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 Activity this week
Over the past seven days, 10 pilots have filed 42 Pireps totaling 62.72 hours

 Pirep stats

Total pireps filed to date: 50483
Top routes flown:

Route 100: 173 flights

Route 107: 161 flights

Route 102: 143 flights

Top aircraft used:

Beech Baron 58: 1483 flights

Dehavilland Beaver: 1323 flights

Douglas DC-3: 1208 flights

 Current weather

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No one delivers more beer to coastal communities than Viva!

ViVa is Vancouver Island's very own virtual airline. No matter what kind of flying you like to do, we have a place for you. Our mission is to promote flight simulation on Vancouver Island and to help Island flight sim enthusiasts connect. So whether you like to fly the big iron on Vatsim, or you enjoy a quiet VFR flight on your own, if you live on Vancouver Island, or if you are interested in Vancouver Island, we want you!

 New pilots
ViVa is proud to introduce our newest pilots: Richard Bush (VI1661); Dean Little (VI0304); Andy Keeney (VI4254); Walt Moehle (VI851); Doug Irving (VI3270);

 PIREPS filed in the last 24 hours
DatePilot FlightDeptDestAircraftComments
21/9/14 VI940 Richard Peabody Charter CYTN CYHZ C208B Grand Caravan Executive

21/9/14 VI120 Terry Wright Charter FHAW FHSH Ilyusian IL-76 Ascension Island to Saint Helena Island.
20/9/14 VI240 Campbell Gold Charter KSEA CYYJ Aero Commander 500 Night - Flight home.
20/9/14 VI240 Campbell Gold Charter AK00 TPO Dehavilland Beaver Dusk - 2 x pax, Anchor Air Park - Port Alsworth. A great sunset over beautiful scenery. A very pleasant flight.
20/9/14 VI240 Campbell Gold Multi - - Dehavilland Beaver Iditarod Supplies - KAL-NUL-PITKA-PARY-Z48-Z17-TKI-PAMC-8KA-1AK6-PAUO-CSR-PAWR. A great adventure in fantastic scenery. Good weather too.
20/9/14 VI940 Richard Peabody Charter KPSP KONT de Havilland Canadian Twin Otter WA

20/9/14 VI75048 Daryl Williams Charter CYYJ CYQQ Learjet 45 VFR. Dusk. First real flight in FSX. Very different experience. Learning though.
20/9/14 VI940 Richard Peabody Charter WI99 0WN5 A2A Piper Cub
0WN5 Shortest Runway 150ft.
20/9/14 VI240 Campbell Gold Charter KDEN KSEA Boeing 737-800 Night - Cargo, Denver-Pasco-Seattle. Broken cloud and some turbulence enroute. 1 x go around at KSEA. Good final landing at the end of an uneventful flight.
20/9/14 VI940 Richard Peabody Charter SPZO SPRF de Havilland Canadian Twin Otter CA
SPRF Highest Airport 14'427
20/9/14 VI5577 Sidney Schwartz Charter KBIL KGFK Air Littoral ATR 42-500

20/9/14 VI851 Walt Moehle Charter KWIT 74S Quest Kodiak Passengers and cargo from Tacoma Narrows into Anacortes.
20/9/14 VI120 Terry Wright Charter SBRF FHAW B747-400 Freighter Recife, Brazil to Ascension Island.

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