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 Activity this week
Over the past seven days, 16 pilots have filed 55 Pireps totaling 101.48 hours

 Pirep stats

Total pireps filed to date: 49630
Top routes flown:

Route 100: 173 flights

Route 107: 159 flights

Route 102: 141 flights

Top aircraft used:

Beech Baron 58: 1446 flights

Dehavilland Beaver: 1294 flights

Douglas DC-3: 1179 flights

 Current weather

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No one delivers more beer to coastal communities than Viva!

ViVa is Vancouver Island's very own virtual airline. No matter what kind of flying you like to do, we have a place for you. Our mission is to promote flight simulation on Vancouver Island and to help Island flight sim enthusiasts connect. So whether you like to fly the big iron on Vatsim, or you enjoy a quiet VFR flight on your own, if you live on Vancouver Island, or if you are interested in Vancouver Island, we want you!

 New pilots
ViVa is proud to introduce our newest pilots: Giuseppe Guaiana (VI1664); Steve Peters (VI1012); Bob Peters (VI1882); Brett Fairbairn (VI236); Johnny Ashburn (VI1865);

 PIREPS filed in the last 24 hours
DatePilot FlightDeptDestAircraftComments
24/4/14 VI0823 Dan Fog Charter KJFK KPHX Boeing 747
24/4/14 VI2133 Eric Payne Charter KCRW KCRW North American P-51D Airshow practice.
24/4/14 VI940 Richard Peabody Charter PANC PAEN AC520 Dirty vAL

24/4/14 VI1078 Brian Walker Charter KBTF 44U Cessna 182RG Tankered fuel for next leg out of 44U. Good VFR, watched a string of 777, 747, and Lears on approach into SLC as I was flying south.
24/4/14 VI3135 Peter Ham Charter CAB5 PASI JBK Douglas DC-4-1009 Slick AirFreighter N88890 Bronson Creek - Sitka; VFR 3000'; freight run.
23/4/14 VI3606 Bob Moore Charter CYWL CYZT Dash 7-100 Viva

23/4/14 VI2133 Eric Payne Charter CYHM KCRW Lockheed C-5B Galaxy Return flight, Hamilton to Charleston
23/4/14 VI120 Terry Wright Charter CYQR KGRB MD-82 Regina, SK to Green Bay, WI.
23/4/14 VI940 Richard Peabody Charter WN00 KTIW Socata_Tobago TB200 GT 1

23/4/14 VI120 Terry Wright Charter CYYJ CYQR B767-300F Victoria, BC to Regina, SK.
23/4/14 VI1078 Brian Walker Charter 06U KBTF Cessna 182RG Good VFR all the way. Light rain in Salt Lake.
23/4/14 VI3135 Peter Ham Charter CYXS CAB5 JBK Douglas DC-4-1009 Brooks Air Fuel N708Z Prince George - Bronson Creek; VFR 10500'; cargo run.

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