02-13CharterLIMJ-LIMF0.75PA46-500Genoa (Sestri), Italy to Torino (Turin) Caselle
 2006-02-13CharterLIMA-LIMA0.50Bell206BTorino (Aeritalia) local after adding EZ-S objects
 2006-02-10CharterCYCD-CYAZ0.75PA46-500Nanaimo to Tofino, VFR in F1's Meridian
 2006-02-09CharterEZTS-EZML0.60TBM700 (Socata)EZ-Scenery Tahsis, Vancouver Island to EZ-S Malcolm Island, BC
 2006-02-09CharterEZTS-CZBH0.60TBM700AEZ-S Tahsis, Vancouver Island to EZ-S Bull Harbour, Hope Island, BC
 2006-02-09CharterEZTS-CYYJ0.90TBM700AVFR, Tahsis to Victoria, 11.5k RW/WX
 2006-02-08CharterEZTS-EZGR0.60Socata 700Tahsis to Gold River, Vancouver Island
 2006-02-08CharterEZGR-EZZB0.90Socata700Gold River to Woss to Zeballos, BC
 2006-02-06CharterEZST-EZZB1.20HC-412Tahsis Airport, Vancouver Island to Woss to Zeballos Airport
 2006-02-05CharterEZGR-EZTS1.20Bell206Site-survey and preparation for EZ=Scenery Tahsis Airport
 2006-02-05CharterMUCR-MUCB0.50Dehavilland Dash-7Grand Cayman to Cayman Brac RW/WX
 2006-02-04CharterMUCU-MKJS1.50DeHavilland Dash7San Diego de Cuba to MoBay, Jamaica
 2006-02-03CharterMUVR-MUGM1.70DHC8-Q400Varadero, Cuba to Guantanamo Bay, Leaward AFB Base
 2006-02-02CharterKMIA-MUHA0.80Boeing 737-800Miami to Havana 200nm RW/WX 220/50kts
 2006-02-02CharterMUHA-MYVR0.70DC-6BHavana to Veradero, Cuba
 2006-02-01CharterMUVR-MUHA0.70DC-6BDelivering bar supplies for Veradero, Cuba wedding.
 2006-01-31CharterCYGB-CAT40.70Ford Tri-motorGillies Bay, Texada Island to Qualicum, Vancouver Island RW/WX windstorm 110/40kts, nightflight Flight result: Windy
 2006-01-30CharterCZBH-EZML0.50Grumman GooseBull Harbour, Hope Island to Malcolm Island strip. RW/WX, Flight result: Perfect
 2006-01-30CharterEZML-EZSV0.70Grumman GooseMalcolm Island, BC to Savory Island RW/WX (EZ-Scenery's airstrips)
 2006-01-30CharterCYGB-CYBL1.40C-130JGillies Bay to Campbell River, repeatedly
 2006-01-29CharterCYGB-CYBL0.80MAAM DC-3Island Hopping: Gillies Bay, Texada Island to Savory Island strip to Campbell River, Vancouver Island. Flight result: Perfect
 2006-01-28CharterEZGR-EZML1.00MAAM DC-3Gold River, Vancouver Island to Zeballos to Malcolm Island
 2006-01-26CharterCYBL-CYGB0.50C-130JCampbell River to Gillies Bay, Texada Island
 2006-01-25Charter38W-EZSV1.00MAAM DC-3Lynden, WA to Savory Isl. VFR 8500' RW/WX Flight result: Perfect
 2006-01-24CharterCYAZ-EZZB0.60D18STofino to Zeballos, RW/WX VFR
 2006-01-24CharterEZZB-CAK40.50HC-421Zeballos to Woss by helo
 2006-01-23CharterEZGR-CYBL1.60MAAM DC-3Gold River to Campbell River and return RW/WX, IFR, whiteknuckle
 2006-01-22CharterEZSV-EZGR0.75MAAM DC-3EZ-Senery Savory Isl. to Gold River, Vancouver Island, Realworld WX marginal VFR
 2006-01-20CharterCYPW-EZSV0.90Bell206DFlying material in from Powell River for site-construction of Savory Island airstrip N49*5637 W124*4905
 2006-01-20CharterCYPW-EZSV0.80Cessna 337Powell River-Savory Island strip - repeatedly
 2006-01-19CharterEZZB-CYAZ1.60HC-421Zeballos to Tofino, Wickaninnish Inn, Ahous Bay(Vargas Isl.)N49*1020 W126*0054 landat Tofino
 2006-01-19CharterCAT5-EZML2.20Bell 206DFlatten, exclude and build new airport on Malcolm Island N50*38.80 W126*56.05
 2006-01-19CharterEZML-EZZB0.50MAAM DC-3Malcolm Island to Zeballos, VFR 6500' via Nimpkish & Zeballos Lake
 2006-01-18CharterCYAZ-EZZB2.00MAAM DC-3Tofino to Zabellos via Flores Isl Estevan TahsisInlet TahsisNarrows HecateChannel
 2006-01-18CharterEZZB-EZZB0.80Cessna 208B Grand CaravanZabellos ZabellosLake WossLake WossCAK4 and return at 3000'
 2006-01-18Charter0.60DHC6 Sea OtterZabellos water to Riley Lake, Flores Isl.
 2006-01-17CharterEZGR-EZGR0.70Bell206Site-surveying for new Zeballos Airport N49.59 W126.51 (EZGR is my EZ-Scenery Gold River)
 2006-01-17Charter1.50Bell 206Site preparation for Zabellos Airport. Anyone want some free wood?
 2006-01-16CharterEZGR-CAK40.75DC-3 MAAMEZ-Scenery Gold River to Pete's Woss
 2006-01-16CharterCAK4-CAK41.20MAAM DC-3Flying VFR routes between Gold River and Woss at 2500'
 2006-01-15Charter0.90Aviat Husky A-1BRoberts Lake, Elk R. Butterwort Crk. Donner L. Ucona R. Muchalet Inlet, Vancouver Island (water)
 2006-01-15Charter0.70XC47C (DC-3 Floats)Muchalet Inlet (water)to Buttle Lake to Donner Lake (Strathcona Park) Vancouver Island
 2006-01-14CharterCZBH-CYBL0.90DHC6-300 SeaBull Harbour to Roberts Lake N50*13 W125*32 (water), Vancouver Island
 2006-01-13Charter1.00DHC6-300 Sea OtterCircumnavigate Nootka Island putting into Crawfish & Ewart Lake
 2006-01-13Charter1.00DHC6-300 Sea OtterCrawfish Lake, Nootka Snd, Bligh Isl, Hisnit Inlet, waterlanding Desolation Lake, Tlupana Inlet, Tahsis Inlet, Kendrick Crk waterlanding Crawfish Lake.
 2006-01-13CharterKBOS-KBOS1.25HC-412Flying George Grimshaw's FREE Boston scenery from (30MB)
 2006-01-12CharterCYSE-CYSE0.75DHC6-300 Sea OtterSquamish Hbr. up Squamish R. to Ashlu Cr. ferrying supplies into Phantom Lake in PAD DHC6 floatplane
 2006-01-12Charter0.75DHC6-300 SeaPhantom Lake down the Arm to Sechelt (water)
 2006-01-11CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.75SD-360Circuits at Tofino testing Rick's Shorts-360 aircraft.cfg to mine with Rick's new windows. Cool.
 2006-01-10CharterCZBH-CAT50.50DHC6 SkisKneeboard file: Bull Harbour to Port McNeill; shutdown/restart on to Woss
 2006-01-10CharterCAT5-CAK40.20DHC6 SkiKB File: Port McNeill to Woss RealWX VFR
 2006-01-10CharterCAK4-CYAZ0.50DHC6 SkiAirfiled over Tahsis Inlet; ETA Tofino in ten minutes. Starting descent from 4500'
 2006-01-10CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00XC-47CVancouver Intl. SPB to Phantom Lake return in MAAM-DC3 on floats (XC-46C)
 2006-01-07CharterCAK4-CAT50.75SD3-60Shorts 360 Woss to Port McNeill to Alert Bay
 2006-01-07CharterMYK-KGZ0.75Cessna 208B Grand CaravanMay Creek to Glacier Creek, STOL C208
 2006-01-07CharterKGZ-MYK0.75DHC6 SkiSkiing around Alaska
 2006-01-07CharterCXC-KGZ0.50Cessna 208B Grand CaravanChitina, AK to Glacier Creek, marginal VFR
 2006-01-07CharterCXC-KGZ0.50Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianChitina Alaska to Glacier Creek
 2006-01-05CharterPAKT-CZMT0.50ATR72-500IFR, Ketchikan to Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands
 2006-01-04CharterCYZP-PAKT1.00DHC8-Q400Chisel Charter Airline with fanda panel Sandspit to Ketchikan (seeing if that marmot got any work done!)
 2006-01-03CharterCAE9-CAE92.50HC-421West Coast Trail Patrol, Bamfield, Pachena, Carmanah and Port Renfrew. Airlift hikers and deliver supplies. Realworld WX pouring rain! Flight result: Beautiful!
 2006-01-01CharterCAE9-CAE90.75HC412Fly the Westcoast Trail from Bamfield to Port Renfrew with stops at Pachena Point Light and Carmanah Lighthouse in HoverControl's HC-412. EZ-Scenery's added
 2005-12-30CharterKBFI-CYYJ0.75ATR72-500Boeing King Co. to Victoria
 2005-12-30CharterCYVR-CYYJ0.50ATR72-500Night flight Vancouver to Victoria
 2005-12-26CharterCEX4-CYXC0.75Dehavilland Dash-7Carmacks to Whitehorse, VFR, Realworld WX Flght Result: Something fishy
 2005-12-26CharterCAM3-CAE90.50Grumman GooseDuncan to Bamfield to Port Renfrew
 2005-12-24CharterCYDA-CYXY1.50DC6BDawson, Yukon Terr to Whitehorse (240nm)
 2005-12-23CharterCYXY-PABI2.00Douglas DC-3Whitehorse to Allen AFB, (near Fairbanks)
 2005-12-22CharterKELP-NW641.50DC6El Paso to Gray Ranch, TX
 2005-12-22CharterCYSB-CYEM0.75DC6Sudbury to Manitoulin Island, Ontario
 2005-12-20CharterMMPG-6R61.25TBM700AFollow the Rio Grande to Terrell, County, Dryden, TX
 2005-12-20Charter6R6-KELP1.00Learjet 45Dryden, TX to El Paso westbound on the border
 2005-12-19CharterKBRO-KLRD1.25TBM700AFlying the Rio Grande
 2005-12-19CharterKLRD-MMPG0.75TBM700ANightflight up the Rio Grande
 2005-12-18Charter7WA0-80WA1.00Bell 206DFlying my newest EZ-Scenery creations for Big Andy & Lake Crescent(SFS), WA.
 2005-12-17CharterKASE-KLXV0.50DHC8-Q106Aspen to Leadville with fanda panel in DHC8Q106
 2005-12-16CharterCAY2-CAR32.25HC412Gang Ranch, Echo Valley(CBJ4), Lillooet, BC
 2005-12-15CharterCYBL-CYBL0.50Douglas DC-3Santa's helper: practising present drops
 2005-12-15CharterCYAZ-CAK40.75MAAM DC-3Tofino, British Columbia, Canada, to Woss, BC, Vancouver Island.
 2005-12-14Charter80WA-80WA1.00Cessna 172Rising to the challenge (repeatedly)
 2005-12-13Charter1S0-0S90.75PA28Puyallup to Jefferson, realworld WX marginal VFR, Gunter's Warrior III
 2005-12-13CharterWA69-2S10.75Bell206DChecking my properties on Vashon Island, WA
 2005-12-12Charter1.50MAAM DC-3
 2005-12-11CharterKRWL-KLXV1.50Beech King Air 350
 2005-12-06CharterCZLM-CYNH1.75MAAM DC-3108 to Hudson's Hope, BC
 2005-12-06CharterCYNH-CYXJ0.50MAAM DC-3Hudson's Hope to Ft St. John, BC
 2005-12-04CharterPAJN-PAGS0.50HC412VFR Juneau to Gustavson
 2005-12-03CharterCYCG-CYCG0.50DC-6Putting out fire . . .
 2005-12-02CharterKAPA-KLXV1.25ATR72-500IFR, realworld weather: Castle Rock (Centennial) to visit Dan Porter at Leadville, Colorado.
 2005-12-02CharterFVFA-FVHA1.25Boeing 737-200Following my latest AI repaint. Flight result:Kaleidoscopic
 2005-11-30CharterFVFA-FVHA1.25MAAM DC-3Victoria Falls to Harare, Zimbabwe
 2005-11-29CharterCAF4-CYYC0.50HC412Airdrie to Calgary and return
 2005-11-29CharterCEF4-CAG40.75HC412Tsuniah Lake, Chilco L., Twin Lakes back to Tsuniah Lake
 2005-11-29CharterFVHA-FVFA1.25HC412Harare, Zimbabwe to Victoria Falls
 2005-11-28CharterYBAS-YAYE1.25TBM700AAlice Springs to Ayers Rock drying the paint in the hot, desert sun. Flight result: Dry
 2005-11-28CharterYAYE-YAYE0.50HC412Dropping pax off atop Ayers Rock. Flight result: Nickel's change
 2005-11-28CharterCYXC-S590.75HC412Down the Kootenay R. at 800' to Libby, MT. IFR:I Follow Rivers
 2005-11-28CharterYBTI-YPDN0.75TBM700ABathurst Island to Darwin, AU
 2005-11-27CharterYBAS-YBAS0.75TBM700ACheckride in Socata 700A, Alice Springs, AU
 2005-11-26CharterCYXC-CYXC1.00HC-412Radio nav in Hovercraft helo
 2005-11-26CharterCAK4-CAK41.00HC-412Testing Woss scenery
 2005-11-26CharterCAK4-CAT50.50HC412Woss to Port McNeill using Antti Pankonnen: Autopilot Gauge. Flight result: Cool
 2005-11-25CharterCYXC-CYXC2.75HC-412Getting checked-out in the Hovercontrol 412. Flight result: Checked-out
 2005-11-24CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.50MCTPlane spotting Victoria
 2005-11-24CharterEGED-EGPA0.50MAAM DC3Eday to Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland
 2005-11-23CharterYBAS-YAYE0.75DHC8-Q106Alice Springs sightseeing Ayers Rock land Ayers Rock Airport. You made a very nice landing. Perfect Flight, no problems and very satisfied passengers. Extremely hot weather conditions (33C.)during approach, but a safe landing and satisfied passengers.
 2005-11-22CharterYMER-YMML1.25DHC8-Q400Mermibula, NSW, Australia to Melbourne, Victoria, Fanda panel.
 2005-11-22CharterCYCD-CYCD0.75PBY5ANamaimo (wheels) to Fourth and Third Lake waterlandings. Testing the updated .air file.
 2005-11-22CharterYPPH-YRTI0.50DHC8-Q106Testflight fanda panel in PAD Q106
 2005-11-21CharterYSSY-YMER1.25MAAM DC-3Sydney to Mermbula, NSW, Australia
 2005-11-20CharterCZGF-69S0.75Douglas DC-3Aerial drop in Christina Lake area then landed at Avey, WA airport (got busted for not notifying customs). Added AF2 parking to 69S and EVP voices.
 2005-11-19CharterCYAL-CZBH0.75MAAM C-47Alert Bay IFR to Bull Harbour, BC, viz. 3/4 mile
 2005-11-19CharterCAK4-CYYJ1.00Beech Baron 58Checking Viva AI traffic at Woss - Victoria
 2005-11-19Charter0.75Grumman GooseOwikeno Lake, Rivers Inlet, BC to Georgie Lake, Vancouver Island
 2005-11-18CharterCYXC-CYXC1.00MAAM DC-3Aerial drops in Wasa/Lazy Lake, BC, area: N49'45 W115'40
 2005-11-17CharterVTCC-VTCC0.50DC6BChecking the latest DME equipment modifications to Mainliner's KM panel at Chiang Mai, Thailand. Flight result: Measured
 2005-11-17CharterPABI-PAFB0.75ATR72-500Allen AFB to Wainwright AFB, Fairbanks, AK
 2005-11-17CharterCYXC-CYXC0.50MAAM DC-3 CargoDropping firefighters and supplies outta Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada to Lazy Lake, BC. Flight result: Extinguishing
 2005-11-16CharterVTPP-VTBD0.75DC-6BPhitsanulok, Thailand, to Bangkok, Intl.
 2005-11-16CharterVTCC-VTCC0.50DC-6BFlight-testing new RMI
 2005-11-15CharterVTCC-VTPP1.00DC-6BChiang Mai to Phitsanulok, Thailand. Even had some UT traffic and all EVP3.1 airport names!
 2005-11-14CharterVTUU-Z28Q1.25Douglas DC-3Flying MAAM Cargo in Southeast Asia, Ubon Ratchathani to Khorat (Korat), Thailand.
 2005-11-14CharterVTCC-VTCH0.75DC-6B MainlinerChaing Mai to Mae Hong Son, Thailand -- over the mountains at 10k. Flight result: Picturesque
 2005-11-13CharterCYQQ-CYQQ0.50DC-6BTaking screenshots of the unpainted DC-6B Mainliner
 2005-11-13CharterVTCH-VTUU2.50DC-6B MainlinerMae Hongson, IFR to Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand
 2005-11-12CharterUUDD-ULLI2.25DC-6B MainlinerFrom Russia, with love . . .
 2005-11-12CharterUUDD-UUDD1.25DC-6BCircuits at Moscow: Still figuring out KM's panel; added NAV-GPS switch. Flight result: Testing
 2005-11-12CharterCYPR-CYXT0.75DC-6BIFR Nightflight, Realworld WX Flight result: Cool
 2005-11-12CharterCYQQ-CYQQ0.50DC-6BTnG at Comox checking ADF settings in KM's panel. It works!
 2005-11-10CharterCBS8-CWGC1.25MAAM C-47-XCRound trip to visit Lars at his Great Central Lake cabin. Flight result: No one home
 2005-11-10CharterCYXX-CYYJ0.50DC-6BTestflight new DC-6B Mainliner UAL colors
 2005-11-10CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.50DC-6BAdded some D18s startup smoke and the GPS500
 2005-11-10CharterCYVR-CYYJ0.50DC-6BRead the manual and got the autopilot working; IFR to Rwy27 at Victoria. Flight result: Thnx Alan!
 2005-11-09CharterCYOD-CYOD1.50Lockheed C-130-C3Flightesting Brian Franklin's C-130-C3 at Cold Lake, AB.
 2005-11-09CharterCYOD-CYEG0.75Lockheed C-130Cold Lake to Edmonton, IFR
 2005-11-09CharterLLBG-LLBG1.25DC-6bTestflying CA Classic's DC-6B with Mitchell pnl. Local Tel Aviv, Isreal.
 2005-11-08CharterCAK4-CZBH0.75Aero Commander 500Woss to Bull Harbour (don\'t look for CZBH because I created it in AF2)
 2005-11-08CharterCYZT-CYQQ0.50Mitchell B-25JMoving the Mitchell Bomber from Port Hardy to Comox for Remebrance Day Ceremony flypast. Flight result: Noisy
 2005-11-08CharterCYQQ-CYVR0.75Rockwell B-25JNightflight, IFR, no autopilot, Comox-Vancouver
 2005-11-07CharterCYZW-PAJN1.50C130Searching for downed Convair 440; No recovery. Last report 70nm 182 deg from Teslin, BC
 2005-11-07CharterCYSQ-PAJN1.50Douglas DC-3Atlin to Juneau to Teslin looking for downed plane. Flight result: No joy
 2005-11-07CharterCAK4-CAT50.50Aero Commander 500Woss to Port McNeill
 2005-11-06CharterCAK4-CYAL0.75Lockheed C130HWoss to Alert Bay, realworld WX (wild, wet, lightning) nightflight -- added EVP3.1 voices + added nightlighting at airports.
 2005-11-06CharterCYAL-CAT50.50Dehavilland Twin OtterRound trip checking the airport lighting and Nonprecision NDB approaches (procedures). Flight result: Cool
 2005-11-06CharterPAJN-CYZW1.00Douglas DC-3SAR flight Juneau to Teslin. No recovery. Try again tomorrow (weather permitting)
 2005-11-05CharterCAK4-CAK41.00Lockheed C-130TnG Woss, practice landing Mike Stone's crate
 2005-11-05CharterCAK4-CYZT0.50C130Woss over to Prt Hardy
 2005-11-05CharterCAK4-CYBL0.50C130Woss to Campbell River, IFR, ILS Rwy-11
 2005-11-04CharterCZGF-CZGF0.75Merlin HM1Photograph Vern\'s new Grand Forks scenery from Vern\'s new HM1 helo repaint
 2005-11-03CharterCAK4-CYCD1.00Lockheed C130Woss Project cargo flight
 2005-11-03CharterCAK4-CAK40.75C-130Night TNG after installing AF2 runway lights
 2005-11-01CharterCYYJ-KSEA0.50BE-99 MetrolinerVictoria to Seattle IFR
 2005-11-01CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.50Metroliner BE99IFR, return trip
 2005-11-01CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.50Fairchild BE99IFR, Victoria/Vancouver
 2005-11-01CharterKPKH-KPBI0.50BE-99Checking out Palm Beach Island, FL.
 2005-10-31CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.50Beech King Air C90IFR, rain and cloud
 2005-10-30CharterTXKF-TXKF0.50Beech King Air 90Bermuda local
 2005-10-29CharterTXKF-TXKF1.50Bell206Flying sightseers around St. David's Island (even drove uptown in the Stalwart) Thanks to FreeFlow for their free, Bermuda scenery.
 2005-10-27CharterCYXT-CYZT1.50ATR72-500Terrace to Prt Hardy, IFR, Realworld WX; lots of fun brin' F1's ATR72 in on Rwy07 Flight result: pretty decent
 2005-10-25CharterKRDG-KPHL0.75Douglas DC-3MAAM Base over to Philly, nightflight realworld weather rain, moderate winds, yagotta love that Rwy08 landing over the terminal. Flight result: Perfect
 2005-10-24CharterKRDG-KPHL0.50Douglas DC-3MAAM Base over to Philly, nightflight realworld weather rain, 40kt winds (Wilma?) Flight result: Perfect
 2005-10-23CharterMPTO-MPEJ0.50Douglas DC-3Fly the Panama Canal in MAAM DC-3, DME ARC to land Rwy18, Enrique Adolfo Jimenez
 2005-10-23CharterCYPR-CYYJ1.50Dehavilland Dash-8Prince Rupert, IFR to Victoria, 15k in fanda
 2005-10-22CharterLSGS-LIRP2.00Douglas DC-3MAAM DC-3 WR2005-06 Filed report. Flight result: Best yet
 2005-10-22CharterKSZT-KSEA1.00Beech B-99Sandpoint, Idaho, to SeaTac, nightflight over the rockpile in Ameriflight's B-99 (
 2005-10-21CharterLSGS-LIRP0.50Cessna 337Fly part of WR05-06, Switzerland to Italy in C337H
 2005-10-21CharterCYVR-CYQQ0.50Beech C90IFR in C90 testing various panels
 2005-10-21CharterCYQQ-CYYJ0.75Beech B200Test fly my latest B200 repaint
 2005-10-21CharterCYQQ-CYYJ0.50Beech B200Nightflight in the latest B200. Flight result: Perfect
 2005-10-20CharterNZQN-NZQN0.50Beech C90Fly NZQN DP in Viva repaint of Henry Tomkiewicz's Beech C90 with Waldron additions. Flight result: Fast
 2005-10-20CharterNZQN-NZMF1.00Douglas DC-3MAAM DC-3, Queenstown to Milford Snd. WR2005-05, 518lbs fuel
 2005-10-20CharterNZQN-NZMF0.50Beech C90Flew WR2005-05 in the new King Air to compare it to the DC-3 flight. Flight result: No Comparison! 36min./240lbs burn
 2005-10-19CharterKSZT-1S60.50Cessna 172Fly Chester's new C-172 from Sandpoint, Idaho to Priest River Mun. (just drying off the paintjob)
 2005-10-19CharterTFFJ-TLPL2.75Douglas DC-3Guadelupe to St. Lucia, Lesser Antilles, WR05-04, cloud, rain and thunderstorms from tropical storm Wilma. Cool. MAAM Dc-2 with M.B. panel.
 2005-10-18CharterSCTE-SAWS1.75Douglas DC-3WR2005-03, S.America for the fourth time . . . Mark Beaumont's IFR panel in MAAM DC-3
 2005-10-17CharterSCTE-SAWS1.50Douglas DC-3WR2005-03 South America VOR navigation challenge
 2005-10-17CharterKRDG-KRDG0.25Douglas DC-3Test fly the new Norm Hancock, DC-3 panel he modified for me. Thnx Norm!
 2005-10-16CharterFAQT-FAEL1.25Douglas DC-3MAAM DC-3, WR2005-01 assignment (second leg) Fuelburn: 785lbs
 2005-10-16CharterBIVM-BIRG1.50Douglas DC-3WR05-02 Iceland, 9?8lbs. USG, fuelburn ADF navigation exercise.
 2005-10-15CharterLSGS-LIRP2.00Douglas DC-3World Rally 2005-06, DC-3, Sion, Switzerland to Piza, Italy. Time and fuel-burn: 123 minutes;1242lbs ($1800USD/HR)
 2005-10-14CharterLSGS-LIRP2.00Douglas DC-3World Rally 2005, DC-3, Sion, Switzerland to Piza, Italy. Time and fuel-burn: 119min.;1410lbs
 2005-10-13CharterTFFJ-TFFR1.25Douglas DC-3St. Bethelamy, Guadelupe to La Raizet WR2005-04 first-leg of #4 challenge
 2005-10-13CharterTFFR-TFFR0.25Douglas DC-3Practice PT & Missed Rwy-11
 2005-10-12CharterBIAR-BIRG0.75Douglas DC-3Akureyri, Iceland to Raufarofn, WR2005-02 testflight, NDB navigation
 2005-10-12CharterSCTE-SAWS1.50Douglas DC-3Puerto Monti, South Aamerica to Jose De Martin, VOR+NDB navigation. WR2005-03 route checkride.
 2005-10-11CharterFAHV-FAAN1.00Douglas DC-3MAAM DC3 Verwoerddam t0 Allwal testflight: VOR navigation, time and fuelburn
 2005-10-11CharterFAQT-FAEL1.25Douglas DC-3MAAM DC3, Queenstown, SA to East London, WR2005 VOR navigation exercise. Flight result: Cool
 2005-10-11CharterBIVM-BIAR1.25Douglas DC-3WR2005-02 flies Iceland Vestmannaeyjar to Akureyri; fantastic WX files included. Flight result: Whiteknuckle
 2005-10-10CharterCYAM-CYWG2.00Douglas DC-3Saulte Ste Marie to Winnipeg MAAM-DC3 16k IFR Realworld weather 20kt headwind. 38 min. to TOC. Flight result: Great!
 2005-10-10CharterFAHV-FAQT1.25Douglas DC-3Verwoerddam to Queenstown, S.Africa MAAM R4D/DC3 first route of World Rally 2005 -- testflight. Viva goes global!
 2005-10-10CharterFAHV-FAWL0.45Douglas DC-3MAAM Verwoerddam to Allwal North, WR2005
 2005-10-10CharterFAHV-FAAN0.50Douglas DC-3MAAM DC-3, WR2005 routing checkflight
 2005-10-09CharterKELZ-CYAM1.50Douglas DC-3Wellsville, NY, to Sault Ste. Marie, 16k, IFR, MAAM R4D/DC3: basically, twiddling the tits and knobs in the new plane.
 2005-10-08CharterKRDG-KELZ1.50Douglas DC-3MAAM HQ to Wellsville, NY, IFR
 2005-10-07CharterCYAZ-CYYJ0.75Douglas DC-3Tofino to Victoria, VFR, 7500' realworld weather. Flight result: Perfect
 2005-10-07CharterCYZT-CYYJ1.00B-25J-20Port Hardy to Victoria, 1st flight freeware B-25J-20 Mitchell lll Bomber; deliver to Air Museum, VFR, 7500' Flight Result: Perfect without manuals
 2005-10-05CharterCAM3-CYYJ0.25Douglas DC-3Duncan to Base, delivering bikes for Tour-de-Rock; Day-11 Western Communies and Sooke. Rain, Rwy27 CYYJ
 2005-10-04CharterCAM3-CAM30.75Grumman GooseDuncan to Lake Cowichan (floats, Marble Bay), with Tour-de-Rock Day-10, then to Heather Campsite (westend) and return to Duncan.
 2005-10-04CharterCYTZ-KRDG1.00Douglas DC-3Toronto to Reading, PA, VFR nightflight, checking some details on the new MAAM DC-3 before delivery.
 2005-10-03CharterCYAZ-CYCD0.50Douglas DC-3Tofino to Nanaimo over-the-top at 7500' VFR, ferrying Tour-de-Rock riders and bikes for Day-9 Nanaimo restart -- next tour-stop Ladysmith.
 2005-10-03CharterCYCD-CAM30.25Douglas DC-3Nanaimo to Duncan, Vancouver Island, getting ahead of Tour-de-Rock who made Ladysmith tonight. Dusk-flight, beautiful weather and lighting on the clouds.
 2005-10-02CharterCAN3-CYAZ0.25Grumman GooseUcluelet, Vancouver Island, to Tofino, Day-7 Tour-de-Rock. Realworld weather viz.10SM, no rain. Wheels-Rwy28
 2005-10-02CharterCBS8-CYAZ0.50Douglas DC-3Alberni to Tofino, VFR, 2500' thru Sutton Pass. Flight result: Threading-the-needle
 2005-10-01CharterCBS8-CAN30.75Grumman GooseRound trip Alberni to Ucluelet, IFR (I Follow Roads) 3500' in skud & rain with Tour-de-Rock, Day-6. Pretty easy in an airplane. Flight result: Whiteknuckle
 2005-09-30CharterCAT4-CBS80.25Douglas DC-3Qualicum to Alberni, Vanvouver Island, with [url=]Tour de Rock[/a]
 2005-09-29CharterCYBL-CAH30.25Douglas DC-3VFR, Campbell River to Coutenay Air Park (CYQQ was IFR) with Tour de Rock Day-4 (Wed.). White-knuckle flight on-the-deck. Flight Result: Fun
 2005-09-29CharterCAH3-CAT40.50Douglas DC-3VFR, Courtenay/Comox to Qualicum Beach/Parksville 73km Tour de Rock 2005, Day-5. Marginal VFR, light rain.
 2005-09-29CharterCYBL-CYQQ0.50Douglas DC-3Campbell River to Comox, night VFR, Flight Result: Perfect
 2005-09-27Charter0.50PBY5AHolberg (water) to Port Alice, (water) Vancouver Island, BC, trying our Ken Mitchell\'s
 2005-09-27Charter0.25DO24 FlyingboatPort Alice (water) to Port McNeill (water), ferrying bicycle repair kits for Tour-de-Rock
 2005-09-27Charter0.50Sikorsky S-61Port McNeill (water) to Sayward (river), Vancouver Island, delivering linament to Tour-de-Rock riders and testing as350_panel with autohover.
 2005-09-27Charter0.50Sikorsky S61NSalmon River (water) Sayward, Vancouver Island to Campbell River (wheels), follow Hwy-19 to deliver rain-gear for Tour-de-Rock (for tomorrow's rainstorm)
 2005-09-26CharterCAF5-CYZT0.50Grumman GooseVFR, 1500' Dusk, Holberg (water) Vancouver Island to Port McNeil then on to Port Hardy, Flight result: Rewarding
 2005-09-24CharterCYBD-CYJQ0.75Beechcraft 18Bella Coola to Bella Bella, Denny Isl., VFR, nightflight over-the-top at 10,500' No lights at Denny
 2005-09-24CharterCYJQ-CZBH0.75Douglas DC-3Bella Bella, Denny Island, VFR to Bull Harbour strip, Hope Island, BC.
 2005-09-24CharterCYBL-CYYJ0.50Douglas DC-3Campbell River to Victoria, VFR nightflight
 2005-09-23CharterCZBH-WFN0.75Douglas DC-3Bull Harbour, Hope Isl., to Owikeno Lake, BC, VFR viz.10SM, missed Rivers Inlet at fork and flew Kilbello River but Flight result: Acceptable
 2005-09-23CharterWFN-CYBD0.50Douglas DC-3Owikeno Lake strip, VFR 2500' over South Bentinckt Arm to Bella Coola. Flight result: Beautiful! (Could've used a chain-saw at CYBD)
 2005-09-22CharterCZBH-CYZT0.25Grumman GooseBull Harbour (wheels) to Port Hardy (wheels) Landed Rwy-11 exited on Rwy-16 (approx. 200'). Flight result: Perfect
 2005-09-22CharterCYBL-CYZT0.50Douglas DC-3Campbell River to Port Hardy, BC, landed Rwy29 exited on Rwy25
 2005-09-21CharterWFN-CZBH0.50Grumman GooseOwikeno Lake strip (wheels), over Rivers Inlet to Bull Harbour (new AF2 airport CZHB) waterlanding
 2005-09-21CharterCZBH-CZBH0.25Douglas DC-3TnGo Bull Harbour: takeoff 900'; land 400' DC-3 New runway is only 1000' Flight result: Remarkable
 2005-09-20CharterCAF2-CYPR1.50Douglas DC-3Bella Bella, Cameron Isl. to Prince Rupert, IFR, 8000', ILS Rwy13, exited on Bravo (used 900')
 2005-09-20CharterWKN-MACH0.25Beech Baron 58Owikeno to Machmell Logging, VFR, Rivers Inlet, British Columbia. Trying out the latest scenery.
 2005-09-19CharterCYZT-CYJQ1.00Douglas DC-3Port Hardy, Vancouver Island to Bella Bella, Denny Island, VFR, 4500' Realworld rain all the way and lots of skud. Flight result: Excellent!
 2005-09-18CharterCYBL-CAH30.25Douglas DC-3Campbell River to Courtenay, Vancouver Island, landed the DC3 in 1600'. Thnx to Trev Morrison. Flight result: Wonderful
 2005-09-18CharterCAH3-CYBL0.25Douglas DC-3Courtenay Air Park to Campbell River, Vancouver Island.
 2005-09-18CharterCYAL-CYBL0.75Beechcraft 18Alert Bay to Campbell River, follow Johstone Strait and Discovery Passage at night, VFR, realworld weather and time. Flight result: Beautiful!
 2005-09-17CharterCYAZ-CYBL0.75Douglas DC-3Tofino to Campbell River, VFR, 7500' over Strathcona Park, realworld weather. Flight result: Perfect
 2005-09-17CharterCAK4-CYBL0.75Douglas DC-3Flying using Trev Morrison's DC3 files, Woss to Campbell River, Vancouver Island
 2005-09-16CharterCAJ3-OS70.75Douglas DC-3Creston to Osoyoos, BC (OS7, Scott) realworld weather, VFR at 8500'
 2005-09-15CharterCAJ3-CYXC0.50Douglas DC-3Creston to Cranbrook, BC, VFR, 7500'
 2005-09-14CharterPADU-PAKN1.50Douglas DC-3Dutch Harbor (Cold Bay) to King Salmon, VFR, 9500' DC3, 460nm (realworld weather 25kt tailwind)
 2005-09-13CharterCBS8-CAE90.75Grumman GooseAlberni (wheels) to Bamfield Hbr. (water) back to Alberni. Flight Result: Perfect
 2005-09-13CharterAK23-PADU0.25Ford TrimotorFlying Gordon Perry's new Dutch Harbor scenery. Flight Result: Perfect
 2005-09-12CharterCYSW-CYXC0.75Mooney BravoSparwood to Cranbrook, VFR, looking for snowfall
 2005-09-12205Vancouver Intl - Victoria
0.50Dehavilland Dash-8Premiarcraft's DHC8-Q106 with PAD (3D) panel
 2005-09-11CharterCYCD-CAC80.25PBY-5A CansoNanaimo (wheels) to Nanaimo Hbr. (water) in
 2005-09-10CharterCYCD-CYP20.50PBY-5A CansoNanaimo (wheels) to Port Alberni, (waterlanding) Vancouver Island, VFR, realworld weather. Flight Result: Perfect
 2005-09-10Charter0.25DO24 FlyingboatNanaimo Hbr (water) to Quamichan Lake, Vancouver Island, (waterlanding) Dr. Dornier's flyingboat. Flight Result: Fantastic
 2005-09-10Charter0.50Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianNanaimo Hbr. to Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island,(flew at 800') waterlanding at The Marina, explore Old Baldy Mt. in Bell206
 2005-09-09CharterCYCD-CAP30.25PBY-5ANanaimo, Vancouver Island to Sechelt 2400' strip (wheels) Flight result: Perfect
 2005-09-09CharterCAP3-CYCD0.25Cessna 337Sechelt/Gibson to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island in huff&puff. Flight result: Perfect
 2005-09-08CharterCYAL-CYZT0.25Cessna 337Alert Bay to Port Hardy, VFR
 2005-09-07CharterCYAL-CYBL0.75PBY-5AAlert Bay, Cormorant Isl. (wheels) to Campbell River, 2500' over Johnstone Strait and Discovery Passage. Flight Result: Swell
 2005-09-06CharterCAK4-CAT50.25Cessna 337Woss, BC, Vancouver Island to Port McNeil drying the paint on the Skymaster. Flight Result: Gratifying
 2005-09-06Charter0.50PBY-5APort Alice, Cormorant Isl. to Nimpkish Lake, (waterlanding) Vancouver Island. Flight Result: Perfect
 2005-09-05CharterCYAZ-CYCD0.75Dehavilland Dash-8DHC8-Q106, Tofino to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, realworld weather, Flight result: Perfect
 2005-09-05CharterCYCD-CYAZ0.50Dehavilland Dash-8DHC8-Q106, Nanaimo to Tofino, Vancouver Island, Flight result: Perfect
 2005-09-05CharterKSZT-KCOE0.25Cessna 337C337, Sandpoint, Idaho, to Coeur D' Alene, Idaho, Flight Result: Huff&Puff!
 2005-09-04207Port Hardy - Victoria
1.00Dehavilland Dash-8Premaircraft's DHC8-Q106
 2005-09-03CharterCYWH-CYAL1.25Grumman GooseVictoria Hbr., Vancouver Island to Alert Bay, Cormorant Island, VFR, water to wheel landing. Flight result: Perfect
 2005-09-03CharterCYAL-CAK40.50Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianAlert Bay, Cormorant Island, VFR over Nimpkish Lake to Woss, BC, Vancouver Island
 2005-09-02Charter0.50Dornier DO24 FlyingboatNanaimo Hbr to Elk Lake (waterlanding) to Ogden Point Dock (Helijet) Flight result: Perfect
 2005-09-01Charter0.25Sikorski S61N Amphib-heloNanaimo Hbr. to Morrell Lake Park (waterlandings)
 2005-09-01CharterCAC8-CYYJ0.50Grumman GooseNanaimo Hbr (water) to Victoria (wheels) on autopilot all the way (I just found it :-)
 2005-09-01CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.25Grumman GooseWheels
 2005-08-30CharterCAC8-CYZT1.50Dornier DO24 FlyingboatNanaimo Hbr. to Tofino Hbr. (waterlanding) 175nm, VFR realworld weather
 2005-08-30CharterCBS8-CYBL0.75Grumman GoosePort Alberni to Campbell River, VFR, realworld rain at CYBL
 2005-08-29Charter1.00Dornier DO24 FlyingboatPort Alice, Vancouver Island (water), realworld weather VFR to Cape Scott over Eric Lake; fly out-and-over Lanz & Cox Islands, waterlanding at Hansen Bay. Flight result: Perfect
 2005-08-29Charter0.75Dornier DO24 FlyingboatWinter Harbour, Vancouver Island to Bull Hbr., BC (waterlandings) then via Nigei Isl. to Port Hardy (waterlanding)
 2005-08-27Charter0.75Dornier DO24 FlyingboatHolberg Inlet (water) to Winter Hbr., Raft Cove, San Josef Bay, Eric Lake (waterlanding), all western Vancouver Island.
 2005-08-26Charter0.50Dornier DO-24 FlyingboatJules Cove, Holberg Inlet to San Josef Bay via San Josef Rvr. VFR, some fog. Water landings. Flight Result: Perfect
 2005-08-26Charter0.50Dornier DO24 FlyingboatSan Josef Bay, Vancouver Island to Holberg Inlet (flying around to dry the paint) Flight Result: CTD
 2005-08-25Charter1.25Grumman GooseHolberg (water) to Port Alice, over Victoria Lake to Kahuti Inlet back to Neroutsos Inlet (water landing) Flight result: Perfect!
 2005-08-25Charter0.50Grumman GoosePort Alice to Quoukinsh Inlet via Power Lake VFR route -- water landings. Flight Results: Perfect!
 2005-08-24CharterCAC8-CAC80.75Grumman GooseWestwood L. to Long L. then wheels down at Qualicum Airport then back to Nanaimo Hbr. (water)
 2005-08-24CharterCAC8-CYCD0.75Howard 500Nanaimo Hbr over Nanaimo Lakes return via Jump Lake to Nanaimo (wheels) CYCD
 2005-08-24Charter0.50Grumman GoosePort Hardy to Holberg, BC (water landing)
 2005-08-23CharterCAC8-CAC80.75Grumman GooseWestwood Lake to land Cowichan Lake over fly Nanaimo Lakes coming back: Fourth, Third, Second & First Lakes, land Westwood Lake
 2005-08-22CharterCYBL-CWGC1.00S61NSikorski S61N from Campbell River to West Great Central Lake via Buttle Lake, VFR
 2005-08-22CharterCAC8-CAC80.75Grumman GooseTour Mt. Benson crash site after Nanaimo takeoff, onto Nanaimo Lakes' landing and back to Westwood Lake (eastside Mt. Benson)
 2005-08-20CharterCBS8-CWGC0.50S61NFly the Sikorski S61 up tp Lars' cabin
 2005-08-20CharterCYPB-CWGC0.50Grumman GooseFly Bill Lyon's (FREE) G21 up to see Lars at the lake, CWGC
 2005-08-19CharterCWGC-CWGC1.00Bell206DHelo sightseeing tours outta West Great Central to Della Falls, Vancouver Island
 2005-08-18CharterCBS8-CAB41.00Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianAlberni to Tofino return -- VFR, Della Falls route
 2005-08-17CharterCYP2-CBS81.00Aviat Husky A1-B AmphibianFollow the Garwood Cruiser out beyond Bamfield (Takeoff2) and return
 2005-08-17CharterCYP8-CWGC1.00Aviat Husky A1-B AmphibianSomas River, CYP8, Alberni to Great Central Lake and surrounding
 2005-08-15CharterCYPB-CYP11.00Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianAlberni Mill to Some Lake following the Aviat A1B
 2005-08-15CharterCYP8-CBS80.50Aviat Husky A-1BSomas River, Sproat Lake, Alberni Regional
 2005-08-14CharterCBS8-CBS80.75Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianAlberni Regional, local and Alberni Inlet
 2005-08-14CharterCBS8-CAE90.75Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianAlberni to Bamfield Harbour and return
 2005-08-12CharterCAM3-CYAZ1.00PA28 Warrior lllVFR up the Cowichan Valley/over Nitinat Lake to westsoast from Duncan to Tofino, BC (added some parking and AI to Duncan)
 2005-08-11CharterCYSW-CYBA1.00PA28 Warrier lllSparwood to Banff VFR, realworld weather @ 8000' What a beautiful flight! Up over Kananaskis Lakes & Spray Lake Reservoir.
 2005-08-10CharterCYSW-CBE20.50PA46-500Sparwood to Elko, BC, VFR thru the gap at 4500'
 2005-08-10CharterCBE2-88M0.25Mooney BravoVFR, Elko, BC to Eureka, MT -- no customs clearance -- lightning and heavy rain (realworld weather)
 2005-08-09CharterCYXC-CYSW0.50Beechcraft 18Cranbrook over-the-top to Sparewood, BC @ 9500' VFR (lightning northern quadrants)
 2005-08-08CharterCYYJ-PAFA0.75Bell206DSightseeing though Ultimate Terrain Canada & Alaska
 2005-08-08CharterCYHE-CYLY1.00Beechcraft 18Hope-Lytton-Hope, Ultimate Terrain Lytton not good.
 2005-08-05CharterCYYZ-CYVR1.00Boeing 737-800The red-eye from Toronto to Vancouver
 2005-08-04CharterCYYZ-CYVR1.00Boeing 737-800IFR, Toronto to Vancouver (any way to get the B738 fans turning?)
 2005-08-03CharterCYVR-CYYZ1.25Boeing 737-800Vancouver-Toronto in Kitty Hawk B738 winglet version. Alaska Airlines skin.
 2005-07-31CharterCAQ5-CYRV0.25Mooney BravoNakusp to Revelstoke, BC, over the lake at 3k
 2005-07-30CharterCAD5-CAQ50.75Mooney BravoIFR, Merrit to Nakusp, BC, (getting away from the forest fire)
 2005-07-29CharterCYYJ-KFHR0.25Mooney BravoClear customs at Friday Harbor (have ice-cream at Sweet-Tooth Saloon)
 2005-07-29CharterKFHR-WA090.25Mooney BravoFly over to Roche Harbor (have donuts at Hotel de Haro) . . . visit Mausoleum (Templars only)
 2005-07-29CharterWA09-CYYJ0.25Mooney BravoBack home in time for supper . . . (after clearing customs)
 2005-07-28CharterCYJQ-CAF20.75Dehavilland BeaverBella Bella Campbell to Denny Isl. (two round trips) distance one-way=4nm
 2005-07-27CharterPAGY-PAJN0.75PA46-500Skagway to Juneau, VFR, still skud-running at 800'
 2005-07-26CharterEXI-PAJN0.50Dehavilland BeaverExclusion Inlet to Juneau, AK, marginal VFR, rain all quadrants, realworld weather.
 2005-07-26CharterLFPB-EGKB1.25ATR72-500Le Bourget, France to Biggin, UK
 2005-07-25CharterPAJN-BQV0.75Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianJuneau to Bartlett Cove, marginal VFR - wheels to water
 2005-07-24210Victoria - Seattle
0.75Dehavilland Dash-8Dreawmings DHC8Q-400
 2005-07-22CharterKSMF-KRNO1.25Beechcraft 18Sacramento, Capitol to Reno/Tahoe (Reno)
 2005-07-21CharterCYVR-KSEA0.50Dehavilland Dash-8
 2005-07-18CharterKPAE-WA770.50Beechcraft 18Paine to Enumclaw, WA
 2005-07-16CharterKCLM-CYYJ0.50Dehavilland Dash-8
 2005-07-16CharterKCLM-KPAE0.50Dehavilland Dash-8Night flight, VFR
 2005-07-15CharterCYKA-CYLW0.50ATR72-500Kamloops to Kelwona (you don't have to jump in the lake to get wet)
 2005-07-15CharterKSZT-KSZT0.50Dehavilland Dash-8PAD DHC8Q106 checkride, ERA repaint by Bob May. Local flight, Sandpoint, Idaho.
 2005-07-14CharterEGBB-EGNM0.50Mooney BravoVFR, Birmingham to Leeds, UK.
 2005-07-13210Victoria - Seattle
0.50Dehavilland Dash-8Good weather, IFR, no report.
 2005-07-11CharterKSEA-KPDX1.00ATR72-500Flew down to Portland to see Sidney
 2005-07-10210Victoria - Seattle
0.75Dehavilland Twin OtterIFR, DHC8-Q400 (52 minutes)
 2005-07-09CharterCYDA-CYXY1.75Dehavilland Dash-8Dawson to Whitehorse; FS9, ATC gave us the runaround at Whitehorse; 40 mile downwind 31L over Carcross!
 2005-07-08CharterCYNE-CYOD2.00Pilatus PC-12Norway House, MB to CFB, Cold Lake, AB looking at the new scenery and AI traffic. VFR @ 10.5k, 430nm
 2005-07-08CharterCYWV-CYOD0.75Beechcraft 18Wainwright, AB, to CFB, Cold Lake, AB, nightflight VFR
 2005-07-07CharterCYQK-CYWG1.00ATR72-500IFR, good weather, great scenery at Winnipeg! CYQK is Kenora, Ontario -- 123nm.
 2005-07-05CharterCYYJ-CYCD0.75PA46-500IFR Victoria to Naniamo, viz. 16; realworld rain all quadrants
 2005-07-04CharterCYPW-CYBL0.75Beechcraft 18Powell River to Campbell River; realworld rain all quadrants. FS9/ATC/IFR dipsey-doodle (hey, but logged .75!)
 2005-07-03CharterCYYJ-CAT40.50Beechcraft 18VFR, Victoria (Viva Base) to Qualicum, BC at 6500'
 2005-07-03CharterCAT4-CYPW0.25Beechcraft 18VFR Qualicum to Powell River, 2500' marginal, rain
 2005-07-02CharterCYYJ-CBB91.00Beechcraft 18Victoria to Osoyoos, BC, marginal VFR (realworld weather) 9500'
 2005-07-01CharterCZGF-CYCG0.25Beechcraft 18Grand Forks, BC to Castlegar . . . oh yes, Happy Canada Day
 2005-06-30CharterCZMT-CYZP0.50Beechcraft 18Masset to Sandspit, Rwy26, Queen Charlotte's,
 2005-06-30CharterCYZP-CZMT0.50Beechcraft 18Sandspit-Masset, marginal VFR (checkout the paint job)
 2005-06-28CharterCYKA-CYLW0.50ATR72-500IFR, Kamloops to Kelowna; FS9 ATC left us hanging; had to dive, dive, dive! (screenies)
 2005-06-27213Port Hardy - Ketchikan
1.00PA46-500CYZT YZT V317 YZP V317 PAKT
 2005-06-26CharterCYPR-CYPR0.50Beechcraft 18Test flying the new Beech D18S in ViVa colours (screenshots to prove it)
 2005-06-26CharterCYPR-PANT0.75Beechcraft 18Shupe's Beech D18S to Annette Island
 2005-06-25CharterCYLW-CBB90.50PA46-500VFR Kelowna to Osoyoos in F1's Meridian (screenshot to prove it)
 2005-06-23CharterCYPR-CZST0.75Beech Baron 58Sightseeing charter up Pearse Canal to Stewart, BC. VFR flight, 10SM Viz to start then CAVU
 2005-06-22CharterTNCB-TNCA1.00F1 ATR72-500Bonaire TNCB to Beatrix, Aruba TNCA, IFR realworld weather
 2005-06-20CharterTNCC-TNCB0.50Dehavilland Dash-8Plesman,Caracau,TNCC to Flamingo,Bonaire, TNCB using new addon scenery (see screenshots)
 2005-06-19CharterTNCC-TNCA1.00Dehavilland Dash-8ViVa Fanda DHC8 on DCA(K8)& RAA (K5) routes: Curacau to Aruba
 2005-06-17CharterKLXV-KCOS1.50Beech Baron 58Lake County Airport, Leadville, colorado to Colorado Springs
 2005-05-28405Edmonton - Victoria
1.50Airbus A320-232
 2005-05-27413Yellowknife - Edmonton
1.25A319-111New iFDG A319-111/131 just out today at avsim
 2005-05-26105Campbell River - Powell River
0.75Beech Baron 58IFR, FS9 ATC
 2005-05-25102Nanaimo - Powell River
0.50Beech Baron 58third try to file pirep
 2005-05-25103Powell River - Nanaimo
0.50Beech Baron 58
 2005-05-25104Powell River - Campbell River
0.50Beech Baron 58
 2005-05-23101Nanaimo Harbour - Vancouver Harbour
0.50Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianRealworld weather
 2005-05-21100Vancouver Harbour - Nanaimo Harbour
0.50Dehavilland Beaver

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